Akashic Records: Just My Intuition or Something More Mystical?

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Spirit guides first led me to the Akashic Records over a year ago, on a day I was out of sorts but even as an avid spiritual reader, I had never read any Akashic Records books.  Truth be told, I had never heard of the Akashic Records.

“Read about this,” they said to me. “You’d be good at it.” My spirit guides spoke to me telepathically, and it was the first time I ever heard from any spirits — guides or otherwise.

And so, what do you do when you get an insight about something new, especially one from the Other Side? The first thing I do is google it and know I’m not alone. And so, I googled it, and entered the Akashic Records for the very first time that night. While Google may often be the first step, I spend a lot of time reading, doing on and offline research and meditating.

Forward wind the clock and today, the Akashic Records is now an integral part of my spiritual life.

Akashic Records books

I discovered that the Akashic Records can be accessed through the heart chakra or the 8th chakra (above the head). “Really? That’s where they are, all of them?” I thought. After a couple of tries using another method, I fell upon Dr. Linda Howe‘s website.

Linda Howe has been an Akashic Records teacher since 1996, and today she is the leading expert specializing in using the Akasha for personal empowerment and transformation. She offers inspiring online on-demand and in-person Certification classes, insightful readings and coaching sessions, and engaging presentations.

She is known to be the first person to bring the Akashic Records to the world community for the enrichment of secular people.

What are the Akashic Records?

So, what are the Akashic Records and how long have they been around?

Akasha is a Sanskrit word (“primary substance”), but the Records have been known by a variety of names across cultures (such as The Book of Life, the Hall of Records and The Book of Remembrance).

The Akashic Records are the energetic vibrational record of every soul’s journey, past, present and future. They are not just a dimension of consciousness containing a vibrational record of everything that every soul has ever thought, said, and done but apparently according to Howe, all of the soul’s future possibilities as well.

There is a record of every sneeze, cough, conversation, every bike ride, and every thought you have ever thought throughout the history of you! Although the term Akasha and Akashic Records date back only to about the 1800’s, there are references to the concept in the Bible at least in Exodus and Psalms. So yes, they’ve been around for awhile, under various names, as noted above.

Evidently one doesn’t usually literally go there and read their own records. And, no one can read another’s records without permission. Linda Howe’s system is awesome because the masters, teachers and loved ones (MTLOs) are present to speak in a unified voice, and for the highest good of all concerned. Beings called the Lords of the Akashic Records face the records at all times and pull out records appropriate to the occasion.

“So, what kinds of questions are best to ask?”

The best questions are those that help resolve or heal current life issues of any kind. Questions requiring a yes/no answer should be avoided, and questions about the future may provide unpredictable results. The Akashic Records practitioner, or reader, is not your typical psychic whose intention is to foretell the future.

So, what about the responses?

One of the reasons I particularly like this method of accessing the Akashic Records is that the answers are for the best of all concerned. If there is no such answer, no answer will be provided. Some of the questions I have asked are: How do I prioritize my work or how to resolve a conflict with someone.

More complicated questions involving healing and relationships have delved into past lives. This usually involves a focus on a past life experience, then fast forwarding a number of years in that same life, and fast forwarding again. Furthermore, its useful to ask the master, teachers and loved ones why that life was shown, and what the soul level lesson is.

Akashic Records books

Akashic Records Books by Linda Howe

Linda Howe’s book: How to Read the Akashic Records: Accessing the Archive of the Soul and Its Journey, including her Pathway Prayer, offers a consistent and safe way to access the records.

Linda’s other Akashic Records books provide further tips on reading the records. Especially helpful was her second book Healing Through the Akashic Records: Using the Power of Your Sacred Wounds to Discover Your Soul’s Perfection.

The steps to access the records and provide healing to someone are to tell the story, find out the causes and conditions, and the soul level truth.

Sometimes the causes and conditions are found in previous lives. The spiritual practice of unconditional self love are self acceptance, beginning with accepting our flaws (of course we’re flawed!), establishing that it’s going to be okay, and taking appropriate action or getting help to do so. The sacred wounds can ultimately be used as a platform for transcendence with the components gratitude, grace, and generosity.

The third of her Akashic Records books: Discover Your Soul‘s Path describes how to make peace with ourselves and others reflecting on Authority, Discipline, Responsibility, Commitment, and Grace as the five pillars consciousness.

While I haven’t read all of the Akashic Records books out there yet, I opted to do some classes and workshops by certified teachers. I have now completed workshops as a Beginning, Advanced and Healing level practitioner, as well as the Soul‘s Purpose workshop.

Manifest Soul‘s Purpose

Recently, I attended the five-day retreat hosted by Linda Howe on Manifesting the Soul‘s Purpose. Linda talked about each lifetime being an opportunity to recognize the soul’s potential, and to learn to love ourselves unconditionally.

Karma being unresolved judgement in action; any judgement we have on either cause or effect keeps it in place; the challenge being to make peace with both cause and effect. We practiced readings to find out our soul’s purpose for this life.

It turns out that mine is teaching, healing, leading and loving. Setting a good example. Feeling for people (empathy), yeah. We went to the Zone of Choice between lives to find out why we chose this life. Mine was to experience emotional pain as a woman (ouch), as apparently a lot of people may be miffed by my innocence, naivete and innate goodness (seriously?).

A few of Linda’s insights from the workshop:

  • We don’t need resources for the whole vision, just the next step
  • The goal of the spiritual path is not perfection, it’s usefulness
  • Every pattern is positive at its origin
  • The shift into unconditional love is gradual, so be patient
  • The challenge is to love ourselves even though we are flawed
  • Everyone is doing their best. No one is going for a C minus.

All of Linda’s work on her Akashic Records books has been inspired by accessing the Akashic Records herself. Many creative endeavors are enhanced by working/playing while in the records. For example, people write, create music or art, make business decisions, and sell real estate while in the records to experience the greatest creativity, wisdom and clarity available.

Note: Not everyone has the ability to read in their own records or the records of others. Some can read others’ records, and not their own. Once familiar with reading in the records, people may also practice in combination with other modalities such as mediumship, Reiki or animal communication.

Reading in the Akashic Records is an art, not a science. What is discerned from the records can’t usually be proven, nor is it designed to be.

The best one can hope for is that it “resonates”. Readings at different times may yield different results. The person whose records are being read must provide permission. Children’s records should not be read unless requested by a parent. Readers are not to perform readings within 24 hours of alcohol or drug ingestion. This article was written while I was in the records!

The reading of Akashic Records is a sacred act and an honor that can be taken away if not done respectfully, ethically, and for the highest good of all concerned. If you are interested in learning more, you may want to take a deeper look at the Akashic Records books by Linda Howe or do one of her workshops.

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