Crystal Angels 444: Angel Magic With Alana Fairchild

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I’ve always been drawn for stones for as long as I can remember, largely raw earthy stones and rocks which I’ve discovered on my travels around the world. Some, I’ve brought home with me, others just held for awhile, perhaps taken a photo it and later, did the research. And so, I was excited about the opportunity to review Alana Fairchild’s Crystal Angels 444, which combines the best of angels and crystals in one book.

Over the years, I’ve learned a few things or two, but after re-discovering gemstones and their healing and spiritual nature a couple of years ago, my world has turned upside down.

Alana Fairchild crystal magic

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Crystals Angels 444

Let’s face it — regardless of whether you consider yourself a “gemstone” person or not, there’s magic in their facades and there’s so much variation that you can go into a dreamy relaxing state with Rose Quartz or Amethyst or feel energized by some red calcite or intrigued by some of the protective black stones like Tourmaline or Jet.

When Crystal Angels 444 arrived, I was excited to dive in. Note that it’s a 342 page read but each page is riveting.

Alana Fairchild angels crystal angels 444

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Crystal Angels 444 is dedicated to healing first and foremost with divine intervention of course. The book provides a unique approach to crystal healing, by combining the natural healing properties of each crystal and its “crystal angel” or “spirit” with divine guidance channeled from heavenly angels such as Archangels Raphael, Gabriel, Metatron, and Melchizedek. Even if you’re not into “angels”, read on.

I have personally felt the intoxicating energy and power of gemstones in my personal life and I love that Alana (who I’ve yet to meet but would love to one day) includes a range of sacred rituals and processes to help you harness the healing potential of each stone with the goal of deepening a connection with yourself and the divine guidance supporting you.

Alana Fairchild gels Crystals Angels 444

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Angel “work” is somewhat new to me and something I gently stayed away from — I had always associated them with devout Catholics around me growing up, all of whom wore rosaries and had far too many rules for me to follow (note that I went to catholic school for three years of my life).

Many years later, I accidentally got my hands on an angel card deck and found the mantras and images soothing and comforting, a far cry from my original association. I am also getting a lot out of Lucinda Gabriel’s book on How to Talk to Angels.

So, how does Alana’s Crystal healing book differ from others? She combines the power of crystals and angels under one roof, one roof that comprises over 300 pages of wisdom and insights on both.

She asserts that every crystal has its own angel, which is sometimes called a nature spirit, oversoul or deva (which translates loosely from Sanskrit into English as a ‘Shining One.’) She says, “these crystal angels are the spirit, consciousness, wisdom and vibration of that particular crystal ‘species.’

Let’s take an example from her book Crystal Angels 444 of one of my favorite gemstones: Aquamarine, which has always mesmerized me. Imagine the power of a magical stone like Aquamarine if they’re all linked to each other through the consciousness of a crystal angel?

Alana Fairchild gemstones crystal angels 444

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Alana, who has worked with these techniques for years, calls upon a Crystal Angel for whatever stone (Sunstone, Aventurine, Malachite, etc) and requests healing to your mind, body and spirit using this crystal angel.

All of this is done with divine intention of course.

What I love about this beautiful book is that she provides examples from her own work with vivid colored photos throughout of various gemstones and their meanings.

For example, I’ve been drawn to pinks and purples lately, a rarity for me as I’ve always been an earth tone gal.

Although I still gravitate to earth tones in general, pink and purple may be calling to me to “help” with a stage I’m going through currently in my life. Learning to tap into our divine wisdom (essentially our own inherent intuition) is key to healing work.

For example, although I am more drawn to Rose Quartz and Amethyst, the Pink Calcite also speaks to me, which is about Unconditional Acceptance and Archangel Anael (the Angel of the Heart). As a woman over 45, I’m not surprised that this would come up for me. Blue Obsidian also speaks to me, which is for Clarity and connected to Angel Amitiel (the Angel of Truth).

turquoise crystal angels 444

Turquoise photocredit: monicore/Pixabay

Even though I don’t “hold” or “go to” my Jasper stones very often, I recently bought five of them. I learn through Alana’s clearly articulated guide that it’s about Earth Wisdom and connected to Archon Barbelo (Prosperity). Hear hear.

