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As the founder and managing editor of We Blog the World (WBTW), I drive the editorial direction for the site, aimed at the luxury-minded adventurous spirit who wants to not just experience life in vivid colors but ultimately be transformed through all the rich things that travel brings, from wellness, nature, adventure and food to arts, culture, events and style.

Why Work Together? Let’s start with 10 Compelling Reasons!

Outside Credibility


top 15 social media influencer list by forbes

top digital leader by united nations

top 10 social media by women online magazine

most powerful women in social media by ceo world

shorty awards business influencer finalist

smitty awards judge for travel & leisure

top always on 150 business & technology journalist

Seasoned Experience

I have over 20 years of experience as a global communications strategist and thrive on seeing companies succeed. Having created award-winning marketing, branding, PR and social media strategies and campaigns that guide travel, technology, wellness and lifestyle companies to success for over two decades, I have the relationships, the experience and the credibility to help you accelerate a campaign or launch.

Craig Newmark

"Renee turns engaging messages into a Unique Voice & delivers it in a way that will maximize exposure." Craig Newmark – Founder, CRAIG’S LIST

Mona Gable

"Renee is one of those remarkable connectors Malcolm Gladwell described in ‘The Tipping Point.’ She knows what works on the global web." Mona Gable – Journalist LA TIMES, SALON, HUFFINGTON POST

Richard Dreyfuss

"Renee is has tons of energy, creativity & productivity! She brought a lot of artistic talent ot the table when we worked together." Richard Dreyfuss – ACTOR

Susan Bratton

"Imagine having a super connector working her relationships tirelessly on your behalf, at all hours of the day, around the globe -- gaining favor, insight and oportunities for you that truly move your business from your personal chimera to the fancy of the powerful few that make or break reputations" Susan Bratton, CEO and Co-Founder, Personal Life Media, Inc.

Werner Vogels

"Blodgett's Ability to Achieve Exposure is Unique, if I were to start a new company, I’d hire her." Werner Vogels – CTO, AMAZON

David Sifry

"Blodgett is not just PR - she is a strategic advisor and thinker who helps companies make most of dollars. She's a great find if you can get her, so if she takes interest in you, grab the chance!" David Sifry, CEO, Offbeat Guides, Founder & former CEO, Technorati

I can complement your existing PR or marketing team or do both strategy and execution, depending on your needs and goals.

Whether its social media campaigns, viral marketing, sponsored posts, advertising, Twitter chats, communications and PR strategic programs, personal branding and content or contests, newsletter blasts, customized social media placement, organizing influencer tours, destination and tour company FAMs, or serving as your on or offline spokesperson, let’s talk!!

Read My Bio and check out the Services page for more information.

Social Media Klout

Global Experience

(Clients from 12+ Countries)

Spokesperson & Ambassador

First and foremost, I’m known for creating buzz, having garnered exposure for clients for more than two decades. I can also act as spokesperson or ambassador for a service or product and have plenty of experience with media outlets around the world. I’ve handled interviews with Good Morning America, CNN, ABC News, BBC, NPR, Wall Street Journal, NY Times, Glamour and dozens of others.

Prolific with the Press

I’ve been recognized for my work and media is a big part of my life, whether that has been through interviews or content I’ve created.

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Brands Trust Me (+dozens more)


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If travel, tourism, lifestyle, fashion, technology, food or hospitality is your game, consider visibility on We Blog the World. See our Media Kit, which includes stats and more about who we are. There are many creative things we can do together to accelerate your brand or your voice.

We Blog the World’s Community is Awesome!

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And, Many Other Reasons…..

why work together?

  • You care about your customers and want authentic engagement
  • You are repping a brand and want to elevate it above the noise
  • You want to bring identify or brand to the next level
  • Your identity or brand is out of alignment with what you represent
  • Perception of your brand is not where it needs to be despite other approaches
  • You know you need social media and engagement but haven’t taken the plunge
  • You don’t have the bandwidth to create or drive new programs
  • You want a partner who can think outside the box
  • You want a pro to purely drive PR
  • You want to get more out of your PR firm & leverage that investment
  • You value strategic, well written content and want a seasoned pro to execute
  • You realize is missing third-party unbiased voice will help your brand in the long run
  • You’d love a spokesperson to be a voice in a segment your customers will trust
  • You want to invest more in your brand so your “voice” goes further
  • You want a strategic influencer to bring new ideas to your PR team
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