10 Great Spiritual Books for the Holidays

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You’re giving me ten great spiritual books for the holidays in mid-December, you’re thinking. “C’mon — it’s that holiday season again and I rarely have enough time to get through my daily tasks, never mind read.”

That said, it’s the time of year when we reflect, tend to go deeper, and think about those New Year’s resolutions which includes how to help ourselves improve and grow as a person. I’d argue that this is the perfect time to consider what books you’d like to dive into once the craziness of the parties and family gatherings subside.

spiritual books for the holidays

10 Great Spiritual Books for the Holidays

Let’s take a look at 10 of our top picks based on what has come across our desk lately. Trust me, we get a lot of books in and it takes us awhile to get through them all, so some of these picks are based on personal interest, some based on strong recommendations and others which we’ve already finished. Here are ten great spiritual books for the holidays that we think can be both enlightening and in some cases, transformative.

Weave the Heart of the Universe Into Your Life

The first of the great spiritual books for the holidays is a great read about aligning your life with cosmic energy. Written by Shamanic Guide Meg Beeler, she weaves in her own experiences, wisdom and compassion into the pages. How do we transform personal energy into cosmic energy in a way that is truly useful and healing for our lives?

spiritual books for the holidaysI’m relatively new to Shamanic healing and teaching, so can’t wait to explore more into this area. Meg’s book is a great start if you’re as interested in this area as I am.

She helps you connect with the heart of nature and the cosmos, all without having to go to the jungles of Peru.

Meg walks readers through something she refers to as Energy Alchemy (read my experience with Ascension Alchemy), which you can adapt to modern lifestyles.

What we love most about this book is her inclusion of 84 experiential practices to help you let go of patterns and stories that weigh you down (we all have plenty of stories that don’t serve us), reconnect with your true spirit, create space for more light to enter (this is critical on a spiritual path) and essentially thrive rather than survive. It’s about creating a truly amazing life but with nature and other tools to lead the way.

I’m a huge believer in in the power of Visualization and she dedicates all of Chapter 7 to it. You’ll learn about frequencies, healing and ‘opening’ through sound, as well as the polar opposite: silence and meditation. Huge applause for her telling readers to skip the electronics and technology for a few days — I couldn’t agree more. It may just transform you life and remind you of the things that truly make you happy.

She also talks about Reciprocity and the power of it. She writes, “when you know you are related to the animals and plants who feed you, the ancestors who watch over you, the mountains that gather rain clouds to water your crops, and the spirits who teach you, you are inspired, even compelled to acknowledge and honor them — to express appreciation and gratitude.” Hear hear. Find it over on Amazon.

The Awakened Dreamer

The Awakened Dreamer is the latest book from renowned psychic medium Kala Ambrose whose books we have reviewed in the past. Truth be told, I am a huge fan of her work, so when I learned that she had a new book coming out this fall on dreams, I couldn’t be more excited. Now that The Awakened Dreamer is now available, I’m thrilled to include it in this Top Spiritual Books for the Holidays Guide.

Kala Ambrose is an expert on dreams, understanding them and their power, having ‘awakened’ to them as a child, where she actually began to foresee future events through her dreams.  While you may not be able to predict the future through your dreams after reading The Awakened Dreamer, you will be able to better understand them to help with every day decision-making, relationships, and problem-solving.

The Awakened Dreamer will provide useful tips to take those memories one step further: to begin to journal them, interpret them and then use those personal interpretations for daily guidance.

When you are ready to go to the mastery level of dreaming (yes, there are master levels for everything, even dreaming), Kala helps you create new sleep cycles, for this is a necessary party of taking your dreams to the next level.

Things that help with this process include things like creating intentions with our higher self to wake up when you receive beneficial and useful information through your dreams. This is one example. If you have small kids at home or an early start for work, then this exercise isn’t likely to be a practical one to engage in regularly.

That said, you can plan to do this a couple of times a month as a starting point to see what you’re able to remember, capture in writing and thereafter, interpret. A must read for anyone who has an interest in better understanding their dreams or in higher consciousness in general. The Awakened Dreamer can be found on Amazon in paperback.

Getting the Hell Out of Here

This quick guide to the different realms on the ‘Other Side,’ you’ll get a peak at what you can expect in the after life, at least according to Geoff Cutler. He captures these insights from those who  have passed already so it’s first hand ‘data’ if you like from deceased spirits who have been channeled.

spiritual books for the holidaysI love that there’s no religious attachment or affiliation whatsoever. He explores the Astral plane for example, which is a grosser dimension than the Spirit Spheres.

Although very little has been received about this plane, apparently the Spiritual Laws here are different to those in the Spirit Spheres, which isn’t surprising. Like all the spheres on the ‘Other Side’, there are different levels.

Of the seven spheres he describes, he notates that Hell (or the Hells as some refer to it) are the first sphere.

He then goes into all the spheres through the seventh sphere, explaining different classifications in some of them as well as different paths that spirits take in the after life, such as the Natural Love path, the Divine Love path and so on. It’s almost like a cliff notes guide to the after life and the world where our spirits will continue to learn. It’s so intriguing that we had to add it to our top spiritual books for the holidays must read list.

