What Are Psychic Cords & When to Cut Them?

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If you haven’t heard of psychic cords but are on a spiritual path, it’s a good idea to know what they are, why they matter and how they’re relevant to our journey.  First of all, what are they and how do you know whether you have a psychic cords connection with someone or not?

Have you ever been so engaged in a conversation with a loved one that long after the initial conversation ended, your thoughts and concerns were still wrapped up in their issues? It can almost feel as though the conversation hasn’t ended because it is on constant replay in your mind. This is how most people feel the effect of etheric or psychic cords.

Psychic cords connect you to people you care about, including family, friends, lovers and pets. They help transmit the exchange of energy, thoughts and feelings. In a healthy connection, the cord will transmit love and telepathic information back and forth which makes you feel a deeper sense of connection. However, not all psychic cords are created out of healthy loving relationships.

There are times in your life with some people you’ve had relationships with, where you may want to severe that cord.

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The Effect of Unhealthy Psychic Cords

When you experience unhealthy psychic cords, you will feel a drain to your energy which may make you physically sick or mentally compulsive. Psychic cords are often created with people you feel empathy towards. Many healers experience this with their clients over time. When a parent cares for a sick child they send energy to the child to help them heal.

Nurses, caregivers and teachers are prone to experiencing unhealthy corded relationships. Co-dependent relationships of every kind are fraught with unhealthy psychic cords.
The reason people cut cords is to move on and let go of them energetically which frees them up to be free of a negative energy or an energy that no longer serves them on their path. Psychic cords are often referred to as etheric cords.

Without getting overly scientific here, ethers are organic compounds that have an ether group (like an oxygen atom) connected to two alkyl or aryl groups. And, the etheric body is considered to be the first (or lowest layer) of the human energy field, typically referred to in spiritual circles as auras. It helps to sustain the physical body and also can help connect it with “higherbodies and spiritual entities.

If you could see a psychic cord, it would appear a bit like an umbilical cord. In a loving healthy relationship, cords are often connected through the heart chakra as it exchanges energy back and forth. In an unhealthy or imbalanced relationship, the connection is most likely through the solar plexus or navel area where it leaches energy from one to the other.

Unhealthy psychic cords can make you more prone to psychic attack and eventually loss of soul fragments resulting in physical illness, confused emotional states and loss of energy.

People who evoke pity, sympathy and constant need for concern may be psychically cording you without conscious awareness of what they are doing.

This can prohibit good things from happening in your life by keeping you wrapped up in their drama. It is possible to have compassion for those we love without allowing them access to our own supply of energy. When a person learns to connect to source or creator, they will have access to unlimited energy supply and release the need to cord others in unhealthy ways.

No matter what the age or circumstance, everyone has their own divine connection to the Creator. Everyone creates the life they are living for purposes known only to their soul, so that they can learn the lessons they came here to learn.

That doesn’t mean we should abandon those we love when they fall upon difficult times but it does mean that we should be aware of how it impacts our own energy.

When you offer assistance, love and support to other people, make sure that you cut the psychic cord afterwards.

With awareness and practice, you will be able to offer loving compassion that does not create an unhealthy psychic cord. While it is normal to be energetically connected to many people at once, it is in our best interest to insure that the psychic cords we maintain are healthy ones.

Here’s a tip: When you feel pity or sympathy, or are compelled to help someone, there is often an unhealthy cord attached. Instead, have compassion without judgement and release thinking that the person you are helping is a victim of circumstance, illness or bad luck.

Trust that their soul is learning a valuable lesson as they go through challenging times and that they are a master of their own life who has the ability to connect directly to Creator or Source for all the energy they need.

Psychic cords will continue to drain your energy and affect you until you have the awareness to cut them. Even the most aware people can be affected by unhealthy cords so it is well worth the regular practice of cord cutting.

Cutting Psychic Cords

You want to always do cord cutting with love, knowing that you are dissolving the connection and sending it back to Creator. Release any judgements or fears that you have about being corded by another and for any participation you had. Chances are that you have unintentionally corded people as well.

Cutting psychic cords will restore your energy and vitality immediately. Your mind will be free and your emotions will be clear. While the results are often subtle, they can also be substantial. When you release unhealthy psychic cords you open up new opportunities for yourself and your life in unlimited ways.

Here are a few simple techniques to cut cords:

  • Hold your arms outstretched in front of you and cut the air with the side of your hands in a giant X in front of your body.
  • Beginning with your hands at your root chakra (groin area), move one hand upwards while staying within a couple inches of the body. Continue in this motion up and over the top of your head to sever any cords connected to your chakras.
  • Call in the Angels and Archangels for assistance, especially Archangel Michael to cut the psychic cords in highest and purest of ways. He’s known as the premier protector and cord cutter of the angelic realm.
  • Meditate on releasing any cords, requesting guidance on any lessons learned through the experience and sending forgiveness to the person that corded you. Visualize as the cords are have served their purpose and are neutralized and transmuted back into love. BTW, this is a good time to bring in Raphael and Zadkiel. Archangel Raphael is known to heal and one of many of Zadkiel’s roles is to transmute psychic cords and turn them back to their original state of purity. This is when it’s time to release.

Always release with gratitude and love for both parties and take some deep breaths – it is time to move forward.

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