Healing Thru the Angelic Realm with Therese Sanderson

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I’ll be honest, I’ve always stayed clear of anything related to the angelic realm for as long as I can remember, largely because angels were always associated with the rule-based Catholic church, which dictated what I could do and not do during childhood. Even though I wasn’t raised Catholic, I attended a Catholic school for a few years and felt trapped in the confines of their rules, even though I was fascinated by some of the rituals and music.

For me, angel energy, angel pictures, angel books, angel calendars, angel cards, angel guidance, angel healing, and anything in the angelic realm equated to a religious structure that alienated me from what it meant to live a spiritual life.

angel healing angelic realm

Over two decades later, after living on a kibbutz in Israel, dabbling in countless western religions, studying Buddhism, and exploring the world of Wicca, I find that my biggest source of spiritual inspiration now comes from within (at the soul level and my higher self) and from nature (the external), which guides me on the path of least resistance and flow in my day-to-day life.

My more recent fascination with Oracle Cards is what re-introduced me to the angelic realm. I found myself drawn to books on angels for the first time in my life and Oracle decks which combine wisdom from gemstones, crystals and angels. Oracle Cards and the imagery resonated in a beautiful self-knowing kinda way.

Into the Angelic Realm

Within months of absorbing the energy and content of these cards, I found myself in the studio of Los Angeles-based Therese Sanderson who has devoted her life to serving others through the direction and guidance of the Creator and the Angelic realm.  Her life passion has been practicing and healing through both angelic messages and visions.

Through her ability to channel the energy of the angels, saints, combined with a understanding of psychology, allows people to shift and change at the core of their being. She also spends her time teaching, and consulting others who want to learn more about spirituality in a new and changing world.

therese sanderson, angel healing and the angelic realm

Therese Sanderson

Her work space along the funky and trendy Tujunga Avenue in Studio City is filled with angelic energy, and you can almost feel them around you when you walk through the door.

I was somewhat apprehensive when I arrived, largely because I didn’t know what to expect. What would we be doing exactly? Was this a psychic reading with angels at the door, leading the conversation? Would she simply serve up angels in some magical way, conveying messages to me while I was there?

therese sanderson, angelic healing and the angelic realm

As I sat down on her comfy couch after plugging my iPhone in to charge, I nervously looked for my bottled water in my purse as if holding it would give me a l’il sense of security for the next hour and a half.

Truth be told, I had a little apprehension — after all, I had experience with mediumship, wellness practitioners, Reiki and other holistic healers but none with angels, except for that fabulous deck of Oracle cards I had at home. Because of this, I had no expectations as my session with Therese began. With a wry smile, she exuded a loving calming energy as she relaxed in her chair across from me.

“The angels have already begun working on you,” she said. “Working on what?” I asked perplexed. Questions, questions, questions…..they stirred in me like a young child hungering for more information about Santa Claus’ workshop and his elves as every December approached.

Therese receives information from the angels in the form of  visions, direct communication, energy transmissions, and feelings. The angels also give her detailed specific messages intended to help people make decisions that will bring optimal outcomes.

I learn that they’re clearing old energy so I can breathe, feel, connect and understand things in my life with a bit more clarity. Removing blockages. Adding love, I think to myself – they must be adding some love.

Angels communicate with her and through her to better help you understand where your blockages are, and as she conveys what they say to her and what she senses, you feel as if she truly knows you.

Stuff comes up about the future as well, i.e., perhaps things you haven’t done yet but may, such as writing a book, getting married, teaching and so on. Some of these things may be items on your life bucket list and others you may not have contemplated but simply “make sense.”

Therese Sanderson and the angelic realm

I understand that some of her work involves chanting and mantras, although that was not the case with me. Her energy calms you and makes you feel heard and embraced. So, whether you’re heavily into angels and the angelic realm, are merely curious about them or not a believer at all, it’s worth exploring the unknown because you may just get some insight and clarity in a brand new way.

More information about her world can be found on her website — The Angelic Oasis. 

Although her site hasn’t been updated in awhile and these resources are a bit old, the content is evergreen, so feel free to check out this piece entitled: Are Angels Watching Over Us and Balancing the Masculine and Feminine Energies.

If you’re interested in learning more, I’d also suggest a great book by Canada-based Lucinda Gabriel on Communicating with Angels.

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