This combination is about the Gift of Support and as our site goes through this fascinating transition, there’s no question I’m going to need a little extra support.

I’ve been sleeping with a large block of raw Turquoise under my pillow for the last two months even though it’s not a stone I would choose to wear in a ring. It’s connected to Archangel Gabriel (bravo bravo!) and is the gift of Spiritual Authority.

The stone I want to pick up and hold constantly is Lapis Lazuli (Insight), which is connected to Archangel Michael (protection). This is no surprise given the spiritual path I’ve embarked on lately. The combination provides the powerful gift of vision (and I’d argue clarity).

Alana Fairchild lapis crystals angels 444

Beautiful Lapis — photo credit: Enric/Pixabay

Where Healing Meets Crystals & Angels

So, why is all of this important and how does it pertain to you? We all have some psychic abilities, some stronger than others although we all have the ability to strengthen our intuitive capabilities in some way, shape or form. BTW, I love Kala Ambrose’s books on tapping into your psychic gifts and discovering auras — a strong recommend here), where you’ll learn tricks and tips how to enhance them in your day-to-day life.

Once we learn to trust our own intuition, what follows is a force from “above” that interjects and teaches us how to heal, how to shine and how to find joy, peace and serenity in our lives.

Gemstones have powerful energy which can help on this journey and understanding the connection between their energy, their meaning and the aligned angel that accompanies it, helps you better understand yourself and your place in the world.

Note: I’m not suggesting this is the only truth but that it is a truth — aka my opinion and experience based on personal anecdotes in my own life that resonate with the content from Alana’s powerful book Crystal Angels 444. And, there’s a lot to resonate with in each beautiful chapter.

So much of this is tapping into the mysteries of the Universe through ancient wisdom. When are quiet with ourselves, trust ourselves and tap into the ancient wisdom our souls already know, then the real magic starts to happen.

“All Becomes Clear, Your Path & Purpose Become Known.”

For example, let’s go a little deeper with the powerful stone I so love – Lapis. She asserts that “there’s an energetic quality in Lapis that expands our vision, that broadens our own perspective and viewpoint. And, that an esoteric way of describing this would be to say that Lapis opens the third eye, the energetic gateway in the body where higher perception enters our consciousness and we become capable of clear sight into the other realm.”

Also in Crystal Angels 444 are sections that break down into questions and action. For example: how do I know if I need healing in this way? She includes examples as well as loving affirmations which serve a particular need at a specific time — could be trauma that is still holding on from a past life or a situation you are facing in your current one. One affirmation example looks like this: “I am the golden grace divine, supported perfectly at all times.”

“I am the Radiant Leading Light of Divine Truth, Love and Power.”

It is so true when she refers to safety nets and being okay with exploring the unknown, which can sometimes feel unsafe and scary. She quotes Nancy Garen who asks: “Will you choose aliveness even if there are no safe spaces?”

Alana believes (as do I) that much of our spiritual paths involve us “unlearning” what we have been conditioned to think, be and do.

“As we grow spiritually, these forms of safeguarding the self can get in the way of us growing.”

Crystal Angels 444: The Details

Be prepared to do a whole lotta letting go and releasing so you can prepare your body to heal emotionally, spiritually and yes, even physically.

alana fairchild crystals angels 444Crystals Angeles 444 is a great read and its worth getting your hands on this wonderful guide published by Blue Angel Publishing.

Alana Fairchild’s voice flows elegantly and exudes divine energy and wisdom and I’d argue, feminine strength.

Find out more about Alana’s creative spiritual work on her website: You can also easily order this book and others over on Amazon.

Crystal Angels 444 is available in Paperback and on Kindle. Others in her Crystal Spirituality Series include Crystal Masters 333, Crystal Goddesses 888 and the Crystal Mandala Oracle (which I’m super curious about). Our hope is to review them at a later date.

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