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When I heard about Christine Alexandria’s new book Angel Chatter, I was intrigued and wanted to learn more about her work. Truth be told, angels are a relatively new fascination for me and yet they now resonate with me at a level so deeply rooted in my DNA, that whenever I connect to one through a book, a reading, a healing or in a meditation, it seems like the most natural thing in the world.

My childhood recollection of angels and archangels was largely connected to a religious dogma that didn’t speak to me and so I fled far away from conversations, visuals and items related to angels, with the exception of the one my Aunt Evelyn gave me as a child, which still hangs on our Christmas tree every year. And so, I ploughed through Angel Chatter page by page and couldn’t put it down. I will add, Christine’s connection to angels intrigued me which led to a fascinating session in November.

Angel Chatter Christine Alexandria

Working with Christine Alexandria

Having a session with Christine is a little different than the experience I had with Therese Sanderson, an angel healer in Los Angeles and Canada-based Lucinda Gabriel whose work and book I also covered. All three of them have angels and archangels work through them to communicate valuable lessons on your life journey, provide guidance and support and to heal.

Angel Chatter Christine Alexandria

Christine Alexandria in Stonehedge

I learn a valuable lesson each and every time I work with a new holistic practitioner, healer, medium, psychic or guide who works in the angelic or spiritual realm. You see, because our spirits reside in a human body in each lifetime on this earthly plain, ego all too often dictates what we think or believe about someone who crosses our path.

I always had a prejudgment about people who were ‘into’ angels. Quite frankly, I never understood them. Not only did it seem abstract but about as unrealistic as anything I could imagine. Angels were somehow ‘beyond God’ for me.

The more I’ve read and explored the angelic realm, the more I’m learning that angels transcend all those pre-conceived notions and ideas I had about them.

They’re not connected to a religion or religious dogma and somehow through my private catholic school training as a child, I grew up believing that angels and catholicism were almost one in the same. After all, all the elderly Italian, Greek and Irish women in our town had statues of Mother Mary, Archangel Michael and Gabriel, random angels and saints scattered throughout their house.

Observing and worshipping statues felt pretty out there and frankly, I thought people who had them around them were weak because they somehow needed an object to be spiritual or to demonstrate their faith. While I don’t have statues of angels around me, I realize that this is judgment — what works for one person doesn’t for another and so on.

My general feeling today is that while I still believe that religious dogma creates division and fear among us (and why I and so many have run far from it), I simply choose not to judge people for having statues or crosses surrounding them. It is simply a choice that works for them with the limited knowledge and exposure they have had to the spiritual realm. Who are we to judge anyone’s faith because it doesn’t align with ours?

The strangest thing is that I got re-introduced to angels for the first time when exploring Wiccan and learning about opening and closing Pagan circles. Yes, really. It wasn’t until a year later, I was introduced to Lucinda’s book and her work. I should add that an agnostic doctor friend of mine considers Archangel Michael a kickass friend and protector. Go figure.

And so I started to read oracle decks, angel decks and books about them. Other decks connected to crystals and angels started showing up on our doorstep. I began to connect to Archangel Zadkiel’s messages as well as Chamuel, who is all about relationships and love. This should be no surprise given that love drives most of the decisions in my life.

When Christine Alexandria and I first connected on Skype, Metatron came through for me loud and clear, an archangel I had never heard of. Christine with her wry and witty sense of humor describes the archangels she works with in practical and approachable language. You’ll find yourself laughing at times when you listen to her description of them, her experience with them and what they’re all about.

Who the hell is Metatron I asked and why would he come through first and so boldly? It turns out that while he’s the Angel of Motivation, he’s so so so much more. The latter didn’t surprise me since I‘ve been hibernating a bit over the last year after we relaunched our site. This ‘call’ was clearly a sign to get out of my cave.

Angel Chatter Metatron and Zadkiel

It turns out that Metatron is also in charge of the Akashic Records, something I’ve been obsessed with ever since I learned of their existence…perhaps because I love writing, history and research. Beyond just an angel and an ascended master, Metatron oversees all things physical within your body and helps restore vibrancy. Bring it on, I thought when I heard this. She says:

“Metatron assists in balancing not just the physical aspects of the human body, but all mental, emotional and spiritual aspects. All of these layers work together to create the whole. When one is off, it affects the others to varying degrees.”

