The Witty Light of Psychic & Intuitive Eddie Conner

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As our Buick Cascada made its final exit, we made our way into a charming Burbank neighborhood, where psychic and soul intuitive Eddie Conner calls home. His street reminded me of some of the southern California ‘hoods’ we’d go to as a child, where my grandparents friends had migrated to from the East Coast. Sometimes, we’d visit for tea and well, sometimes Martinis and Manhattans.  The 1930’s was their time after all.

As I approached his house, somewhat nervous and somewhat excited, Eddie opened the door before I had a chance to knock. “Right on time,” he said with a warm smile. I knew I was two minutes after the hour, which is about “as on time” as it gets with me — estimating time has always been a challenge.

Eddie Connor Amethyst

I felt at home immediately — how could I not? He had all my favorite gemstones and crystals scattered about his house, a massive Amethyst stone with dark purple hues beaming at me from the coffee table. There were tissues on the couch, and a glass of water waiting for me as well. His southern hospitality was most certainly at play from the start and it extended throughout our session.

When I saw the tissues, I thought “I am not intending to cry,” but as an empath and intuitive myself, I reminded myself soon thereafter that it doesn’t take much for me to tear up. Who knew where this reading would take us? Me?

Into the Intuitive World of Eddie Conner

Eddie immediately dished up what to expect, so I wouldn’t feel confused, miffed or fearful throughout the reading. When he trances and goes within for connection to the Spirit world, his eyes are closed the entire time.

He does this to put the other person at ease, so if you do want to cry, cozy up on the couch or whatever feels right for you, you can do so openly and freely. Without eyes casting on you, its easier to not feel judged or ‘seen,’ although Eddie’s energy is so loving that you’d be hard pressed to feel uncomfortable eyes open or closed.

Eddie Conner in his mystical garden

Eddie Conner in his mystical garden

He encouraged me to tape the session because messages from the ‘other side’ come up so quickly for him, that its hard to capture it all while also being present with what emerges.

Unlike other psychics and mediums I have experienced, he started our session with a long and in-depth prayer which included a detailed mantra about sourcing only spirit energy from the highest possible place and light. Other mediums do this as well, but not to the depth that Eddie Conner takes. As he said later on, “I keep my home free from negative or lower vibrational energy. I don’t want any critters in here.” It made me laugh as I did frequently during my very present afternoon session with him.

His beautiful spirit made me “nearly” cry on more than one occasion, as I felt his light within and pure intention to soup up the best possible reading he could to help me on my life journey.

Eddie Conner psychic

At home with Eddie Conner

He asks you to write down your name in full and birthday as well as names of anyone else you’d like information on beforehand which he reads and puts in front of him. From past life visuals to early childhood, stuff came up. My mother’s wisdom came through as did snippets of my other half’s family which didn’t surprise me given our strong connection.

What I loved about his ability and most importantly, his intent, was that the kind of information he sources is about the here and now. While he certainly taps into the past to understand what blockages you may face, he focuses on what’s coming down the horizon for you and how your present life can better shape it.

In other words, he sees your best self, your soul’s purpose and guides you to see it too. With certainty, he tells you what he sees about your future, all based on seeing what your soul wants and needs, not the human body that is housing your soul in this lifetime.

How we ‘show up’ in the world is not always the face and voice of our higher self. As Kala Ambrose points out in her books on Auras and Your Inner Psychic, our aura becomes mature at 49 years of age after which messages and signs towards fulfilling our life purpose gets louder and louder.

Eddie is all about getting you closer to understanding and seeing your soul’s purpose and tapping into what it wants and needs to heal, learn and grow. His astute gift at gathering this information is powerful and layered with textures and colors that wake us up just a little bit more inside and out.

Eddie Conner light inside

Although a few years back, CBS listed him as one of the top psychics and mediums in LA, the west coast hasn’t always been his home. Originally hailing from High Point, North Carolina, Eddie was led to Los Angeles back in 1995, although his original plans fell through upon arrival.

Rather than give up on what he felt guided to do, he went inside for the answers, while also asking his Spirit Guide for inspiration and insights. Staying the course took him on a different path, but his gift of helping and serving others through his psychic abilities still led the way. And, still does.

“Nothing is ever an accident, no matter how random it seems.”

How often in your life have you had an expectation about how a situation was going to unravel and then when it unfolded differently, you were angry, frustrated, hurt or confused?  Eddie Conner

Likely, it was a combination of all of them. Later on when you looked at the situation however, you saw that what seemed like a crisis at the time, taught you things beyond your wildest dreams and led you to places and people only because it was a crisis that blew you wide open.

You had to work through it, go inward and listen to your higher self and soul, and learn lessons to make you stronger and more resilient.

Likely, it reminded you how much internal power and ‘knowing’ that you have within you and that the answers were there all along, but not from an outside source.

Inner harmony comes when we listen to our own voice. And, most importantly, trust it. Our soul knows the way. Our soul knows the answers. Our soul knows the serenity and internal peace we all seek.

Another powerful gift that Eddie Conner leaves behind in his wake is his ability to not just tell us that this intuitive gift is available to us all, but he does so in a way that pierces us with our inner truth and gives us that ‘aha’ moment.

In other words, he gives us creatives ways through language, and his own conviction and belief in us, to disperse the waves of chaos and confusion that lie between us and our real truth. Who we really are.

Magic emerges from this place.

Eddie asserts that in the present moment (and truly being ‘here and now’ with that present moment) is where that magic lives.

“Our past is the photograph of where we have been, what we have learned from it creates the road map to our future, but the gift of our life is today… that’s why it’s called the present.”

Sourcing that internal knowing that we all have allows us to move forward, for stagnant energy never really serves us. It can lead to less than stellar life decisions, depression, anxiety, and even disease if we’re not careful.

Eddie Conner throat chakraOur chakras need to be open and flowing, our soul needs to be fed and heard and we need to carve out enough space and time for us to merely listen to (and truly hear) the answers we already have inside us.

Our trip to LA gave us many surprises which went far far beyond palm trees and fabulous food and wine, although we certainly ate well.

Through a fitness psychic, astrologer, angel healer, the voice and gift of Eddie Conner and beyond, we were sent the messages we needed to hear.

Each practitioner has their own unique gift at serving you a soulful dish of wisdom, which should at a minimum, remind you of your own internal power and intuition.

Let that voice of your soul be heard, understood and cared for.

When Eddie Conner accesses spirit guides, he connects with you on that Soul Level and it is from there that he sees who you are without boundaries and limitations. What he asks for is information on the unconscious belief systems that no longer serve you while sourcing what will help you for the next phase of your life. What a beautiful light Eddie Conner is and it was such an honor to be in his company for an afternoon.

“Steep your Soul in gratitude. Steep your Soul in meaning. Steep your Soul in forgiveness and let it get richer and richer and richer.”

Be sure to check out Eddie’s website for more information on the world of Eddie Conner, from his books and CD’s to his podcasts and more. His latest is “Workbook and Journal: How to Get Your Travel Freq On! While Engaging Your Heart, Mind and Soul.”

He also holds classes and events and has authored some inspirational books on manifesting abundance into your life.

Not in the greater LA area? No problem — he can work with you via phone and Skype.

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