Inside the World of Psychic Medium Reese SanAgustin

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“I can see people’s plan for their soul journey” says Seattle-based psychic Medium Reese SanAgustin during a conversation we had over Skype recently. I found myself thinking, “you mean the plan that we created and signed a contract for in advance of returning to the earthly plane for this lifetime?”

Not everyone believes that our souls head back to Earth over and over but many do. If you’re in this camp and either have an inherent knowing that you’ve had many past lives or even learned how to access some of them, Reese SanAgustin is a great resource, coach, guide and teacher.

Reese SanAgustine

She says she grew up to be an Intuitive Development Teacher and Spiritual Coach. Teaching is really what she loves most and frankly where she really shines. That said, she’s an incredible psychic with medical intuition in areas that will blow you away, although she says that’s not her main thing.

I experienced Reese SanAgustin and her work through a couple of sessions recently and would love to share her magic first hand.

Experiencing Reese SanAgustin

One of the things that makes Reese SanAgustin unique, is that she serves as a holistic instrument for direct communication with Spirit. In my experience, this was the case. Her sessions often include assessing and shifting energetic influences (she “sees” and “feels” energetic systems while receiving messages from Spirit about how to realize necessary shifts). This is a powerful part of her work.

Truth be told, we did a few energetic shifts during my second session with her and my body responded by shutting down for a couple of days.

Reese SanAgustine

Alchemical Mutation Card in Alana Fairchild’s Lightworker Oracle Card Deck

If this happens to you, don’t let that scare you — sometimes when you go through what is often referred to as an Alchemical Mutation, the process can result in symptoms such as headaches, aches and pains, fatigue and flu like symptoms.

My own experience of this process is not unlike what I face during a detox cleanse. Alana Fairchild explains it well in her Lightworker Oracle Card Deck, one of our favorites.

You see, even if we have worked on some of our issues and blockages at an emotional level and feel as if we have moved through them, out bodies hold so much residual ‘gunk’.

A spiritual path is ongoing, it’s not a one time fix. It becomes a lifestyle if you will, to understand along the way, when certain chakras are blocked and need release or movement.

By working with me to unblock my sacral chakra, I can open flow in order to receive more. And most importantly, be okay with receiving. Embrace it!

I also learn through our sessions that there are still some past cords I thought were released that are apparently still hanging on. BTW, the past cords that no longer serve you can be some attachments from this lifetime, but also from past life times. It’s important to learn how to release (and cut psychic cords) in a healthy and holistic way — yes, there is a process.

So many of us go through stages of unworthiness or reflecting (over and over again) on things we could have done differently. This is where self-judgment comes into play. “I should have known better. Why did I do this?” Sound familiar? Some of this self-judgment we inflict on ourselves can be tied to deeper rooted issues like our relationship to family or money.

Part of this has to do with flow. When we are in flow (and I mean pure pure flow) and avoid the language and ill-intentions we use for ourselves and sometimes for others, harmony and success start showing up in our lives. Of course the beautiful work that Esther and Jerry Hicks have done for years address some of this.

When we do this work, it’s important to remember a few things. First, you always want to surround yourself with pure white light (protect yourself from other negative psychic cords or unwanted negative energies and spirits) before you begin. Once you’re in that beautiful white bubble, meditate on what you do want in your life (always putting intention in the positive not the opposite).

For example, using language like this is great: “I will receive a constant flow of income and loving relationships in my life. Abundance and love will pour into my life with ease and regularly. There is enough.”

Reese SanAgustine abundance and love

To the contrary, you want to avoid using language like this: “I am frustrated with how limited my funds have been and want to have more money flowing into my life. I’m exhausted with how many times I choose bad relationships for me — don’t let this happen in my life anymore.”

Notice the difference. Of course, this is basic positive affirmations you’ve likely used before and been introduced to countless times. It’s astonishing to me however that although most of us on a spiritual path for awhile know the importance of language, that we all too often, slip back into old patterns when stress hits us in the face in a big way.

Says Reese, “if you struggle with positive intentions, affirmations and self-love, start with celebrating something positive about your physical well-being every day – one small thing. Celebrate your vessel.”

We all have a pathway that is just ours even if we’re married or work in a business with a close partner. It doesn’t mean that there isn’t a journey in tandem with someone else, all of which serves an important role in this lifetime. What it does mean is that we can’t forget US in the bigger picture and spend time each day for self-care and nourishment. Meditation helps to get us clear.

I’m also a big believer in sound healing, so if music is one of your go-to’s to de-stress, check into sound healers you can work with and/or sound healing products, like gongs, singing bowls and Shaman drums.

Reese also asserts that we must write out our values, vision, how we feel and what we need. Even if you’ve done this exercise in your life before, do it again regularly. Things change in our lives and it’s important to re-create road maps for our life purpose and our business if we run one, our careers if we don’t. A few of her suggestions for me included:

  • Throw the intention out there and meditate on it daily, even if only for five minutes
  • Create the lists and meditate on these – breathe in the lists of your intentions daily
  • Write out your values and vision for the next 2-3 years
  • Anchor things that are important to you and/or work for you (through music, nature, exercise or whatever your driving passion may be)

For me, it’s an ongoing process and Reese is the first to admit that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Committing to a spiritual path and showing up is an important step to any journey. It takes work but is so worth it in the end.

The World of Reese SanAgustin

Connecting with Reese SanAgustin is like connecting with Higher Sources of Light in a crystal clear and holistic way. Many mediums focus on receiving messages from loved ones who passed over to the Spirit World (Matt Fraser and John Holland are great examples) however others connect to Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters and on rare occasions, beyond.

