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Japan’s Top Skiing Destinations


I am not a skier. I never learned as a child; my experiences as an...

Favorite Stops & Eats in New England


Not only have I spent a significant amount of time in New England but I...

How to Experience the Caribbean Islands


We recently went on a Caribbean Cruise on the Royal Clipper (part of the Starclippers...

Longport Fish Company at The Veranda


We rarely get to Concord so was thrilled to be able to experience one of...

Rejuvenate & Transform

Ethiopia for Churches?


“Where do we go from here?” I asked the young man who’d been hiking alongside...

Consciousness & our Health


Consciousness is thrown around as a word lately so much that it has begun to...

Luxury Travel Meets Transformation

Barbados Hotel & Resort Options for Luxury & Fun


I've been wanting to visit Barbados for years and when the opportunity came up a...

A Recap of This Year’s Wisdom 2.0


It was great to be back at Wisdom 2.0 again, which returned to San Francisco. An...

Facials for Men: NYC’s Heyday Skincare Spa


Before I had my first facial, I honestly had no clue what to expect. I’ve...

3 Great Massage Products to Ease Your Tight Muscles


Recently, we had an opportunity to put three amazing massage product manufacturers to the test:...

Awaken Your Senses

Brooklyn’s Other Art Fair


There are a few words that come to mind when people think of Brooklyn, of...

4 Fun Picks for Summer


Here are a few fun picks for your summer enjoyment: one to consume, one to...

Your Travel Guide to Quito


Quito is a city that most travelers—myself very much included—don’t explore to its full potential....

Our Spring 2024 Gift Guide for Beauty & Fashion


It seems as if it was only yesterday we were wishing our colleagues and friends...

Healing into Oneness with Sacred Acoustics


We love coming across various recordings whether they be for relaxation, meditation, sound healing or...

12 Once-in-a-Lifetime Experiences for your Bucket List


So, it's time to head on a trip of a lifetime—a journey spanning continents, full...

As Seen In/On

Live With Purpose

What Does Karma Mean To You?


Although the origin of the word Karma comes from ancient Sanskrit which is associated with...

Voices Turning Ideas Upside Down


We started interviewing people for a video series merging consciousness, spirituality and science a while...

Wisdom & Inspiration

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