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  • It's a funny thing how things (and life) come full circle. When I look at this shot, it brings me back to my Celtic days when I lived in the U.K. and a weekend to the Cotswolds, Wales or even Cornwall wasn't unheard of from Surrey and even from London. You might be thinking Scotland and yet it's Northern California where I lay my head more often than not these days! My Celtic past is not far from my New England past; it feels as normal and natural in this lifetime as it did in my last. And yet there's a chapter for me here on this other coast that I've yet to figure out but I am here for as long as it takes although me thinks it's definitely not permanent. While she may not be Scotland or Wales or Ireland or New Zealand or Iceland, she is so lovely albeit more predictable. -
I will write a piece about the predictability vs drama of like-nations at some juncture and it will be great so stand by! -
A big thumbs up and high five to those who are here because you connect to nature at a visceral level like I do and keep coming back for more because of it. A toast to the dramatic skies we all know and love, from our own "hoods" and our favorite #destinations!
  • A blast of a jeep ride out on the wide open plains across 2,000+ acres at Inn at Newport Ranch along the #MendocinoCoast, a so worthwhile venture if you love #nature!
  • How’s this for an insane view of the Pacific Ocean? We loved the horseback riding trails that Ricochet Ridge Ranch offers. While one of their more popular trail rides is along the beach (and covers all riding skill levels), we opted for the more rustic trails which started along the jagged Mendocino coast, went through a forest brimming with Redwoods, up a mountain and eventually to this fabulous look out area. This trail was roughly 3 or so hours, although they offer half days and full week options as well, now on the bucket list.
We left from across the road from the Inn at Newport Ranch (see last Instagram post), where we stayed for the weekend, a luxe boutique stay that is all about serenity and privacy – where rustic meets luxury. Their ranch now totals over 2,000 acres with a mile and half of oceanfront and three miles of contiguous ridge lines with panoramic views. They have opened up twenty miles of trails through the Redwoods and along the streams and rugged coast which you can explore by horseback, hiking or on ATVs and we did all three. The ATV was as much fun as on horse back (albeit a very different experience) and not quite as tranquil as being on the back of this gem. My horse was called Voltaire which made me laugh because French is part of my heritage – I should write an article about how much he reminded me of my horseback riding experience in France in so many odd and surreal ways. Voltaire had attitude, was chic and loved to eat and eat and well, eat (grass that is). He also loved to be photographed; at least I didn’t spend the afternoon on a horse who wanted to stay out of the limelight as it adds to the challenge of getting a great shot. Here’s to you Voltaire and to the magical Mendocino coast.
  • A little outside hot tub action at the Inn at Newport Ranch in Northern California where we retreated to last weekend. Located just north of Fort Bragg along the rugged California Coast (also referred to as the Mendocino Coast), this gem of an upscale boutique ranch exudes the best of luxury and rustic (all rooms uniquely decorated). They also have 3 fabulous suites, all with breathtaking views and The Sea Drum House which you can rent, a great option for groups and family gatherings.
With views like this, it should be no surprise that they are a popular spot for weddings, especially more intimate ones that go above and beyond. Luxury travelers and couples wanting peace, relaxation and privacy, will appreciate this property the most. If serenity is calling you, then this gem along the northern California coast is a great visit, which is why we went. Think reading a novel on the wide open front porch with wooden Adirondack like chairs or soaking in the hot tub or going for a hike. I’m doing a review on the property which will go live over on in our hotel section next week.
  • Meet Kicker Rock in the Galapagos Islands, which is the remains of a volcanic cone that has been eroded by the sea. Above the water, this monolithic rock formation is 500 feet above the ocean and is known for its tropical birds, those gorgeous Blue-footed Boobies (love these – got to see them during mating season when I was there) and Frigatebirds. This gorgeous shot is courtesy of Madrid-based @ExotikTraveler who specializes in creating custom luxury trips for travelers.
For divers and snorkelers, this is a great spot to view Spotted Eagle Rays, White-tip Reef sharks, Galapagos Sharks and Hammerheads. You can snorkel through the natural channel that has been created between the formations. Nearby you can also snorkel with sea lions at Islas Lobos or just lounge about on Manglesito Beach and its lush white sand. Oh it is pure bliss!

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