Lucinda Gabriel’s Wisdom on Communicating with Angels

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I am always amazed at the synchronicities in my life, how and when certain people fall on my path and how I always have a choice, to capture the magic or let it slide by. I fell upon Lucinda Gabriel’s work by accident and like so many other spiritual voices and authors I discover on this expanded journey, the timing was perfect.

I’ll be honest with you – whenever I have seen angel cards or calendars in book stores, I always associated them with zealots and I’ve never been a fan of organized religion. My connection was naturally to people like my great aunts or my teachers from catholic school who wore rosaries around their necks and had crosses hanging in their homes, often in every room. And so, I never looked at angel books, cards or products until fairly recently.

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It’s not as if I haven’t been fascinated by images of angels and even what they represent, but because of the connection to structured Christianity and Catholicism where rules and harsh do’s and don’ts were the order of the day, I avoided them. That said, one day over the past five years, I picked up a deck on angels and couldn’t put it down — I found myself marveling at their energy and beauty.

I loved the incantations associated with some of the cards and the divination behind the card “picks” I selected. And so, I bought a deck and like I occasionally use Oracle and Tarot cards from time-to-time to gain insight on a particular issue, I access my angel cards as well.

angels in the clouds

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I discovered great insights as well as healing and comfort from many of these readings just as I did when Lucinda talked to the angels and spirit guides around me during our session.

You might be wondering by now, how exactly do angels communicate? What do they say? Do these messages have any “real” meaning in my day-to-day life?

Angels and spirits communicate with us through what practitioners and those practicing in the spirit world, call “clairs,” and there are many types of “clair” gifts — clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairaudience (clear hearing), claircognizance (clear knowing) and clairsentience (clear feeling). We all have at least one of these naturally. Personally, I connect with “knowing” and “feeling” more than “seeing” and “hearing” although I have friends who are gifted at all four.

Lucinda offers exercises in her book on how to develop each of these abilities and then how to practice them to communicate and better understand the spirit world.

lucinda gabriel talk to angels

Lucinda Gabriel via Skype

According to Lucinda, angels communicate with us through signs and messages, such as objects in our lives. They could be butterflies, birds, rainbows, words or repeating numbers. They could also be songs, books or messages via the media. And, angels can show up in our dreams — no doubt, many of you have experienced this in some way or another throughout your life.

One of the most powerful things wellness and spiritual healers and practitioners can teach (and remind) us, is that we need to pay attention to those signs and take the time to interpret what they could mean for a situation we may be facing in our lives. If you ask an angel or spirit guide for guidance, pay attention to words, symbols, sounds and objects with a “pattern”. Ever notice that sometimes a message, number or symbol repeats itself? When you do, you may think that it’s just a coincidence however perhaps there’s a not so hidden message designated just for you? In the future, pay attention and look for the things that resonate in some way, even if you don’t know why immediately.

Lucinda connected with my angels (some before we started) and others at the beginning of our call after which we explored the meaning behind some of the messages. Most of us will develop a relationship with angels in our mind’s eye through meditation.

In an effort to deepen my spiritual practice recently, I have found journaling and spending time in nature to be useful. Explore a few things to find out what works best for you — each of us connect to a different modality or activity and some may be more fruitful than others.

Much of divine journaling, breath work, meditation and taking solo walks through the forest, involves getting clarity about how you feel, and leaving the “noise” behind. It is also about letting some of your oldest fears go. Lucinda gives you tips on how to “let go” as well as exercises to help you more effectively connect with angels. As you practice, pay attention to your senses. For example, do you see pictures or movies or do you hear a word or a phrase? Do you feel an emotion in your body and does that emotion return often? If so, what are you doing when it does?

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Other things to take note of during this process are your feelings around worthiness, trust and your belief systems. You may notice that some of your belief systems have been with you since you were five and no longer have a purpose in your life today. Things change. Situations change. People change. And so, we must move forward too.

“Angels tell us that our imagination is one of the fastest ways to achieve our dreams. Imagine the life of your dreams and pretend you are already living it.”

Lucinda Gabriel

Lucinda Gabriel

Getting to what’s raw, pure and authentic in our own lives helps us connect to a higher power and it also helps us be present more often. The latter helps us go into deeper meditation, listen and pay attention to signs and messages that may be coming from our angels and guides.

Lucinda’s authentic and loving way she connects is one of her biggest gifts – you feel as if she’s your long lost sister in a very short period of time. She ‘shows up’ for you and you alone; there’s a lovely purity that you don’t often see, even in the spiritual world.

She focuses a lot on gratitude as well and being kind on ourselves as we learn to let go and trust our inherent wisdom more and more each day.

Manifestation is part of this journey and believing that we are all worthy of manifesting our dreams. Knowing and more importantly, trusting that the universe and the angels in it are there for us can be a guiding light.

A civil engineer by profession, Canada-based Lucinda dedicated after many years to follow her soul’s calling to write, teach and inspire. Now an author, speaker and medium, she is also a certified Reiki practitioner. She studied Angel Therapy with bestselling author Doreen Virtue as well as advanced mediumship with renowned spiritual teacher and medium Lisa Williams. More information on her, her world, her books and how to book a session with her in English or in French can be found on her website.


Note: I am not a health practitioner and am not recommending that Lucinda’s work can heal or cure any diseases, illness or emotional conditions. I am merely writing about my experience with her directly and my opinions on her books. As with any healing decisions, get advice and do what’s write for you based on your situation. The Spiritual Voices section of the site is about my experiences with certain spiritual practitioners and in some cases, insights in their own voice.

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