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  • This is one of my favorite moments in northern Iceland, not for any other reason than I was with some local friends who were showing me their favorite walks, that the waterfalls were pure, authentic and beautiful and that it was a break from my obsession with getting super close to a puffin, while I ultimately did because of that persistence on my second to last day in the country and took exactly 998 photos of this special bird. Yes really! I am passionate about this little adorable creature! Bottom line, this crazy country remains in my top 5 and its hard not to be drawn back into her heart's soulful energy! For those of you who are wondering, Iceland is definitely a SHE, not a HE!!
  • While I am so much a warm weather girl, theres some magic about the sparseness of winter and a cold winter's day especially during a snowy walk through a forest or park. This was taken in the north Bronx in a park and it is oh so February with just and snippet of color that brings you into spring despite the frigid cold air!
  • Blessed to see Jewel at this year’s Wisdom 2.0. Not only did she play for us, but she shared her wisdom. .
Once homeless, Jewel spoke of her grandmother who in pre-war Germany, got on a ship headed to Alaska to marry a man she hardly knew because she felt her future children must be born somewhere free. It was this grandmother who taught all her 8 children to sing and play instruments, the way life should be I was thinking.

I grew up in a home of music too and it was this familiar music played on an old fashioned record player that calmed the storms when they arose. The music ranged from the 1920’s flapper era to 1960’s rock. Amidst dysfunctional family bumps along the way, I found music to be healing and re-assuring in times of uncertainty, perhaps why I played the piano and have always been drawn to singer songwriters and artists, Jewel included.

Many years ago I met her at a VIP party in a Boston radio station where she was signing guitars and sang for a small group of us. This weekend, on the Wisdom 2.0 stage, she stood as proud as she did way back when and looked as beautiful as ever, giving us the gift of her voice and rich stories. I loved that she showed up (90% of life is simply showing up) in her authentic self, sharing what she knew to be true. Increasing our awareness and consciousness as a society is the way forward to a peaceful life. .
After all, isn’t that what all of us want deep down inside even those with loud personalities who love to dance, sing and jump with the moon? A life with a silent mind even if our external forces are far away from that virtue? Bravo Jewel for your raw and genuine heart and may we meet again on this life journey, or the next one…
  • Surreal and beautiful right? Vibrant and energetic, while also mystical and alluring, this artistic design is one of the ceilings at Wisdom 2.0, which is being held in the Innovation Hangar of the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco, an annual not to be missed event every February! It attracts not only some of the most interesting people but the more inspiring, spiritual and conscious ones. .
In an effort to raise awareness that we are all connected, we will learn that we are all one. While many of my Burning Man and creative friends find their way here, There are also authors, entrepreneurs, shamans, monks, ministers, musicians, coaches,  technologists, scientists, healers, mediums, yogis, developers, dancers, astrologers, retreat center owners, educators and doctors, and I just got started. The best part about this random but powerful list of people I've run into, they all seem to have huge hearts and thrive on giving. .
As a media partner, we have a booth this year and I feel blessed to be surrounded by like-minded people to my left, right and across from me all day long. I am here talking about WBTW's mission of Transformative Travel and how our community's content not only takes people on physical journeys but internal ones as well since it/we always need to shift inside first. Our inner journey after all is the most important one. .
Once we realize that, we can venture anywhere knowing we are not doing so to escape, or because we can't sit still in one destination, but because on that journey, we know that we can find beauty in everyone on our path. We touch others when we are authentic, present and loving and allowing our light to shine brightly when we are on foreign soil is the best way to unify this world and show others abroad and at home, that there's no place for bigotry, racism and divide. Empathy, compassion and acceptance needs to be the order of the day: we are after all one. Wisdom 2.0 brings people who feel that way together for three days of conversations, hugs, music and connection. So blessed to be here. .
Don't let anyone diminish the light you are here on this earth to radiate!
  • Technology is not the answer. It is also not the problem. What matters instead? Awareness, Engagement, and Wisdom. This is the vision and words of Soren Gordhamer, the force behind and founder of Wisdom 2.0, which addresses the challenge of our age: to not only live connected to one another. An annual conference held in San Francisco (this year it’s at the Palace of Fine Arts), we couldn’t be prouder to be a media partner this year. Why? .
Their vision about connecting and engagement is aligned with ours. Soren and his team curate some of the best speakers, authors and visionaries in the world of consciousness and technology all under one roof which turns into not just a series of talking heads on stage, but rich, interactive, dialogues which are purposeful, meaningful and authentic. .
Their creative team is also amazing – am shooting video and stills for compilation later which I’ll share. Mark your calendar for next year (every February) as a must attend if you care about the convergence of consciousness and any industry or just for yourself. Where Consciousness meets Travel baby, that’s where I'm going. Stay tuned for exiting stuff ahead including my coverage of this incredible event.

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Wisdom & Inspiration

Wandering re-establishes the original harmony which once existed between man and the universe.

Anatole France

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A truly magical life begins after the journey furthest from your comfort zone!

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― Heraclitus

Break bread with people as foreign to you as an ancient language and be forever changed.

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A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.

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