Tuning Into the Psychic Gifts of John Holland

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When I fell upon some of the media buzz on renowned and respected psychic medium John Holland, I couldn’t help but feel an affinity to him somehow. He was raised by a working class family in New England as was I, he headed to England to study and learn as did I, and spent time living in California, which is where I now live. And, there’s more.

There was something heartfelt about his authentic voice as I meandered through the articles and it extended into his own site, where I began exploring his books and CD’s.

John Holland Psychic

John Holland refers to himself as a mental medium and he channels deceased loved ones and spirits from the other side who may wish to communicate with the living. He says, “all mediumship happens through the mind.”

Unlike some mediums who embody spirit or channel the energy of angels and guides, he focuses on connecting with those who have passed and want to communicate with someone still living in the Earth plain.

He describes his primary psychic gifts as sentient and audient, which means he feels and hears messages that come through from the spirit world. On occasion, if it isn’t clear in either modality, they may choose to show him something, which happened with me a couple of times during a reading with him.

John will get thoughts, hear those thoughts and then communicate them in his own voice. For example, when my mother came through, he had the feeling of a mother’s love, but he gets the language they wish to communicate through thoughts.

John Holland Psychic

John Holland

I asked him whether he tries to hone other psychic abilities, such as the ability to get messages through ‘touch’ or ‘sight,’ but he says that he focuses on his own gifts. “I don’t try to be someone else,” says John. “I will ask for guidance when I want to go deeper and I talk about this in my book The Power of the Soul.” He’s also working on exploring the Akashic records in his more recent work, which I’ve been fascinated by ever since I learned about their existence.

John suggested I tape the reading so I could revisit it later on since it’s better to be present and focused rather than take a myriad of notes during a reading. I couldn’t agree more although I jotted down a few poignant things in addition to recording it.

He typically lets whoever wants to speak to his client, take charge. In my case, my mother (aka the grandmother who raised me and adopted me) came through and took over most of the reading, however I can’t say that I minded. After all, I lost her when I was sixteen so have missed her presence and words of wisdom for decades.

While words of wisdom weren’t exactly what came up, she took me down memory lane as a way to say I’ve been with you over the years. John started with the piano, which was a big deal in our home growing up – my mother and I both played and one of many favorite memories of her was the magic that emerged from her fingers.

John Holland psychic and mediumHer spirit mentioned Florida and Arizona, where we lived for a stint when I was a child, reminding me of the good times we had there. She brought up the time she took me to see the Rockettes on Broadway, said that she knew I had soldered two of her rings together, and was glad I was wearing her engagement ring.

Other deceased family members briefly came up, simply to be acknowledged (this is common in my experience in working with mediums), while others have more to say.

Her spirit also acknowledged the hard time I had with a knee injury in my twenties, all as a way of saying ‘I was there beside you throughout your life even if you couldn’t see or hear me.’

You see, spirits are around us all the time but they’re just invisible to the human eye because they are vibrating at such a high frequency — the only thing that separates us is the frequency of the vibrations.

At times, John adds a bit of humor when something comes up where it warrants it, but in all cases, he’s respectful and if something comes up around a sickness, he’s careful to say that he’s not giving any advice and that an image or thought is merely appearing to him.

I loved his energy and wit as he connected to those from my past who hold such a dear imprint on my life. When something isn’t quite as clear, he dives deeper. For example in one case, he mentioned the word Frank (no Frank’s in the family) but when he went back to ask for more clarity, it turns out that Mom wanted to let me know she was with me in France, where I have been countless times in my life.

After the very touching and meaningful reading, we began to talk about John’s life, style of mediumship and some of his views on the world.

Inside the World of John Holland

Below is the outcome of a l’il Q&A we did which will give you a flavor for who John Holland is, both as a medium, and as an incredible man who lives in New England, when he’s not on the road.

Renee: I understand when you first realized you had your psychic gift, you began by reading Tarot Cards part time in Los Angeles to gather some experience? Why were you drawn to the Tarot and how did your catholic family in Boston feel about this choice?

John: I was born this way and have always been into the metaphysical world for as long as I can remember. I chose Tarot cards because 25 years ago when I started, they were the main tools back then to use. I didn’t use Tarot cards the way many did at the time however — rather than read the meaning of the cards, I would let the deck speak to me.

