Kala Ambrose on the Spiritual Realm Thru Her Powerful Books

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Here are four powerful reads from Kala Ambrose, who’d I refer to as a bright light. She can see, hear, feel and connect with the Spiritual World in a way that feels as seamless to her as walking across the street is for the rest of us.

She has several books, however my favorite of the lot is her perspective on auras and not only what they mean in the greater context of our lives and spiritual path, but how they align with what’s happening in the world today.

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The Awakened Aura

Many people in my spiritual circles are saying that we are now in a period of time where are evolving spiritually in explosive ways and this shift in consciousness impacts our aura. The reverse is also true — being aware of our auras and how to keep them open and healthy also helps us evolve spiritually.

In other words, our so called auric energy bodies are experiencing a “transformational shift as new crystalline structures form within and around our auras.” In this fabulous read on Auras, Kala teaches you how to expand your awareness and capabilities on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.

She includes practical exercises, diagrams, and instructions throughout so you can practice your intuitive abilities and enhance them over time through real application.

Truth be told, I couldn’t put the book down and it remains one of my favorite “go to’s” when I’m reading other spiritual books for reference.

In the book, you’ll learn how to repair your aura to better maintain a balanced, healthy energy body, interpret and work with the auras of infants, children, and teens (I can hear every mother thinking – this would be incredibly useful), understand energy cords and how they attach in relationships, as well as sense and balance energy in buildings and natural locations.

She covers communication with spirit guides in the aura, using elemental energy to enhance your auric field, and how to understand the impact of thoughts and emotions on the aura.

Kala is able to access the akashic records through the auric layers for her clients (more about this later as I plan to do a separate write-up on the fascinating topic of akashic records), and shares tips on how to access that plane. She also discusses negative thought forms in the aura and how to create powerful protective fields in the aura for psychic protection. BTW, this is important for anyone who is learning how to tap into the spiritual world.

I have so many pages bookmarked that it looks like an old college textbook would when you’re preparing for an exam.  Her writing style is so fluid and I’d argue addictive because it includes many useful applicable tips for your every day life.

In her chapter on colors, she guides you through what each means and includes recommendations on how to connect with and balance each color, from music, home decor, what you wear, what you eat, activities you do, flowers, useful gemstones and mantras you can say.

Our aura colors can change over time, so what your aura shows today could be very different than what it is two months from now. Another fascinating thing about auras is that they go through cycles. For example, things shift every seven years until we reach 49 years of age, when the auric field has supposedly matured into its full state.

“The mental field has collected a vast library of information and knowledge and is entering the period of becoming a wise sage.”

We all want our auras to be healthy and fluid, for when they’re not, it blocks our energy from spiritual growth and accessing higher realms. The other downside is that it accentuates fear (and who needs more of that in their lives?), which results in a life of retreating inward, “caught up in a delusional state where they are convinced that they are really protecting themselves.”

You may have gone through periods of time in your life where you lived that way or know people who live that way all the time and don’t realize how hardened they have become — it has become habitual and they can’t see beyond this hard external shell they have put up around themselves, like a wall between them and everyone else.

Restoring energy and opening up our auras always needs to begin within. In other words, if you’ve built the wall, you need to be the one to undo it. Empathy and compassion starts to come back as you allow the wall to crack a little so love can come through. In order to heal, you need to let go emotionally and physically so you can begin to heal.

“If you carry the memories of previous trangressions, you are constantly reliving the experience and the pain associated with the event.”

Once you raise your vibration in each of your auric fields, love will be your raison d’etre in your day to day life. The opposite is also true — start to radiate love in all of your activities, thoughts, words, actions and deeds and your auras will respond positively — you’ll be more open and able to accept love from others and guidance from the spiritual realm.

Kala asserts that the higher planes are closer and more accessible than we realize and the evolution we are now experiencing as humans is moving into a new structure, something Kala refers to as the “higher conscious grid.”

The next decade will bring even more spiritual awakening, where we’ll be set free in body, mind and spirit to “let go of our past and explore. To release all karmic ties and bindings and step into a higher field of consciousness to operate from our higher energy bodies, rather than being tied to the emotional and lower mental aspects of our nature.”

This is powerful stuff and quantum physics is demonstrating some of this in the physical world. It’s never been a better time to let fear go and sail away from the safe harbor.

“Explore. Dream. Discover. And, be sure to catch the trade winds in your sails.”

This amazing book is available on Amazon in paperback.

The Awakened Psychic

The Awakened Psychic is a guide to developing your inner psychic and tuning in to your intuitive wisdom. I tell people that this is the perfect book if you’ve always felt that you have an intuitive talent but it’s vague, you don’t quite understand it and yet you’re yearning to learn more. What is this Je ne sais quoi that feels familiar and yet foreign at the same time?

Kala shares stories about her own life (super helpful) and how you can lift the veil between the human world as we know it and the spiritual world, giving you insight on how to connect with spirits, spirit guides and loved ones on the other side.