This fascinating read of only 44 pages is available over on Amazon in paperback and it’s a quick and easy read.

Is Reincarnation an Illusion

Also by Geoff Cutler is a great read on Reincarnation – whether it is real or not. He says to me in an email exchange that it may be considered controversial since so many do in fact believe in reincarnation, whether religious or a new age spiritual.

spiritual books for the holidaysI still believe that we’ve lived countless lives (likely thousands for many of us) after finishing the book, but I think that his perspective on why it may not be true is fascinating.

It’s valuable to get different points of view on the topic, particularly since it’s so controversial.

Geoff takes you from Eastern Beliefs, the mind, and the Bible to past memories, the law of Attraction, the soul and the spirit body.

Like Getting the Hell Out of Here (which is included in this book btw), you learn about the different spheres on the ‘Other Side’ as well as insights dictated from spirits, including famous spirits.

Progress in spirit is a big deal he asserts depending on the path we take — we can decide which type of path we want and fifth and sixth spheres are where you gather in-depth knowledge, but not in the way that we learn and progress here on Earth.

So many of our lessons in the spiritual spheres are related to love, empathy, compassion and humility. It’s an awesome read and can be found on Amazon.

Angel Chatter

I wrote about my connection (or lack of it) to angels not that long ago when I reviewed Angels 444 by Alana Fairchild and earlier, Lucinda Gabriel’s work on Communicating with Angels. Truth be told, I always associated angels with religious zealots and have never been a fan of organized religion.

spiritual books for the holidaysMy connection was naturally to people like my great aunts or my teachers from catholic school who wore rosaries around their necks and had crosses hanging in their homes, often in every room. And so, I was never drawn to them until recently.

The more I learn about angels and archangels, the more intrigued I am. Although I am still not a religious person, I am highly spiritual one and Angel Chatter fascinates me.

Author Christine Alexandria provides meditations and breathing exercises (I can always use them as it‘s always so hard for me to slow things down), as well as a deep dive into the Archangels.

I am in love with some of my angel Oracle cards, particularly ones connected to crystals. What I love about Alexandria‘s book is that she goes deeper than the other books I have explored so far on each of the archangels.

For example, you learn each of the archangel’s Chakra association. Uriel oversees the root chakra, the place of divine safety, and Raphael is all about healing and relationships as two examples.

She also gives you the Zodiac connection, their names defined, their light temples, their symbols, their compass direction and as noted, their Chakra Association. Like some of the other books I’ve read recently, she also gives you angelic aromatherapy and their healing crystals. What’s unique about her book however is that she goes so much deeper than most of them. If you‘re a fan of angels and want to go deep, then this is a great book for you. It‘s over on Amazon in hard cover.

Creative Visualization

In this enlightening read by Shakti Gawain, you are guided how to use the power of your imagination to create what you want in your life. Certainly, creative visualization isn’t new however whenever we see a new book on the topic, we‘re always intrigued if there‘s a new angle on it or simply another author‘s perspective.

spiritual books for the holidaysI’ve always believed in the power of visualization — it has been transformative in my own life.

My favorite chapter is the one entitled “Contacting Your Higher Self.” Once we actually take the time to tap into the wisdom of our higher self, we always seem to make the right decisions.

Why? It‘s our intuitive self guiding us to what our soul is here to do in this lifetime. It gets us closer to living our “truth.”

She asserts that our own spiritual source is the supply of infinite love, wisdom and energy in the universe.

By ‘source’ she is referring to whatever you believe outside of yourself (this could be God, Goddess or Goddesses, universal intelligence, the Great Spirit, the higher power, or your true essence). Or, I’ll add, a tree. In other words, whatever ‘source’ is for you, tap into it.

Meditation is one way to get us there. By there, I’m referring to that quiet place and time where you are alone with yourself. This my friends is when you are most likely to ‘hear’ the voice of your Higher Self. Writes Gawain, “the connection between your personality and your higher self is a two-way channel so it’s important to develop the flow in both directions.”

Find it over on Amazon.

Seeking Jordan

While the topic of Seeking Jordan may seem a bit depressing at first, read on. Yes, it’s about death and loss, but let’s face it, we all deal with death in our life at one time or another. It’s the story about a man’s suffering over the loss of a son and his journey to the other side to find healing.

spiritual books for the holidays

If you’ve never believed in ‘after-death’ communication, then this may just provide enough insights and emotion for you to dive deeper. While you may feel that this topic shouldn’t belong on a top spiritual books for the holidays list, we disagree.

We have all had to deal with death — if you haven’t yet, you will at some point in your life.

For anyone who has dealt with the loss of a loved one, it’s a great story, albeit humbling and painful at times. It will inevitably resonate at a deep level even if you have never talked to spirits or believe that they exist after our physical body dies.

