Crossing Spirits Over Workshop in the Midwest

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Diana Palm throws a Crossing Spirits Over workshop in the heart of America’s Midwest, all based on her incredible book Setting Spirits Free. Be sure to read our review of Setting Spirits Free, which explains how to detect spirit presence, how to send spirits to the light, and describes her research to provide real-world evidence of ghosts in the spirit world. It also talks about crossing spirits over and how it is done effectively.

crossing spirits over

Where to Find Spirits

Spirits can be found in hospitals, nursing homes, and funeral homes (places where death occurs); cemeteries; and haunted schools, libraries, theatres, hotels, and bars, all places spirits may have enjoyed during life and wished to return to so they could be with their friends. They may return out of habit, not realizing they have passed. In this case, this is where once you identify a situation like this, you can learn how crossing spirits over can in fact, set them free by sending them to the light.

Paranormal Group Research

In her research, Diana has collected a fair amount of EVPs (electronic voice phenomena) with paranormal groups. Voices from the beyond, not audible with the human ear, can somehow be captured and played back for normal hearing. The recordings are “smart,” not just random words; they are reasonable responses to questions asked by humans at the locations.

crossing spirits overDiana shared some EVPs with us during a recent workshop. For example, at a civil war battlefield, Diana felt something grabbing her boot or foot and began to record.

In the recording, a female voice can be heard saying “Almost came undone,” referring to the boot laces. In other recordings haunted house ghosts answer questions about how many people or children are in the house and where they are. The recordings clearly say “Fourteen,” and “In the basement.”

Visual phenomena have been recorded when Diana stayed overnight with friends at the Burlington Vortex in Wisconsin.

She created a protection bubble because they were out in the woods, and the camera captured the campfire smoke at the edge of that bubble, not visible to the human eye.

Also seen were spirits, spirit guides, angels, fairy faces and extraterrestrial or galactic faces.

Fairies and Spirits

Diana brought flowers to the workshop, knowing they would contain fairies. Fairies love flowers. As she placed the vase of flowers on the table in front of us, a boy fairy in shorts flew out to greet me, the first fairy I ever saw. He was wearing shorts and suspenders, a German fairy. More fairies were evident to the others, but after that, I could only sense density in the air where they were pointing.

crossing spirits over

To see spirits at a location, Diana would connect in theta and command to see and communicate with any spirits present (or a deceased loved one’s name).

Crossing Spirits Over

Once Diana has established the existence of spirits that need to be sent to the light, she explains how to attain the theta brainwave as taught in ThetaHealing-r, by sending one’s  consciousness up through the crown chakra to access the light. Going there and saying the word “God” or “Creator” shifts the brain into theta, the energy of creation. When we are connected to the energy of creation we operate at our highest level as co-creators, and we can set the intentions we want.

Learning this process helps the process of crossing spirits over and makes it easier to do this correctly. Diana’s chapter on crossing spirits over in her book gives several reasons why we should.

When spirits are stuck, they are stuck between heaven and earth, and exist at a frequency between the two–slightly higher than earth’s and lover than the spirit world. They are unable to move on. Some do not know they’re dead. Plus, if they died on a battlefield in awful pain, they are still in pain. The only relief to be provided is crossing spirits over so you can send them into the light to be healed. She notes that once a ghost is crossed over, it can still return in spirit to visit with loved ones on Earth.

crossing spirits over

Her technique on crossing spirits over involves grounding, connecting with the light and commanding any low vibrating spirits or ghosts in this home into the light.

She requests they be healed with God’s unconditional love and transformed in the light in the highest and best way, and thanks God.

The process must be witnessed while connected to the light for it to be completed. Multiple spirits can be commanded to the light all at once. Another way to cross over ghosts is sending them to a place with a light source, such as a funeral home, where spirits are frequently found to be crossing over.

Light Portals and Dark Entities

Upon death, spirits are connected to the light and can choose to go to the light immediately or up to nine days following. Some energy workers can open up a portal of light or a spirit portal.

Uncooperative dark entities that do not go to the light with a general command are cleared with the command to know their name. First, ask them, and if there is no response, ask Creator, and send them by name to the light.

The Strange & Unexplainable Vortex

Much of Diana’s research takes place at the Burlington vortex where strange and unexplainable anomalies have occurred in the woods. She also explains ways to clear trauma and heal land.

For the technologically minded, she discusses various “ghost-busting” devicesEVP instruments, EMF (electromagnetic field) meters, ITC (instrumental trans-communication) devices, and spirit photography with full-spectrum cameras and night vision DVRs. Pendulums are also used to detect a spiritual presence, as are dowsing rods.

crossing spirits over

Spiritual Protection & Boundaries

Diana does not allow ghosts to infringe on her daily life, and she keeps her home spiritually. She sets up boundaries in her home and her room by stating:

Ghosts and lower vibrational entities must stay outside my home. I invite whom I want to visit, and you are not invited. My bedroom is off-limits. My body is off-limits. My home is off-limits. Thank you,” she says. Diana makes it clear she is the boss and sets the rules, and adds that hauntings can often be self-managed once the residents realize they have the power to do so.

Self-protection from spirits involves holding a high vibration using prayer, amulets, crystals, or an energy break (aura), to be impervious to psychic attacks or entity attachments.

This needs to be done frequently, or each time connecting with the spirit world so spirits do not infiltrate daily life. Close sessions, set boundaries, stay healthy and keep your energy intact. Not all spirits are loving, nor do they necessarily have your highest and best interest at heart.


Always show gratitude to God and the spirit world for continuing to work with you. Gratitude helps open your heart receptiveness to spirit communication. For more information on crossing spirits over, Theta Healing and Diana’s world, visit her website.

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