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Pelican Grand Beach Resort for the Best Ocean Views


Overlooking the ocean, Pelican Grand Hotel is an upscale resort in Fort Lauderdale Florida, roughly...

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Food Addict? Tips For Staying Healthy & Thin Abroad


I’m planning my dream trip to Morocco, the last country on my bucket list (before I...

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  • More South Africa. Btw, as dramatic and surreal (and oddly unreal) as this image appears, don't ever under estimate a South African sky! Of course it's edited but the reality of an image for me is the reality of the memory in one's minds eye and this is what this drive was like for me. Exactly this. Romantic. Dramatic. Moody. Surreal. Temperamental. Shifting. Unpredictable. All the characteristics of my trips and ironically of my writing. Feeling more reflective than most at this late hour when everything still seems a bit jumbled from the day. This rather odd but lovely Sunday.
  • Taken on a walk near the beach in Muizenberg! It's one of those dramatic Cape Province skies in South Africa, a place that continues to paint textures in my memories years and years later. I have lived there twice and spent chunks of time there at other moments in my life. It’s like a second home to me in many ways even though I don’t have an opportunity to visit these days. The earth. The smells. The skies. The clouds. The voices. It’s raw, it’s beautiful, it’s where the world began depending on who you ask. I can’t deny that it feels that way to me, each and every time I visit.
  • Meet Sara, my fabulous guide from Cowboys of Hawaii, where you can go on fun horseback riding treks at Parker Ranch, which is where paniolos (cowboys) and horses first met 150 years ago. The ride starts at their Blacksmiths Shop, going on to the breaking Pen, through rolling hills to the Stone Corrals, where as many as 5,000 head of Hereford cattle were held after being driven down from the slopes of Mauna Kea. The cattle being driven looked like a river of red moving down the side of the mountain. You also hit more historical sites, such as the Red Track where famous Parker Ranch Thoroughbreds were trained and still hold World records for speed.

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  • Getting a martial arts lesson on Bernal Hill. Yes, really. It’s been raining non stop in the Bay Area so to have an afternoon where you can get outside and have sun kiss your face, was a godsend this weekend. We attempted a hike, although part of that effort resulted in sliding down a very muddy hill because my hiking shoes seem to have lost all their traction. Needless to say, the excursion was shorter than anticipated but the wooden bow went with us on our journey until the sun nearly set. .
What a glorious afternoon and then we returned home to a simmering pot of tomato sauce, a relatively new tradition. Sunday (when we’re home) is sauce day.  When you hang your hat with an Italian, this is a positive thing. While I didn’t take any shots of today’s oh so delicious sauce, no doubt, you will see a future sauce over on my @LuxuryFoodies account at some juncture. .
Enjoy this fabulous sky -- Happy Sunday all!
  • This is one of my favorite moments in northern Iceland, not for any other reason than I was with some local friends who were showing me their favorite walks, that the waterfalls were pure, authentic and beautiful and that it was a break from my obsession with getting super close to a puffin, which I did on my second to the last day in the country which resulted in taking 998 photos of this special bird. Yes really! I am passionate about this little  creature! Bottom line, this crazy country remains in my top 5 and its hard not to be drawn back into her heart's soulful energy! For those of you who are wondering, Iceland is definitely a SHE, not a HE!!

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