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Adventure enthusiasts will consume enriching experiences from solo travel to upscale tours. You’ll learn about places to ski, hike, see polar bears and beluga whales in the wild, balloon at sunrise as well as where to paraglide, snowmobile across glaciers, snorkel and glamp in the jungle. Also, see Once-in-a-Lifetime posts.

You’ll discover artsy experiences in bohemian neighborhoods and read interviews with creative forces around the world. We also cover art functions, events, galleries and museums as well as mind blowing exhibitions and immersive experiences.

Are you a cruise junkie? I talked to a couple while on a cruise to Japan who had taken more than 300 cruises. We hope to expand this section as we take more and more voyages around the world, from classic luxury cruises to fun river cruises in Asia, Europe and beyond

Culture encompasses so many things when you’re traveling in a foreign land since everything is so different to your own, from unique traditions to festivals that cover music, food, art, fashion and more. You could be drinking tea, whisky, brandy and rum or calvados, wine, beer and sake. And of course, cultural rituals are incredibly diverse.

This section is different from Festivals, which is more focused on culture, music and arts. We cover events that are transformative in nature, whether that be technology conferences focused on trends, innovation that shapes our future, spiritual events on mindfulness, wine tasting or travel events that educate and tempt us.

Traveling with kids in tow? We have too and there are lots of opinions of what makes family travel compelling and fun. Our articles cover some of the more traditional activities you’d expect to find in a destination but we also look for the unique and transformative; experiences that make all of you look at the world and your role in it in a new way.

You may have traveled to a destination because of a festival you’ve read about or one that focuses on your passion. They can be transformative in nature, whether you venture to India or California for a spiritual festival or to Asia for one dedicated to music and traditions. We love festivals and try to explore as many as possible.

If you’re a foodie, then this is the place for you. We have thousands of posts on food and wine, including restaurant reviews and food guides. I also have an entire Instagram feed called Luxury Foodies solely dedicated to food. Eating around the world is a great way to travel and we couldn’t agree more, so read on for food recommendations.

I have a magnet on the fridge that says Life Without Music is a Mistake and as a pianist, I know how powerful music can be, from shifting negative moods to healing those in pain. Around the world, you’ll hear breathtaking sounds as cultures integrate unique traditions and customs into their music in profound and mystical ways.

Nature has been such a positive impact in my life that I think everyone should know its power. I have collected rocks and stones for many years and can curl up under a tree for hours. If you’re one of those people and make nature part of your travel experience or want to, then you’re in the right place. Also see posts on sustainability and all things green.

Whether you carry heavy Canon or Nikon gear or revert to your smartphone, it’s hard to travel and not be tempted to shoot the magic around you. I have 25 TB of photos from 6 continents, have published several photo books and post daily on Instagram but I’m far far from a pro. Here, you’ll learn about tips and products to help you on your journey.

I’ve met inspirational people and seen and tasted things on the road that have left me breathless. Renee’s Voice covers my personal insights about issues that matter, reflections on life and transformative insights about a place or culture. I’ve written about genealogy, astronomy and political ideologies as well as customs that have shifted the way I think about the world and how nature and music can heal.

Ever have one of those remarkable trips that transformed your relationship? If not, why not? Changing daily patterns and committing to quality time away from our hectic lives is essential to a joyful life. It gives us time and space to recognize the beauty in all things, including our beloved partner and to recognize gratitude as the order of the day.

Ever been on a safari? If you’re a nature or animal lover, this is a bucket list must. I lived in Africa a few times and they were some of most memorable years of my life. If you are truly present and pay attention when you’re in the bush, you will leave forever changed. From Africa to Asia, there are magical experiences to enjoy.

While we cover wellness far beyond pampering at a spa, pure relaxation and many of the ancient treatments can be transformative. From acupuncture, shakra readings, music therapy and hot stone massage to oxygen procedures, salt rooms, anti-aging facials and thermal waters, there’s a lot to take in.

Why is spirituality so prominent on a travel site? WBTW is at the juncture of where wellness, luxury travel and adventure meet and if you read my vision, it will make sense. Transformation is an integral part of the content, whether that is alone time in nature, mind/body experiences or spiritual events that transform you in the process.

I didn’t start off writing travel guides but they emerged as they grew in popularity and now I love writing them; we even have Wellness Guides and Food Guides. They’ll help you navigate waters in a new destination, from culture and arts to nature, adventure, hotels and more. Be sure to check out our Books and History sections too.

Let’s face it, technology is changing the way we work, play and even breathe. With the onslaught of connected devices, technology now alerts us when luggage comes off the plane, monitors our homes when we travel, counts our steps when we exercise and beyond. We review innovative tech products as well as Gear, Lifestyle and Beauty products.

Wellness is a passion of mine and I have spent years studying and experiencing it from life balance and alternative health to nutrition and exercise. You’ll learn about wellness hotels, retreats, spas and mind/body and products and services we have tried. Also, be sure to check out Wellness Guides and Wellness Stays.

I have traveled solo as a woman in Africa, Europe, Asia, South and Central America and built my businesses without the help of a parent, partner or investor. We can’t deny that the world has different rules for women. Here, we honor women who mentor, pave the way for those less privileged and who deserve a voice but have no platform to speak.

Who doesn’t love to look their best even on the road? While it’s harder to nourish ourselves when we travel, it remains important, from keeping your skin hydrated and protected from the sun’s rays to anti-aging products and make-up.

Some people live a green life and sustainability is core to everything they do, from the car they drive to the food they eat. We applaud green and sustainable practices from eco-friendly lodges and farm-to-table experiences to green-friendly products and services.

Let’s face it, life has its challenges on and off the road. Life is dedicated to insights, perspectives, reflections and life experiences that help us grow and become our best selves. Regardless of our culture, being human and all that this means remains a constant on our life journey.

There are experiences, products, services, restaurants, hotels, spas and gear that exceed expectations or are just so useful that they rise to the top of the heap. Highlighted here are those top picks from across categories.

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