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I’ll start out by saying that I don’t consider myself religious at all which may be surprising given that I’m about to discuss books on new teachings from Christ (Christ Energy) as dictated to author Gina Lake and the grace that emerges from these wise words of love, humility and compassion.

I realize we have several sections on spirituality of which Spiritual Reads is one of them, but spirituality for me goes full spectrum and I’ve dabbled and delved deep around the globe, from experiencing different culture’s beliefs to exploring some of my own.

Christ Energy

I attended a catholic school for four years as a child (not my choice), lived on a kibbutz in Israel (was a fascinating experience and was my choice), had an in-depth experience on Oneness in Fiji and beyond (my faith is closest to this if it can be said), and have been baptized four different Christian religions (that’s a longer story).  And, I’m 95% in sync with every book on Buddhism I’ve ever read. As for Islam, I’d love to become better acquainted with the faith for with better knowledge comes better understanding and with that comes empathy, compassion and a knowing that quite frankly, we are all one after all.

My personal belief is that when we believe in something higher and greater than ourselves, we develop a deeper consciousness that teaches us the power of self-love, ‘care’ and love for others. Once we rise above how we’ve been indoctrinated, educated and conditioned — whether as an agnostic, atheist, Hindu, Muslim, Wiccan, Christian or a Jew — and truly embrace the world and all in it as truly “one”, we begin living in a truly loving, noble and humble way. And from this place my friend, where being present is all there is, we begin to see the magic in the energy, air and spirits around us, even if we can’t see, feel them or talk to them.

I’m dead set on a journey deep within and deep outbound (into other galaxies and dimensions) to uncover the truth as best as I can, at least what truth works for me. What becomes the ultimate truth for me, will be the words and way of living that brings me closer to my higher self and that “true self” which is my soul. Our souls are in essence, pure love as is Christ Energy, the topic of Gina Lake’s books.

Christ Energy = Pure Love

While my soul has some limitations of being in a human body (it has to battle with ego every day for example), when I can more easily open my heart to others on a regular basis without judgment and criticism (that’d be our human body ego again), then “this” will be truth for me. Certainly many of the words in Gina Lake’s books could even be seen as a practical and ‘kind’ guide if you like, to getting to your true self. Love will shine here — inward and outward — and what’s great about this journey is that Love and Fear cannot co-exist.

And so, religious or not, it should be no surprise that I’m curious about people who have said to “channel” Jesus and/or Christ (aka Christ Energy). We have been diving into boxes of books, ten or so of them channeled by Christ (Christ Energy), many of which are in modern tongue. Let’s start with the work of Gina Lake who sent us a bunch of her books and I’ve had my nose buried in them ever since.

One quick word before we begin: don’t let the word Christ turn you off if you’re an atheist or simply agnostic. If you are interesting in evolving spiritually or tapping into a higher consciousness, please read on.

In the World But Not Of It

The more I read and explore Gina’s work and others, the more I realize that the true “Christ” and “Christ Energy” is the love inside all of us. The Christ that once walked the earth is no longer in that human form, but it is my belief that his “energy” works through us in the “energy form” of love.

It’s ironic that in Gina’s case who has authored books of his teachings from “consciously channeling” them, she dedicates the first book I read “To the Christ in Everyone.”

So many of the words of Jesus (Christ Energy — note: it’s more realistic to say his Spirit Energy or Christ Energy) in the modern tongue are common sense in this book — embrace love, embrace compassion, embrace humility and embrace each other. We have so lost our way in the world when we step away from these valuable gifts of existence.

From the Illusion Spun by Thoughts and the Duality Created by the Mind and Creating Space, the words flow. BTW, non-dualists will appreciate and resonate with Chapters 1 and 2 — read my SAND 2017 write-up, which is a conference I love and attend every year on Science and Non-Duality.

As “dictated” to Lake in January 2016, “He” (Christ Energy) speaks of being human as problematic as he take readers on a rather deep exploration of the nature of obscurations or clouds if you will, that block the light of divine Consciousness.

Divine Consciousness

“It is an adventure that your soul, and God through you, has willingly embarked upon. It is designed to be a stumbling block to reclaiming heaven and the love, peace and happiness that is your divine inheritance. It is also part of a perfect plan to bring you Home.”