Because his son was murdered, he couldn’t ‘let it go,’ and had to communicate with his son despite his fears and uncertainty. As a trained psychologist and researcher, he learned how to reach his son, which uncovered a wide array of lessons that will likely shock you, from karma and how karma works to the soul’s life after death and why we incarnate back into the physical plain on Earth.

We learn through Jordan’s spirit wisdom about the invisible universe, why there is so much pain in the world and the single force that connects us. It’s a powerful book, whether you’re religious (or not – I am not btw), or spiritual or not.

Author Matthew McKay is brave in his search for the ‘truth’ and because of his perspective and initial skepticism himself, he argues that this book is for those who do not believe, yet yearn to know what happens after death. If you’re interested in soul searching and for learning more about the spirit world even if you have doubts, then this is a great read.

You’ll find it over on Amazon in paperback.

Big Love

Love is something we all grapple with in our lives, whether it’s with our intimate partner, our parents, or ourselves. It appears that the easiest love for most is the love that we have for our own children or in some cases, pets. It feels more unconditional somehow, with no rules attached.

spiritual books for the holidaysHow do you continue to believe in love or embrace it however in the face of tragic loss and horror?

Author Scott Stabile’s parents were murdered when he was 14 and then nine years later, his brother died of a heroin overdose. Imagine connecting to love and having it dominate your life with a history like this?

Stabile then joined a cult that would dominate his life and yet he was growing stronger all the time and not even realizing it.

It turns out that he ended up forgiving the man who murdered his parents, found compassion for his late drug-addicted brother, and finally walked away from the cult leader who had controlled his life for 13 years.

There’s sense of humor in his writing and a rawness about it that will break you wide open. When he learns about a friend’s death on his Facebook page, he realized that he hadn’t been ‘awake’, at least not enough to speak up about his friend’s addiction to prescription drugs, which is how he died.

What a way to go — an OD on prescription drugs, which is becoming more common all the time.  It was a comment on his friend’s FB feed that killed him the most because of the realization that he could have perhaps interjected earlier. The comment was this: “What is the greatest thing we can do for one another? Be aware of one another. Be conscious of one another. Do not walk blindly through the day as you pass your brothers and sisters on the street.”

Hear hear. This book about embracing love and how it can transform your life comes through in stories like this and countless others. You can find it over on Amazon.

Greatest Love

Greatest Love is a tiny little hardback book by three authors: Dr. & Master Zhi Gang Sha leading the way with Master Maya Mackie and Master Francisco Quintero.

spiritual books for the holidaysLike Stabile argues in his book Big Love, love is the pathway to take through life, despite what hardships cross your path.

Unconditional love will not only ease the pain and burden in your life but leave you singing, dancing and feeling as light as a bird.

If you’re a mother, you know that the ‘greatest love’ is the love for your child. While we seem to inherently have it for our child, why do we face so many challenges that keep us from experiencing this greatest love in other areas of our lives?

This is what the authors tackle in this very short read. When love isn’t the first priority in our life, it may very well show up negatively in our health, relationships, or yes, even our finances.

I love the beautiful wisdom in this book and despite it only being a small six or so inch book, they provide ways to unblock your life in 30 minutes a day utilizing the incredible power of unconditional love. These insights and small size made it an easy addition to our spiritual books for the holiday list.

There are simple exercises as well as blessings from Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha, a world-renowned healer, humanitarian, spiritual master, and 11 time New York Times bestselling author, Master Maya Mackie and Master Francisco Quintero.  Find this quick and loving read over on Amazon.

Crossing Into Medicine Country

In the last spiritual books for the holidays pick, you’ll be taken on a very different journey than the others on this list.  Of Choctaw descent, David Carson sought out Native American spiritual knowledge since growing up in Oklahoma Indian country.

spiritual books for the holidaysFrom this place and background, he distilled some of that knowledge in his Medicine Cards, the successful divination system based on traditional animal medicine that became a New Age best-seller in the 1990’s. BTW, I still haven’t seen the cards, so would love to experience them and cover them here. While they may have been out for awhile, rest assured that these lessons are evergreen and can always be applied in our lives.

In Crossing into Medicine Country, Carson tells the story of his initiation as a conjure man—a ceremonial healer—with the Choctaw medicine woman Mary Gardener.

For three years, he studied the art of power plants and medicine animals, how to manipulate the layers of energy surrounding human beings, and how to use sacred tobacco in ritual, curing, and divination.

I was very intrigued by this book since I’ve been told on countless occasions that I was a famous Shaman healer in many many of my past lives. I guess it should be no surprise that I have a massive painting of an American Indian Chief next to my bed and am drawn to Shamanic chants, drums and alternative holistic healing practices in this life time.

I personally feel that we have gotten so far away from our roots and from nature (nature is such a beautiful healer) that our bodies are getting sick because of this withdrawal from something so inherent in our being. Our essence.

Carson talks about how nature is the balance between our health and illness that sadly western medicine doesn’t yet embrace, never mind understand. Grab this wonderful read on Native American Healing on Amazon.

What do you think of our top ten picks for spiritual books for the holidays? Do you have any spiritual books for the holidays to add to this list? Share in the comments below.

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