Astrological Charting Meets Crystal Mapping

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When we hit Los Angeles earlier this month, we had an opportunity to meet with some unique spiritual voices, that ranged from skilled mediums and psychics to a holistic healer who taps into the angelic realm and astrology.


Meet Shelley Warren, an astrologist who practices astrology in the LA area, and does readings out of an oh so fun gemstone shop in the heart of Santa Monica. There are a few things that make her work unique.

While all astrologists can read your birth chart as well as come up with an assessment of your chart from a particular time and how you fit into the bigger picture based on the alignment of stars, moon, sun, planets and beyond, Shelley’s approach to astrology goes a little further.


Shelley Warren in Santa Monica

As you’d expect, she starts by identifying your unique and personal soul signature, better known as the natal astrology chart. Then, through the merging of science and spirituality, she can help you better recognize your gifts, talents, challenges, and souls calling in this life time.

Shelley’s astrology sessions often are a confirmation of thoughts, ideas, and intuitions you likely already have, but perhaps haven’t acted on or even trusted.  We often have a hard time trusting in our own intuition even if our gut tells us its probably right. And, it often is!

Says Shelley, “Astrology, as a guidance system, or road map, provides a path of least resistant and once better understood, opens up a flow of divine timing and life purpose.”

Starting from the core of understanding your natal chart and perhaps diving into it a bit deeper than you may have had from other practitioners, Shelley then maps out a crystal grid which enhance and truly empower your natal astrological chart.

I’m a huge believer in the power of crystals and gemstones and have a number of them in the house that serve many purposes, from clearing energy and space to calming and relaxing the mind.

Crystals yield amazing energy and power and when used in in tandem with your Soul Print, it creates a special customized Matrix that holds, embraces, and empowers your journey in this lifetime. This is Shelley’s expertise and special magic sauce that makes her work unique.

astrology crystals

I wrote about Tanya Corona whose work combines a crystalline grid with reiki and energy clearing. In her work, she places crystals and gemstones on and around your body (it’s fascinating), however with Shelley’s astrology consulting, the crystals are placed on your astrological road map.

When she creates a Personalized Crystal Grid for you, she works to balance and enhance the energies of your Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign in both your Natal and Progressed Chart, so you can get an in-depth understanding from all sides. Certain gemstones are meant to help you along your path and can be used for various things depending on what comes up for you.

Included in the reading is your custom Abundance Stone, along with any and all adjusts that can assist you on your journey. For example, while most people think of citrine as one of the main abundance stones, it may not necessarily be the abundance stone that is best for you given your natal chart. That said, it comes up often as does malachite.


The resonance you may have after an Astrology reading can be profound, but the experience is different for everyone. For me, I have had many Astrology readings over the years, but never one that tapped into the power of using crystals and gemstones as part of your spiritual practice.

Consider Astrology an Ancient language that better helps you understand your Soul Signature and how it connects to your life today, six months from now and so on.

A key service that Shelley offers is the Soul Signature Natal Chart Analysis as well as the Astrology Crystal Grid integration as noted above, and what we had done in Santa Monica. You can also get them done separately although I personally think the combination of the two of them is more powerful.

She also does readings for the next six months ahead (useful), your Solar Return Birthday Chart, lover and partner compatibility, Voyager Tarot readings, Astro packages and monthly coaching using Astrology as her guide.

If you’re wondering what a Solar Return Birthday Chart is, it can best be described this way. Every year, the Sun returns to the exact time you were born.  Apparently, where you are on your birthday gives an interesting snapshot of your year ahead.

Whether you believe in the power of Astrology or not, I find the distinctions that come up during a reading useful — they often reaffirm something I’ve been feeling or wondering about or sometimes squash things I’ve blown out of proportion. More details about her work and services can be found on her website — and oh btw, if you’re not anywhere near Los Angeles, but curious about her approach, she can do this by phone too.

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