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If you could meet your higher self….meet your soul, what would you say? Would you talk to them like a friend? “Your Soul is a spiritual best friend who is always watching, waiting, and hoping that she can guide you back to your own divinity”, according to Elisa Romeo in her book “Meet Your Soul”.  I loved this book because it brought my Soul to me, or perhaps I should say, back to me.

Elisa Romeo back to your soul

Meet Your Soul, by Elisa Romeo

Elisa’s book begins by explaining the difference between spirit and Soul. While we can get distracted, and even addicted to spirit, Soul grounds us and connects us to the sacred in daily living. Then Soul versus Ego: The ego can be your amigo, but only if it is seen for its intended purpose, a helpful separate mode of reality that allows us to experience our individual lives here on planet Earth. The ego’s job is to help you along your Soul’s path. We need our egos!

Book cover: Meet Your Soul by Elisa Romeo

Following the meditation to meet your Soul, Elisa Romeo encourages everyone to Soul Journal about a half hour each day to keep the conversation going and allow the voice of the Soul to shine through naturally. Your ego will usually start the conversation, talking about the trivia of the day, and keep talking until your Soul eventually comes through. You’ll hear the difference.

Listen to her. Talk to her. Build trust with your new best friend. She is here to support you in everything you do.  You can ask her about anything. Even if she is not the best person to answer, chances are she can tell you who is.

Communication Blocks

Examples are provided in the book about the difference between the Soul’s voice and spirit guides. Blocks to meeting and communicating with your Soul are discussed, such as:

  • Skepticism and cynicism
  • Dark nights of the Soul
  • Gremlins
  • Soul-nesia
  • Divine Sh*# Storms

Because she is a psychologist, she writes knowledgeably on being checked out with trauma, and how to de-trigger.

Picture of hands with soul words setting butterfly free

Spiritual temper tantrums are covered–and who hasn’t had one of those?

Then, Elisa Romeo moves on to the greatest section — Claiming Spiritual Authority: Trusting Your Inner Guru. This is a big deal for many.

Finally, there’s the chapter on Soul surrender, which is all about More Dying, Less Trying. What? No, really!

“Whenever we surrender the ego’s plan for the Soul’s agenda, we experience a small piece of ego death.”

And in this case, is a good thing!

Awakening From the Heart Retreat

Later last year, I attended a weekend retreat Awakening from the Heart hosted by Elisa Romeo and her husband Adam Foley in Bainbridge, Washington. After introductions, Elisa started right in to energetically pull each person’s soul into their body (and their body into their Soul) so they fit each other like a glove.

Then came grounding and a prayer, and it was time to do a meditation to meet and name your soul. For those who weren’t quite getting it, her motto was: Fake it till you make it! Everyone got a fitting if you like and began to know their Soul.

First of all, Elisa Romeo is beyond awesome because of the training and experience she brings even before all the Soul work started. As a licensed marriage and family therapist, author, and speaker, she combines in-depth psychology with the ability to communicate directly with the Soul.

Her mission?help everyone connect with our Souls so we can hear their guidance, power, and love. She revealed that she and her husband Adam are two parts of the same soul.

And so, I discovered that my Soul’s name is Andra. While she doesn’t mind answering a lot of mundane questions, she likes it best when I am available to also LISTEN to her, sort of like a patient boss or coach who’d like to sit down and have a little chat with me now and then, not just answer a long series of one-off questions.


Tips for Integrating the Soul

The Elisa Romeo workshop included practice chats with our Soul and just taking time to get to know her. Tips for integrating the soul include:

  • Understanding the birth process. It’s a sensitive time!
  • Soul journaling your ego off
  • Taking time to feel. Allow Love energy to dominate.
  • Pray and be open to integrating Big Love energies
  • Finally, play, take breaks and do fun things. Walk, cook, dance, sing, laugh!

Stay Connected

Lastly, in order to stay connected after the retreat: Faith it ‘till you make it!  Journal frequently, dig deep and set your intention for Soul Trust, Surrender, and Faith. For more information on the work of Elisa Romeo and her world, visit her website. You can also find her book over on Amazon.

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