I couldn’t agree with this more and is why balancing our chakras is so vital to our overall health. Balance is so key to our progress, success, well-being and spiritual journey. Christine suggests that you think of your soul star and earth star chaktra as twins, just like Metatron and Sandalphon (the Angel of Grounding). Both balance out the other, the yin and yang of chakras and allow you to be fully present and grounded in this dimension.

Angel Chatter

Words taken from Angel Chatter in the chapter on Metatron

Our session continued as she explored my future with messages from the angelic realm, which not only included predictions of what would play out in the next two years with Anthony and I but tips on how to manage the journey safely, with intention, good health, balance and support. Angels want you to know that you are supported and that you merely need to call upon them for assistance. As simple as this sounds, it actually works.

Other angel chatter that came up during our session had to do with my personal and professional life, including a new path that has fallen upon me more recently. Let’s just say that there’s no surprise that we now have six dedicated sections to spirituality on We Blog the World. It is an integral part of my life across all walks of lives and cultures but without religious dogma.

Christine’s first work was not in a book form, but through her Angel Chatter Oracle Cards. As my Higher Self was taking in all that I learned from the angelic realm throughout our session, she began to draw cards from the deck for me. What’s cool is that I could see them through the Skype screen on her desk but I didn’t really understand their meaning until Christine translated.

Angel Chatter Christine Alexandria

It turns out that Archangel Zadkiel showed up in droves, the same angel I‘ve been drawn to from the Margaret Ann Lembo angel crystal cards we use at home. His messages and gemstones just seem to resonate with me each and every time I read about Zadkiel.

Known as the Angel of Sacred Space, he plays well with Sagittarius energy, which I am, albeit with an Aquarius rising. This equates to playful, fun and driven but all about flow and going with the flow. I have challenges with the latter at times, but because water is such a big part of my life (and who I am), flow usually wins most of the time.

Zadkiel’s message was centered around just that: go with the flow. Don’t push timing, don’t push projects, don’t push things that are not in their natural timing.

This angel is connected to Amethyst, violet flame energy and the crown chakra. Because amethyst transmutes energies of the space it’s in, it should be no surprise that one of Zadkiel‘s main functions is to trasmute psychic cords back to its original state of purity. I now understand why I’m so drawn to amethyst and why it’s scattered throughout the house.

Christine is a big fan of crystals and gemstones as well, so much so that she talks about each archangel healing crystal in Angel Chatter, as well as their associated Aromatherapy essential oils. I loved learning that Zadkiel’s musical note is B, as in birthing your right to live life on your own terms.

Angel Chatter Christine Alexandria

Christine Alexandria of Angel Chatter

Here‘s the thing I continue to learn about the magic of angels: even if you‘re not religious (I’m not) and even if you don’t necessarily believe in angels, take note on something that I find undeniable, at least in my own personal experience.

Each person (healer, practitioner, author or spiritual teacher) I‘ve worked with who deals with the angelic realm, channels words, gifts, future insights, and healing from angels and archangels. And, in each case, they‘ve been spot on with their accuracy, timing, and their sense of knowing and visionary psychic understanding, all of which is only possible from tapping into the power of a world beyond the physical one, beyond the realm of what we can understand on the Earth plane.

This I know, based on my own experience in dealing with the Spirit World directly and my own observations with others who have special abilities. When it‘s pure spirit (whether it‘s spirit guides, ascended masters, angels, archangels or pure white light beings), it‘s nothing short of love and joy and all messages that are conveyed are showing up (at the right time and right place) because you need to hear those messages then and there. It was your time to hear them and so….the universe came forward.

This is why so often when we meet someone special, we have a sense of inner knowing (read Kala Ambrose’s book The Awakened Psychic) that we have known them before (likely because we‘ve worked, played, danced or more with them in a past life), or when we have a sixth sense that something isn’t right for us, it’s because the Spirit World jumps in to assist us when we most need them.

