Healing Using the Crystalline Grid & Reiki Attunements

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When I first saw the phrases Crystalline Grid and Ascension Therapy on Tanya Corona’s website, I have to admit that I was more than just a little intrigued. Ascension Alchemy — used in healing with crystalline therapy and a crystalline grid? 

crystalline therapy kyanite Crystalline Grid

Remember the book The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo, so well known that it has sold more than 2 million copies worldwide and is even available on Kindle? His main characters’s journey teaches us about the essential wisdom of listening to our hearts, and learning to read the omens strewn along life’s path, and, most importantly, to follow our dreams.

Going inward and trusting our own “magic” is really what it’s all about and letting go of everything else that is attached to “us” is essential to our own healing processes.

When I learned that Tanya’s focus is on crystalline grid healing activation sessions, I had to know more and so we started a dialogue. She invited me to experience her work through a few sessions so I could in turn, write about the magical healing experience.

Tanya is based in San Francisco so if you live in the Bay Area or are planning to travel here, she does in-person healing sessions in her home but she also does remote sessions as well if you’re not local.

crystalline grid

Tanya Corona with her dog at home

Ascension Alchemy Meets Reiki

Ascension Alchemy is transforming the body, mind and emotions with higher frequency energy.

Says Tanya, “When we raise our vibrational frequency becoming mindful about the way we think and feel about ourselves we start changing the energy we hold within and send outward. When we do this our entire being becomes lighter and more luminous.”


Tanya’s approach to healing is a combination of crystals and Reiki but she notes that Intention is such an important part of the process as is Intuition.

Listening to the body and her intuition tells her which crystals to use after which she acts as a vessel and Reiki takes over, the art and science of activating, directing and applying Universal life force energy.

“Healing for me is about holding the space of unconditional love for others to allow them to find their own higher self and path and inspire them to activate their own healing abilities.  The true power of healing comes from each individual.  As a healer, my job is to help my clients remember who they really are and let them do the rest.  I hope to empower people to own their joie de vivre.”

She sees our entire physical, mental, emotional and spiritual system as a connecting link to all levels of the universal consciousness and that each one of us is interconnected and a holographic part of all that is. 

Tanya adds: “As we open ourselves into an ever greater expression of love, wisdom and connection with spirit we give this gift to all creation.  As one person raises their vibration and opens to love so does all of humanity.  When we remember this we begin to take hold of our own personal responsibility to an awakening humanity.”


Tanya is a fan of Arkansas Quartz Crystals so uses a lot of them even though she also has Lumerian Crystals, and others. She suggests that “these high vibrational crystals help open the pathway for us to move into a more spiritually connected way of being.”

crystalline grid

There is power and healing in crystals

Crystalline Grid & Healing

During a Crystalline Grid Healing session, Tanya will create a crystal grid around your head and feet which creates a standing hertzian wave in your aura.  This allows all discordant energy to rise to the surface to be read and cleared.  The Arkansas Quartz has the ability to bring you into alignment with the Earth and your higher self. 

Through this process, your chakras will be opened, cleared and aligned,  your 12 strand DNA and your life purpose activated.  This opens you more fully to your highest guidance available and activates your inherent healing powers.  

Crystalline Grid Arkansas Quartz crystal

Arkansas Quartz

During each of my three sessions, I laid down on a comfy massage table with a colorful and warm Latin patterned blanket underneath me.

Tanya then checked each of my chakras to see how they were performing — “stuck” chakras can impact us negatively in our day-to-day lives, both emotionally and  physically.

Based on her assessment, she selects appropriate crystals and gemstones and places them at different points around your body, under your body and on your body. Most often, she will use Arkansas crystals around your head and other gemstones for other chakras, as well as grounding gemstones to draw out negative energy or “attachments” to you (often placed at the feet or below you).

crystalline grid

Me during a session: crystals and gemstones are placed on different parts of the body after which Reiki is performed.

Crystalline Grid for Healing

In a Crystalline Grid healing session, she uses a combination of Reiki, crystal therapy and sound therapy to help you clear all that is blocking you to your true path and life purpose. Sometimes guides and angels come in to assist in the process and give her the insights she needs to convey the most useful messages to you at the end of your session.  