You can grab this fascinating read over on Amazon.

From Stress to Stillness

This lovely book also by Gina Lake provides tools for inner peace. From Stress to Stillness is a great overview on understanding stress, where it comes from, how it impacts the body and the negative impact that THOUGHTS (whoahh that ego “I” can be so strong) can have on our lives and our world.

In other words, our thoughts create a reality for us but that this reality doesn’t need to be our life.

We have a choice each and every time a thought emerges to ask: does this thought serve us or harm us?

Our thoughts can be changed in an instant through purposeful intention on something more loving, freeing and “real.”

What’s real is the “here-and-now,” so by being present and relaxing into each precious moment, we can not only release so much angst and negativity, but we can heal ourselves in the process.

There’s a great section called Your Mental Baggage as well – Stillness’s Channel. My favorite quote of all time still melts me to this day.

The World Surrenders to a Silent Mind!

For so many of us, it’s so hard to get to still (myself included), even when we have incorporated meditation into our daily practice. Lake takes you on a journey of “reflections” of all of it: from how your thoughts make you feel, self judgment and criticism to the energy (often negative) we give and receive from others.

Not unlike most religions and spiritual practices, the power of being still (and making time to be still) can transform our lives. It is in these moments we can begin to reconnect with ourselves and when we do, we find our true selves, our higher voice and in that process, our life purpose.

Being present is such an integral part of it all and not unlike the best Buddhist gurus of our time say, the magic that gets us to just BE. Serenity, Joy, Love and more emerges from this place.

Grab this comforting and mindful book over on Amazon.

The Heroic Life

Also by Gina Lake, the Heroic Life extends the new teachings of Jesus ‘dictated’ through ‘conscious channeling.’ While I haven’t finished this one yet, its quick 136 page read flows smoothly and is incredibly compelling. What I love is how the one we all knew through history as Jesus Christ, dictates in a way that feels so human and “of today’s mindset,” addressing many of the stresses and trials we face in a 2017 world.

Christ (Christ Energy) says through Lake,

“There have always been those walking the earth who lived in a higher state of consciousness than the rest of humanity. I was but one of them. They came, as I did, to uplift humanity. Many are hungry for that upliftment, to be closer to God, closer to their own Godhood, their innate goodness.

The number of people who are capable of experiencing their divinity in human form is greater than ever before, so those of us guiding the planet feel hopeful that a new paradigm can be established on earth in which every human being is respected, loved and supported.”

A note on the words in italic and bold in the above quote — here I feel that Christ is saying that whoever or whatever God is to you — that higher consciousness beyond yourself — is what he is addressing regardless of your faith.

This is my assessment based on reading several of her books. “He” is also referencing other spirits who are helping to guide the planet alongside him and says that there are many like “him” in other dimensions and in the body who share it.

The goal? To activate all of our divine natures so that we may live in a world embraced by love and peace where we no longer live in fear and ego, which result in harming each other and the planet.

This truly great read is also on Amazon.

All Grace

More Christ teachings by Gina Lake in this book entitled All Grace. In this even shorter book, there’s wit, humor and more about the unknown, all done through fluid and inspirational words. “He” asserts (and we must believe this if we are to understand, embrace and love all of humanity), that so much of the universe is unseen, unknown, and not even imagined by you (meaning the human mind).

In other words, what is ‘out there’ is beyond what the human mind can understand. Even though Science agrees that we are all energy and many see the direct correlation between energy and consciousness and even that there is no separateness and that we are all one, fear still so often directs our daily lives. See my write-up on the Purpose Summit which starts with Duane Elgin’s insightful talk on science and consciousness.

The content in this book is much more metaphysical in nature so hang onto your hat and be prepared for a ride. So far, it’s been Anthony’s favorite Gina Lake book.

You need to set aside preconceptions and expectations of what you “think” and have been raised to believe Jesus Christ to be and attempt to be open to the notion that Christ Energy in all its loving glory can in fact be channeled through a human being in modern times and also be “everywhere.”

