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Greetings and welcome to We Blog the World, an online travel and lifestyle magazine dedicated to Transformative Travel!

My name is Renee Blodgett and I started this site to cross pollinate ideas and stories across the globe with the hope of providing a deeper understanding of cultures foreign to our own. Increased awareness not only helps us develop empathy and compassion for other people’s worlds, but can enlighten us in ways we never imagined and ultimately transform our lives.

The site has morphed since WBTW’s beginning – while storytelling is still at its core, its tagline Transformative Travel, is about living a purposeful life and traveling from that mindset. Showing up present when you’re in a new destination and making choices that support life balance is core to my and WBTW’s values.

With balance in mind, core areas of editorial focus include wellness travel, nature and adventure, luxury travel, family travel, food and wine, events and festivals and unique experiences you’d be hard pressed to find on a traditional vacation.

You’ll also find guides on health, wellness, destinations and food, learn about the latest in technology innovation and be introduced to the awesome stuff we try or experience, whether that be fashion, useful gear or lifestyle products that make your life a little easier or simply more fun.

My hope is that WBTW takes you on one transformative journey after another, from life changing adventures to magic moments that awaken your senses like cruises, spas, safaris, cultural events, farm-to-table dining, glamping, yoga retreats, wellness workshops and more.

I aspire to connect you to a world of rich experiences with the goal of ultimately transforming how you view the world and yourself, the best possible result from a journey away from home.

Awakening your senses and having transformative experiences through travel is one of the things that make WBTW so unique, but that’s not all. My role as a storyteller and taking you on as many journeys as I can, doesn’t end with me. Through a creative selection process, I have curated some of the most authentic and passionate travel voices on the web so you can read them all under one roof.

“Just Trust Yourself, Then You Will Know How to Live!”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

May our collective travel experiences motivate you to seek the unknown, embrace the undiscovered, and empathize with others who are as foreign to you as an ancient language.

My goal is to get people to embrace a life full of color and vitality, to realize that we have that choice every day and the more we embrace gratitude, the more we inherently know that our lives are perfect just as they are.

“When You Realize Nothing is Lacking, the Whole World Belongs To You!” Lao-tzu

If you’re a destination, tour operator, service provider, airline or company in the travel, tourism, technology, food or wellness space, and would like to team up with us, be sure to read our Advertise, Services and Why Work With Us pages for more information!

Refer to our Partners & Hosts page to see who we’ve collaborated with as well as my bio page and Testimonials for more information on how I work through other people’s eyes.

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If you’re a reader, I hope WBTW inspires and educates you and I encourage you to join our community and engage in the conversation. Share your experiences, insights and reflections underneath blog posts in comments, and connect with us on social media, especially where we’re most active:  Instagram & Twitter.

“At the Moment of Commitment, the Universe

Conspires to Assist You!” Goethe

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Come on, go on a journey with us — why wait to live a fully integrated and purposeful life?

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We Blog the World (WBTW) was founded by Renee Blodgett whose initial goal was to cross pollinate ideas and stories across the globe with the hope of providing a deeper understanding of cultures foreign to our own. It has morphed from its earliest days and is today dedicated to Transformative Travel, at the crossroads of where adventure, wellness and luxury meet. From some of the most passionate voices on the web, you’ll find rich storytelling and photography from every continent. Read More.

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