During the process, you are very relaxed and in fact, once I even fell asleep, which is a rarity for me. I am highly intuitive and am a huge gemstone fan, so could sense the power of the stones doing their work, combined with the power of Tanya’s healing hands and energy using crystalline grid therapy.

Because healing work is so much about intent, it’s worth noting here as well. I felt that Tanya’s intent was one from a loving and pure place, all meant to help you on your path towards open-ness, healing, life balance and ultimately, serving your life purpose in a way that feels fluid and seamless, rather than a struggle amidst chaos.

So often, trying to determine why we‘re here and our life purpose can create an internal conflict for us if we‘re not living a purposeful life. This can show up in our chakras and in emotional traumas that lay buried in our DNA, that can apparently even extend from lifetime-to-lifetime until they‘re resolved, healed and eliminated.

It can show up at a minimum as anxiety, depression or simply lacking luster and passion in our lives or worse, disease.

As a Reiki master, Tanya asserts that “when we see beyond the ordinary, master ourselves and teach others how to do the same, we truly become teachers.”    

Because everyone is different with unique needs and questions, her sessions are very personal, each customized to what comes up for you.  Depending on what’s going on, the sessions can last between 75 and 90 minutes.  My personal experience with her energy work  was very uplifting and emotionally centering. 

I’m a big believer in the power of energy work, however it’s important that you work with people you feel comfortable with — it’s always good to ask for references and it is important to listen to your body along the way.

What’s the Ultimate Goal?

Any healing modality comes with its benefits and at times, downsides. We need to work through our own emotional “stuff.”

The latter can be emotional, deep seated issues that come to the surface, some of which you may have never dealt with, and some you may have but remnants still lay buried in your system which could be holding you back from living your “best life”. It may also mean you’re not feeling as peaceful, balanced and whole as you’d like. Or, happy.

With Crystalline Grid therapy, using the science of Reiki attunements, sacred geometry and the Crystalline Grid, Tanya works with your system to essentially attune you to a higher frequency, and get you aligned and grounded with Earth by the time the session is over.

Grounding is so important to this process especially when wounds crop up from past lives, childhood trauma or a recent emotional event like a family death or divorce.  The idea is to open you to a higher frequency so that you will be able to communicate more easily with your higher self, higher guidance, guides, ancestors and angels.

crystalline grid

That brings us to the next piece of the experience, which means that it doesn’t end there. After your session, you will still need to do some homework to maintain and live it but important pathways will be created.

Tanya will tell you what she has learned and sensed from working on you, some of which may include insights into past lives. She’ll provide some guidance on what her takeaway is on some of the obstacles blocking you and what you can do to further open them and keep those paths cleared.

She provides exercises, mantras, further reading, resources and meditations designed to help you move forward on what she refers to as you your divine path, ultimately the purpose you signed up for in this lifetime. Yup, we sign up for the work we do but Ill get to that in future blog posts.

Be a Light

Even if we don’t ultimately realize it, consciously doing energy work leads us towards a path of enlightenment or at the very least, a better flowing life.

Even if you’re not wanting to be a light worker or a spiritual guru, ultimately we all want more love in our lives: to be loved, love fully without pain and trauma, and to feel as if we matter, which leads us to “why are we here? And, what is our life purpose?”

Identifying this alone and getting clarity around it in a way that feels really fluid, can give us so much serenity. When things flow and are in harmony, that little internal voice of yours known as your higher self and sometimes even the soul, can then begin to gleefully say: “Yeah, I got this. I love this. I feel empowered. I’m living my life purpose.”

When you’re in that place of body/mind balance, then you are living a life of light, one that only shines beautifully down on your own life, but one that helps others on their journey as well. And, how amazing is that my friends?

Crystalline Grid crystal globe
More information about Reiki Master and Ascension Alchemist Tanya Corona’s work including how to book a session with her can be found on her website at www.tanyacorona.com.


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Note: I am not a licensed physician or practitioner and am not advising or suggesting that Tanya’s sessions will cure any disease or heal you. As a spiritual practitioner, she does not diagnose illness, disease, or mental disorders, nor do she prescribe treatment or pharmaceuticals. I am merely writing about my experience and personally believe that we are an active participant in our own emotional healing. All opinions expressed are based on my experience only.  

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