Reese SanAgustin is holistic in the way that she works partially because she has intuition on what’s happening with you in body as well (that doesn’t mean ignore a traditional doctor’s recommendations btw), and partially because she connects at such a high level in the Spiritual Realm.

Equally amazing is that Reese has a strong connection to spirit babies and psychic/empathic children so she often works with parents to help them navigate life with a young sensitive. (read our article on Highly Sensitive People (HSP) if this area is of interest).

She receives information in a variety of ways, including clairvoyance ~ “clear seeing”; clairsentience ~ “clear feeling/sensing”; and primarily,  claircognizance – “clear knowing”.  (The Awakened Psychic is a great read if you feel that you want to explore these in more depth)

Reese assists with spiritual growth and ascension, helps to attune others to their inner knowing, and connect folks directly with their spirit guides.  Reese SanAgustine

At times, this means providing affirmation of what one already knows while at other times, this means opening up channels that are blocked. She saw for example that one of my guides was Egyptian, which I hadn’t known before.

For past lives, what comes up for me most are the ancient times I have spent in Italy, Greece and Egypt, so it’s cool to know that in addition to my Shaman past and connection to native Americans, I have an Egyptian guide helping me on my path.

What lights her up and where she shines most however is as a teacher for other intuitives, psychics, healers and mediums.

Her intuitive development work and spiritual coaching guides others to access the divine within and work with spirit to manage and navigate this world as an intuitive and/or empath.

As an empath myself, I struggle with feeling so much of the world around me and she has been instrumental in helping me with best practices to manage it, Reese has been able to also see where some of my blockages are so we can get rid of them in a healthy way to support my own spiritual advancement.

Reese SanAgustine

Reese SanAgustine

Like many mediums also say about their work in communicating with Spirit — Spirit delivers messages in the way that a client or student is most likely to be able to truly hear it and absorb it.

As she uses her psychic and mediumship abilities, she uses her personal development coach skills, so that after a session, you’re not left hanging with ‘”hat to do next?”

“Spirit delivers messages in the way that a client or student is most likely to be able to truly hear it and absorb it.”

She wasn’t always a psychic medium however. Like many in this field, the ‘gift’ doesn’t always emerge in a big way until there’s an ‘aha’ moment, a wake-up call or life spent in a traditional work role is so unsatisfying that you begin to realize you’re made for something bigger, deeper and more soulful. Many realize they have a psychic gift as children but squash the connection to Spirit until they’re older.

As a force to be reckoned with in the Human Resources (HR) industry, she always felt called to an energy healing profession and an eight year journey led her to a professional career in energy work.

Reese SanAgustine

Reese SanAgustin in Seattle

She was asked to leave HR to take on the CEO role. She dived in with zero operational and limited financial experience, a task she was asked to undertake felt like a career suicide, at least from a data based logical perspective. Rather than give into ego,  fear and self-doubt, she looked within and connected with her spirit guides.

Reese said that she employed the whole of her abilities to assess the business and usher in requisite changes, not out of some grand desire to bring Spirit to work but out of necessity.

It was her intuitive abilities that helped her to hear what wasn’t said, find what was hidden, and put people in the right seats.

In addition to setting the typical business goals, Reese set an intention that she would not leave until a specific energetic shift took place. BTW, for those of you in management positions, bringing Spirit to work can be powerful.

This doesn’t mean not getting trained in areas you want to take in in a leadership role, but it does mean integrating your intellectual strengths and natural abilities with your intuitive side and to listen in a way that allows your Higher Self to take charge. This is when the real magic begins.

At the end of this project, she says she was able to leave knowing that she had done what she intended to do, and in the process, learned a valuable lesson about detachment.

“The Universe Always Provides What I ask For….and That Belief Had Never Failed Me.”

Throughout that chapter of her life, her intuitive abilities grew and became more focused. She saw first hand how shifting energies in an organization could save a Company and even make it thrive. Reese SanAgustine dignity and respect

So often, those leading the way can get side tracked and operate from a poverty mindset, which isn’t going to lead to sustainable success. Prosperity consciousness is another area where Reese has expertise and can help students or those in management roles make an energy shift within themselves.

During her time in that mission based organization, she asserts that she was there to hold an open space for people’s talent to come to the foreground, and to develop strength among leaders who simply needed someone to believe in them.

Reese says of that time, “this experience underscored the significance that energy work has on well-being and joy. It taught me that a blend of traditional business practice and energy work can heal a broken company and remind people to look within and realize their potential.”

Today, she blends the best of both worlds — her skills in traditional business management and her psychic intuitive talents. We talked about her spiritual gifts and where she likes to best apply them.

Reese says that she loves to help people who are off track. Because she can see our chakras and energy grid (aka our energetic framework), she can not only give you tips and suggestions about how to unblock them, but work with you to do that unblocking.

Reese SanAgustine

Yes, Reese SanAgustin is a teacher, but also a coach and guide, so she teaches people how to go into themselves to unlock (and unblock) directly on their own. She can tap into different frequencies and get people to tap into their biggest strength.

“I want people to see (and live) their highest potential. I can see what you signed up for in this lifetime and what team you have in place,” she says. This helps her guide you in the best way. (by team you have in place, she is referring to your own spiritual guides and masters helping you from the Spirit plain).

Reese says that people have a lot of limiting beliefs about themselves and about life and low self-esteem won’t get you to live out your true potential. All too often, people put ceilings on themselves which keeps them in a box.

She adds, “we all have soul contracts. Pre-incarnation planning. My spirit guides will talk to your spirit guides and gain a better understanding of what is needed on your journey.”

In addition to doing readings, Reese SanAgustin does classes and workshops under the Illuminated Pathways umbrella. More about her world, classes and how to book a reading with Reese Agustin can be found on her website.

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