Renee: When you headed to England to train with Marian Bishop, Margaret Stanley and Joan Labert, what was the one gift that each of them left you with, that helped you get to the next level?

John: Well, Margaret Stanley was a forward thinking minister who would try different things — she had an open mind. Margaret would take her students to castles and teach them to go back in time and see what may have occurred there many years ago. I became very good at this skill.

Marian was a Minister in Bristol where I lived. She would run circles at the church and I was invited to sit in those circles once a week where I learned a lot. This time helped me validate what I was experiencing.

John Holland

John Holland says he has always loved and had a connection with animals.

And, Joan was the first medium who ever sat with me (as he reflects and recalls the moment). Joan recognized something in me and called Margaret up and said ‘this kid has got something special — you’ve got to do something with him.'”  

Renee: What about grounding? What do you do to ground yourself and does it differ today from when you first started this work?

John: For me, it was a lot of self taught research however I also learned from practicing along the way. Learning about the chakras taught me a lot too — how to open, close and balance chakras. I learned how to run the energy down to the ground so I don’t get burned out.

Just because spirits can come, doesn’t mean they are in control — I am. I also feel very grounded when I go for walks in nature with my dog.

Renee: Do you have a personal spirit guide who inspires and helps you? If so, what’s their name and what do they convey?

John: I know I have a Tibetan monk as a spirit guide but I don’t know his name – I don’t need to. It’s enough to know that they are there for you to give you inspiration and encouragement. I was always drawn to Tibet as a kid and I didn’t know why – I hadn’t been there. I used to dream of bald men with gold robes – perhaps it was a past life I had in Tibet.  I also have a spirit guide who helps me with my writing.

With my students, I tell them to get to know their own power first by getting to know your own soul. Meditation can help with this. I also ask them to think about what and where they are drawn to — ‘do you have dreams of India, Ireland or somewhere else?’ Chances are you may have had a past life there and could be where your spirit guide is from. Your intuition will guide you. For example, it could be someone who inspired you in your life in the 1600’s — it doesn’t have to be a priestess or a monk.

Renee: There’s so much uncertainty in the world, with fear and polarization happening in the United States, Europe and beyond. Rather than be captivated by fear, how can people tap into spirit in a few simple ways to feel more at peace with the world around them?

John: First, find the peace within you and get to know your soul — the love you have inside you. Remember what holds true to you. Go deep inside your own calmness. The outside world is a reflection of what’s inside man right now — we often manifest our deepest fears.

Gratitude is also key. It’s concerning to me that people reach for their ‘outer technology’ before their ‘inner technology’ even before their feet hit the floor in the morning. People have their cell phones by their bed and often reach for them before they get up. Go to your ‘inner technology’ first before you start your day. When I wake up, I put my hand on my heart with an intention for the day. ‘What miracles can we see today?’ I really encourage this.

Renee: Beautiful, I really love this and couldn’t agree with you more. Tell me about your new book that is slated for February 2018?

John: I haven’t written a book in seven years but am really excited about my new one coming out early next year: Bridging Two Realms. It will be a book with messages for many: there will be help and guidance for the bereaved, those who are just curious, people who are interested in psychic studies and even insights and tips for other mediums.

John Holland

John Holland with his dog Koda

More About John Holland

Many may know John Holland as a renowned psychic medium, but he’s also a spiritual teacher, author, and radio host. He has starred in several TV specials, including A&E’s “Mediums: We See Dead People,” which provided insight into how John works as a Psychic Time Machine, where he’s able to pick up vibrations and detailed information, whether it’s seen, felt, or heard from a past event. He also starred in his own pilot “Psychic History” for the History Channel.

John Holland hosts his own Internet radio show on Hay House Radio, called “Spirit Connections,” which has been running for over 9 years.

He is the author of the best sellers: Power of the Soul, Psychic Navigator, Born Knowing, The Psychic Tarot Oracle Deck, The Spirit Whisperer – Chronicles of a Medium, The Psychic Tarot For The Heart, The Spirit Messages – The Daily Guidance Oracle Deck as well as 5 Apps and numerous online workshops based on his signature workshop series.

The latest book by John Holland: Bridging Two Realms is coming out soon, which we hope to review sometime in Q1.

For more information about John Holland, his world, perspective, books, CDs and more, visit his website.

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