She draws you in with her comfortable and easy-to-understand overview of the spiritual world, starting with basic experiences you may have had in your life but haven’t been able to explain….at least not in a way that makes sense to yourself or anyone else.

I still have a ton of sticky notes in this easy 198 page read, mainly because there are a lot of great references you can refer to on a regular basis, including things you can actually do daily to enhance your spiritual abilities.

For example, one tip suggests asking your higher self to take an active role in your dreams before bed each night. Speak to your “higher self” or your spirit guides, depending on where you are in your journey. And, try keeping a dream journal.

It’s not the first time I’ve heard about the power of keeping a dream journal, but here, Kala does so in a way that helps enhance knowledge you’re getting elsewhere in your life, so it’s not about the journal and the journal alone.

She explores all of the types of spiritual abilities, and how to tell the difference between what you think might be a simple hunch and a real premonition or gut feeling that equates to something real. Like a warning. Like a decision. Like an important insight on a person. Intuitive hunches can help you make a decision about something that is directly affecting you, whether it be something more concrete like signing a contract (or not) or going on a trip at a particular time.

I love her section (including the exercises) on advancing your gut feelings to psychic ability. When we are more relaxed, we’re more able to tune into our higher self and our intuitive feelings. In other words, when we are stressed and tense, we tend to close down our psychic ability, so it’s important that we maintain a positive and serene state.

Kala walks you through the different types of clairvoyant “gifts”, posing questions that will help you determine which one best describes you. You’ll be surprised by what you already know about your abilities after reading this section – it’s very powerful. Kala also suggests asking for guidance from your spiritual guides and if you’ve never worked with one before or even know where to begin, there’s information and useful pointers to help you get started.

The Awakened Psychic is available over on Amazon and is a must buy if you’re eager to better understand your spiritual gifts or aren’t quite sure if you have any. It’s a gentle introduction to the spiritual world that doesn’t overwhelm – bravo!

Kala’s writing style is really approachable. I loved the Awakened Psychic so much that I also included it in my post 3 Spiritual Reads for summer. 

9 Life Altering Lessons

9 Life Altering Lessons brings you into the world of ancient mystery schools and temples around the world. The below is noted to be inscribed above the entrance to a mystery school in ancient Greece which, there’s no doubt, could take a lifetime to fully comprehend.

“Man, Know Thyself”

Think about it: do you “remember” who you are and why you are here? What about past lives? Attending a mystery school in the past was typically a life-long path and frankly still is today.

Kala weaves in some of those ancient lessons into this book, while making them relevant for the modern world.

These ancient lessons will stir and awaken your mind.

It’s a great book for anyone who is looking to discover their life purpose and includes fascinating topics such as The Long Forgotten Destiny of Your Soul, Alchemical Transformations of the Heart, Body and Mind and Enigmatic Journeys from Neophyte to Initiate of a Mystery School.

Yup, she goes pretty deep but its oh so fascinating.

She also covers Consciousness and Self-Realization, Universal Truths from Ancient Esoteric Wisdom, Awakening to Your Divine Self and Sacred Power among others.

Living from a place of fear is when we are closed down to our highest possible selves. She says that those who choose to live in the shadows cannot see the world clearly, that they are “looking through a grey haze of fear and apprehension. As that festers over time, it leads to either passive aggressive tendencies of depression, anxiety, resentment and repressed anger or active aggressive tendencies of violence, crime, entitlement and rage. All of these only serve to move people further away from the light.”

“Fear may appear to be real, but it is not. 

It is a series of perceptions, based on experiences

which have created an emotion.”

In other words, once we remove fear and live from a place of love, we begin to realize our full potential and yes, even our life purpose. Chapter Nine says it in a nutshell: We are limitless and ageless, all that exists is now.

This great read is also available in audio by the way. Find the book and details over on Amazon.

I did a separate write-up on her book Spirits of New Orleans in our New Orleans section, so be sure to read my review if you’re interested in the paranormal and haunted world.

As your travel guide to the other side, Kala shares travel tips in each chapter of the book listing the best places to stay, shop, dine and party while in New Orleans, from haunted homes, alleys, cemeteries, hotels, restaurants, stores, bars and more. As with the others, you can grab it on Amazon.

Kala Ambrose is a spiritual teacher, speaker, host of Explore Your Spirit with Kala and a practical intuitive coach and guide. In other words, Your Travel Guide to the Other Side.”  You can also learn through her at The Academy of Mystical Arts & Spiritual Sciences, and find out more on her website Explore Your Spirit.

Her books will expand your knowledge, make you more comfortable with the spiritual world and help guide you on your life journey. Check out our book section as well as well as our Spiritual Books section.

Another tidbit: we did a few great picks for the power behind gemstones in both healing and spiritual work — see our book suggestions at the bottom of our Crystal Fair article.

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