They do this in a myriad of ways, such as sending us signs, symbols, things that have meaning or association, or it could be through words, a song, a book, a photograph or something even stronger if you have a more acute intuition than people around you. You may be cognizant, an empath or one of the thousands of Highly Sensitive People (HSP) who don’t even realize they are one.

So, on this path of yours called Life, be open to exploring what you don’t know, what remains a mystery and what someone else’s truth may be, for in their truth you may discover an insight or two for yourself, one which takes you on a journey into the wild, fascinating, magical unknown world of the Spirit Realm. Once you begin that charter my friends, your inner voice (that Higher Self’s voice that knows what your soul wants to do) will dominate in all areas of your life and you will suddenly find your world forever changed.

Angel Chatter

spiritual books for the holidaysIn her book Angel Chatter (which is also the name of her website), Christine Alexander provides meditations and breathing exercises (I can always use them as it‘s always so hard for me to slow things down), as well as a deep dive into the archangels.

What I love about Christine’s book, which was just released in November, is that she goes deeper than the other books I have explored so far on each of the archangels. We loved the uplifting aspect of Angel Chatter so much that we included it in this year’s Top Ten Spiritual Reads for the Holidays.

For example, you learn each of the archangel’s Chakra association. Uriel oversees the root chakra, the place of divine safety, and Raphael is all about healing and relationships as two examples.

She also gives you the Zodiac connection, their names defined, their light temples, their symbols, their compass direction and as noted, their Chakra Association. Like some of the other books I’ve read recently, she also gives you angelic aromatherapy and their healing crystals. What’s unique about her book however is that she goes so much deeper than most of them.

If you‘re a fan of angels and want to go deep, then this is a great book for you. I’d also argue that if you’re on a spiritual path, any journey of awakening or simply want to learn more about the angelic realm, it’s also a great read for you. Angel Chatter is available over on Amazon in hard cover.

Behind the Scenes with Christine

In my time with Christine, we chatted about her career, which has led her back to angels more recently. She currently runs a private Angel Chatter Facebook Group as a way to reach others and help her community.

Christine has spent years doing healing work and before that, even ran a catering business. Having done Archangel Enlightenment Therapy training with Hazel Raven, she’s also certified in a variety of healing modalities including Reiki, Crystal Therapy, and Soul Coaching with Denise Linn.

I asked her what she does to stay grounded, a question I ask all mediums, psychics, healers and spiritual teachers I work or collaborate with, since it’s vital to sustainable success and thriving in all aspects of our life.

Like John Holland, she loves to take walks with her dog Gabi, the Yogi Goldendoodle in the woods near their home in Virginia. No surprise there — most practitioners I know who do a lot of spiritual work stay close to nature and even recommend getting your hands in the mud from time-to-time. Christine and I shared our love of gardening as another way to stay grounded. Additionally, she takes salt baths, does yoga and bakes.

She’s currently focused on spreading the word of the love and support angels can provide through her books, talks and lectures. Christine also does one-on-one sessions and consulting and throws a course on all things angels once a year that runs for eight months. She says:

“My course is eight months for a reason. In my effort to do no harm — a Reiki principle — I want my clients to feel more confident that this is a deep and rich experience.”

When I asked if she had a guardian angel and if so, who it was, the response was quick: “Ariel,” she said with a smile. Ariel’s name translates to “light of God,” and she oversees the angelic chakra, also known as the fifth chakra.  Moonstone is Ariel’s crystal choice apparently, a stone I’m supposed to wear for balance, although I find sleeping it with it is too energizing for me, even though this stone is known to offer more tranquil, soothing energies for most people.

Even though moonstone and pink gemstones resonate with her the most (and pink is a favorite color — she was wearing a fuschia top when we chatted btw), she says she works with many crystals for it’s all about balance. As she tells me this, she picks up pieces of Malachite, Green Opal and Carnelian from her desk to show me.

The reading was very energizing and even relieving. I love her spirit, her sense of humor and her writing. For more information on Christine Alexandria, Angel Chatter and her world, visit her website.

Also, be sure to read my piece about LA-based Therese Anderson who does angel healing, my review of Angels 444 by Alana Fairchild and Lucinda Gabriel’s work on Communicating with Angels.

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