Says Gina in her intro of what she learns through this gift she has with Christ Energy from the ‘Other Side’, “Jesus of Nazareth was but one incarnation of his and that he resides (his Spirit form) in another dimension, not as this one individual, but as a multi-dimensional being. From that dimension, “He” continues to use the personage of “Jesus” to stay in touch with, teach, and guide human beings.” The path is always towards love however which is the vital take away from all the books.

“He” throws concern to the wind that many reading may be disturbed to hear words and teachings that are metaphysical, however he goes on to confirm what Gina informs us in her intro…..that Jesus of Nazareth was only one of many (many many) incarnations on earth albeit the most recognized and celebrated one.

“Enlightenment marks the end of your lifetimes on earth, unless one chooses to return to earth to serve. Once enlightenment is reached, spiritual evolution continues in other, non-physical dimensions.”

It‘s a short read and highly worth getting — find it over on Amazon.

The Jesus Trilogy

The last book we got in from Gina is interestingly enough also modern in its guidance even though there‘s a traditional “face” of the Christ that history and religions recognize on the cover. The trilogy can be said to be many things, but first let‘s start with Gina‘s triage which is:

  • Choice and Will
  • Beliefs, Emotions and the Creation of Reality
  • Love and Surrender

We started this read in the middle of the book asking Spirit to guide us to read what we should hear first.  Here‘s what‘s odd: we did this on three different nights and ended up opening the book to the same section each and every time (within a page or two of where we were the previous evening).

Clearly, we needed to hear the messages on Love and Surrender three times.

I couldn’t help but laugh when we moved into the Relationship section because it included some of the best relationship advice I’ve read over the years and I have book shelves (tall ones) full of renowned authors‘ works on personal development, relationships, transitions, mindfulness, psychology and consciousness.

A big part of it is acceptance and understanding that to get to love, ego must step aside and that we are one not separate. Getting to “oneness” thinking automatically pushes ego to the back seat.

We may never be able to get rid of ego entirely for we are in a human form after all, however when we understand that ego IS our false sense of self then we can see how ego is the enemy of Love but the friend of Fear.

“Fear is like a guard at the exit door of the false self’s world: whenever you approach the door that leads to the world of the true self, you are told that you can’t go there. Fear is the guard that keeps you in a place of compliant, unconscious suffering.”

This sounds like one of my favorite Buddhist authors, Pema Chodron, I couldn’t help but think.

Later, “He” dives into Surrender. Christ Energy speaks through….

“Surrendering the desires of the false self does not mean surrendering all desire. The true self’s desires are different and feel differently than the false self’s desires. These deeper desires are what is surrendered to. You exchange the false self’s desires for truer, more meaningful ones. You surrender to a higher desire, a higher will.”

“He” asserts that these desires are the will of the Father, however for me as a non-religious individual, I replace the word Father with “All Energy’s Consciousness” of which LOVE is at its core. BTW, I also see “All Energy’s Consciousness” as ONE and that life is within life which is within life — this includes beings in their human forms on earth and other spirit beings in other dimensions. This is my “Father” if you like or what I see as Christ Energy and that Energy — at least the most powerful of that Energy — and at its pure essence, is nothing but divine love.

“When you want love in your life, you have to give love. There is no way around it — it is a natural law. Love attracts more of the same.”

We must surrender to see the ‘other way’, the way of the true self where it is easy to embrace love and surrender the false self, where ego is more often than not, in charge.

One final note on ego and surrender in “His” words.

“The ego doesn’t trust life so it feels like it ‘needs to know.’ When you trust life, you discover that you don’t need to know the things the ego wanted to know. All of that knowing and pretending to know only gets in the way of purely experiencing the here and now…..”


“You must surrender what you think you know. When you are stripped this bare, then it is possible for you to know what cannot be put into words and to have access to everything you need to know — for that moment.”

Hear hear! To read the Jesus Trilogy, like the others, it’s available over on Amazon. More on Gina Lake and her world can be found on her website Radical Happiness. She also includes an interesting FAQ section which highlights how the “conscious channeling” communication happens with Jesus (Christ Energy) and when it began.

Also, be sure to check out our Spirituality section, Spiritual Voices which highlights experiences I’ve had with spiritual practitioners, mediums, psychics and healers, Spiritual Reads and Spiritual Events.

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