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25 Stunning Bird Photos From Southern Africa

by Rich Laburn

Southern Africa has its fair share of stunning birds. Below, a southern carmine bee-eater...

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Rejuvenate & Transform

25 Stunning Bird Photos From Southern Africa

by Rich Laburn

Southern Africa has its fair share of stunning birds. Below, a southern carmine bee-eater...

Staying Healthy While Going Luxe in the Caribbean

by Jessica Festa

Most have heard about the azure waters, soft sands and beautiful coral reefs of...

Luxury Travel Meets Transformation

Getting the Most of your Turks & Caicos Trip

by Megan McDonough

With winter in full swing, you more than deserve a reprieve from the cold...

5 Luxe Stay & Spa Experiences on the Dominican Republic’s Southeastern Coast

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This past December was my second trip to the Dominican Republic however my first...

Getting the Most of your Turks & Caicos Trip

by Megan McDonough

With winter in full swing, you more than deserve a reprieve from the cold...

5 Ways to Boost Your Mood & Stay Healthy

by Megan McDonough

It’s important to balance the daily self indulgences in our lives with a little self-love. From...



  • Surreal and beautiful right? Vibrant and energetic, while also mystical and alluring, this artistic design is one of the ceilings at Wisdom 2.0, which is being held in the Innovation Hangar of the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco, an annual not to be missed event every February! It attracts not only some of the most interesting people but the more inspiring, spiritual and conscious ones. .
In an effort to raise awareness that we are all connected, we will learn that we are all one. While many of my Burning Man and creative friends find their way here, There are also authors, entrepreneurs, shamans, monks, ministers, musicians, coaches,  technologists, scientists, healers, mediums, yogis, developers, dancers, astrologers, retreat center owners, educators and doctors, and I just got started. The best part about this random but powerful list of people I've run into, they all seem to have huge hearts and thrive on giving. .
As a media partner, we have a booth this year and I feel blessed to be surrounded by like-minded people to my left, right and across from me all day long. I am here talking about WBTW's mission of Transformative Travel and how our community's content not only takes people on physical journeys but internal ones as well since it/we always need to shift inside first. Our inner journey after all is the most important one. .
Once we realize that, we can venture anywhere knowing we are not doing so to escape, or because we can't sit still in one destination, but because on that journey, we know that we can find beauty in everyone on our path. We touch others when we are authentic, present and loving and allowing our light to shine brightly when we are on foreign soil is the best way to unify this world and show others abroad and at home, that there's no place for bigotry, racism and divide. Empathy, compassion and acceptance needs to be the order of the day: we are after all one. Wisdom 2.0 brings people who feel that way together for three days of conversations, hugs, music and connection. So blessed to be here. .
Don't let anyone diminish the light you are here on this earth to radiate!
  • Technology is not the answer. It is also not the problem. What matters instead? Awareness, Engagement, and Wisdom. This is the vision and words of Soren Gordhamer, the force behind and founder of Wisdom 2.0, which addresses the challenge of our age: to not only live connected to one another. An annual conference held in San Francisco (this year it’s at the Palace of Fine Arts), we couldn’t be prouder to be a media partner this year. Why? .
Their vision about connecting and engagement is aligned with ours. Soren and his team curate some of the best speakers, authors and visionaries in the world of consciousness and technology all under one roof which turns into not just a series of talking heads on stage, but rich, interactive, dialogues which are purposeful, meaningful and authentic. .
Their creative team is also amazing – am shooting video and stills for compilation later which I’ll share. Mark your calendar for next year (every February) as a must attend if you care about the convergence of consciousness and any industry or just for yourself. Where Consciousness meets Travel baby, that’s where I'm going. Stay tuned for exiting stuff ahead including my coverage of this incredible event.
  • A throw back Thursday to the stunning lakes and mountains of Patagonia from a trip a few years ago.  I was absolutely mesmerized by Grey Lake, which is a glacially fed lake in Torres del Paine National Park in southern Chile.  While others hiked a little further out (and I eventually did solo), the best part about this place is its solitude. It is apparently declared an international Biosphere Reserve and its natural waters are covered by ice sediment and huge floating icebergs, all of which will leave you breathless unless you’re not paying attention. .
It was chilly when I was there (most of the time I suppose) and you can kayak or canoe across it which I didn’t have time to do (sigh). Not sure if you can see the icebergs across the lake hidden by the hazy but oh so wonderful dense sky.
The great thing about this lake despite its glacier drama, is its incredibly calm spirit, as if time has stood still and there’s nothing else to think about but NOW, the right here before you, the gray (grey) ness of her waters, her beauty...No one lives here of course and it is evident by this sense of nothingness around you for miles. There is plant-life to be found but it’s not abundant and the ice is what dominates the scene and your mind. It’s a place to be even more present as nature herself calls to you in even more abundant ways when you sign up for that presence. Sit alone. Be silent. Watch. Don’t expect. Just BE!
  • Valentine’s Day has always been a strange day for me. I always hated the retail side of it, where both men & women, but especially men, feel the pressure of buying flowers at 3x the price, going out to dinner for 3x the price all while helping to raise Hallmark’s stock. Not that I don’t love a romantic card, because I do, but it’s always the words that accompany the card & who is penning it that matters the most. The heart BEHIND the card. The heart behind the gift. The heart behind the dinner. .
All that said, I love the idea that a day dedicated to romance exists because as much as we should treat our partners with respect, gratitude & honor every single day, Valentine’s Day is a reminder that if we haven’t been as loving and giving as we should be lately, then we need to start. It’s a reminder not to take each other for granted. Let’s face it: keeping love & romance alive after many years is hard; as those of you who have been married or in a relationship for awhile know, it’s constant give & take, compromise & giving of yourself even when it’s hard to do so. It’s about doing something for them when you don’t feel like it because you’re tired but because they may need that gift of your time or words even more, it’s about doing an activity because it’s important to them even if you’re not quite as passionate about it as they are, it’s about saying something supportive & sweet when you see that your partner is down because those words could turn their day around in a nanosecond, it’s about giving support when no one else does to remind them why they’ve chosen you as their ‘cat’s meow.’
Now more than ever, we need to hug not just our partners but a stranger, or someone who looks, acts & talks about as differently as you do as you can find. Strangers across the world become our brothers & sisters when we take the time to give that hug, acknowledge that we are all human & really not that different after all. Love is universal. We are, after all, mirrors. What we put out comes back. When we do put out more love, it starts to touch communities beyond where we could ever imagine. Will toast to love & more global unity with my cutie over a serious Cabernet tonite.
  • As much as I gravitate to nature more often these days, my roots are in music and culture & there's no better place for your 20 year old self to come out than a well put together travel or culture event. .
We were proud media partners for the second year in a row at the fabulous Travel & Adventure Show in the Bay Area! Best plus of the show in addition to the tastings and seeing peeps I adore and respect in the industry was being so close to the Beats stage so I could watch incredible cultural dancing for two days in a row - does it get much better?

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Wisdom & Inspiration

Wandering re-establishes the original harmony which once existed between man and the universe.

Anatole France

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The destination matters not, for the journey itself is the ultimate prize. Go forward & embrace the unknown and your blueprint for life will never be the same.

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One does not discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore.

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A truly magical life begins after the journey furthest from your comfort zone!

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― Heraclitus

Break bread with people as foreign to you as an ancient language and be forever changed.

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A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.

― Lao Tzu

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― Sir Richard Burton

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