When Spirit Comes Through, Be Sure to Listen

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If you’ve spent time meditating or being present during quiet time before or after yoga, you’ve likely had Spirit come through and give you a message. Or, maybe it has felt like intuition or a higher voice assisting you on your path just when you needed clarity? Or, it could even be more granular than that.

Perhaps you’ve been in angst over making the “right” decision about a matter at work or with a friend and a strong sense of “this is it” comes through. For others, maybe you’ve had a revelation about a situation in a dream state.


All of this and more is Spirit simply coming through and guiding you.

Spirit at Work

Spirit works in miraculous ways, doing its best to deliver messages that best resonate with you.  It could be language structured in just the right way, a book that pops up in a store you didn’t expect to see, a “gut feeling” about a person, a visual that is symbolic of something that gives you an “aha” moment.

We all get signs from Spirit — some refer to Spirit as God or Buddha, others may feel guided by angels, whereas others feel as if it’s merely their ‘higher self’ and not a Spiritual entity at all.  Others simply refer to that higher awareness as the universe sending them a message.

They seem to come through harder and stronger when we’re in a life transition, in a state of chaos, confusion or pain or worse, experiencing the loss of a loved one. When we’re present, and truly listen, those messages flow like a jigsaw puzzle piece and one by one, the pieces begin to tell a clearer story. Suddenly that blank canvas of uncertainty shows up as the most vivid picture you’ve ever seen and you know what you need to know and why.

This is Spirit at work.

Awareness and action are key when those signs, symbols, messages and voices show up. We get little clues that Spirit is helping us all the time, but so often, we choose to ignore them or think: this is too random or impossible. Or, even too simple.

spiritSimple is often the right way, for it is this path where you meet the least resistance and things just flow.

When we get out of our own way and let our hearts lead, our souls are in their element. This is what Spirit wants.

So, next time you have that “Je ne sais pas” feeling, tune in. Don’t overthink it — just listen and tune in. Let your heart guide you and your soul will let you know whether a decision or path is not in alignment with who you truly are.

The answers are inside us. Trust Yourself even if it feels “too simple” and even when it feels impossible to achieve.

When you listen to your higher self (the voice your soul loves), everything will work with ease in your life. Remember, surrendering isn’t a weakness when you’re surrendering to what’s true — your truth.  It’s the most freeing and joyful place to be. And, sometimes, it takes us on a wild ride we never imagined possible.

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