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A Fitness Psychic — say what? I kept reading. “Wow, this woman is a power coach, an author, an award-winning Fitness Competitor and a well-known Psychic,” I said to myself out loud as I browsed her website at my desk. As I read more about her background, I was drawn into her world like a mouse finding its way through a new maze for the first time.

Los Angeles-based Jana Hollingsworth is also a Fitness Ambassador for something called Fit Fluential, so it seemed as if wellness and health dominated her life, a woman after my own heart.

The fact Jana was a psychic and medium, had a spiritual practice, was fit and healthy and had a smile that dominated pages of the Internet fascinated me. And so, I reached out knowing we were scheduled to hit LA this fall.

fitness psychic Jana Hollingsworth

What I learned about Jana’s unique approach is that she blends her knowledge of intuitive power with her dedication to health and fitness to create a mind, body, soul approach to all of her coaching sessions, which can include a psychic reading if you choose.

Where Fitness Meets the Psychic World

So, which came first? Her passion for fitness or the psychic world?

Jana tells us that her mother was a powerful psychic, so she had exposure to it early on, which certainly helps a child embrace the spirit world earlier than they otherwise might if they too had a psychic gift. Jana did.

And, because Jana was always around it, she thought this was a normal part of life. Shes says that her own powers came in the form of predictive dreams, “knowing things,” and having an uncanny ability to hook people up with the perfect jobs or connect them with others who could help them in some way.

This is the gift of Claircognizance, which is ‘psychic knowing’ which can show up as thoughts, verbally as messages or through the written word. For those not familiar with the different psychic and intuitive gifts out there, be sure to read Kala Ambrose’s Awaken the Psychic Within which lays it all out in an easy and digestible way (we all have the intuitive ability btw, so I’m sure it will resonate with all of you).

Jana’s friends jokingly referred to her as the “cosmic connector” which has evolved into a career today that combines power coaching, fitness, and her psychic abilities with transformative sessions and workshops.

Power Coaching

Her biggest focus is on something she refers to as power coaching, where she draws upon her experience in Spiritual Psychology, Fitness Training and her intuitive abilities. The net effect of working with her is to help you better manifest the life you truly want.

Working through a uniquely “higher perspective”, she works with you to break through any fears and limiting beliefs that may be holding you back.

Her book “Perfectly Fit Intuition” is an extension of her work as a “power coach”, fitness trainer and psychic. It is designed to help you strengthen your psychic muscles so to speak, so you can get more clarity in your life through your own internal power, strength and wisdom.

We all have an intuitive sense of knowing and it only gets heightened when we allow our higher self and soul to do the work it is supposed to do. When we approach our day-to-day from this place, our life progresses with ease and things are in flow.

Our Experience 

We were excited to spend some time with Jana during our LA trip, which thankfully brought us away from too much eating at incredible restaurants in Beverly Hills for a day to her space in Marina Del Rey, where a close friend also lives.

fitness psychic Jana Hollingsworth

Credit: FitFluential

Although she’s not competing anymore, she’s still incredibly fit and has a smile that will light you up and make you feel embraced, heard and understood.

After seeing countless photos of her competing over the years, I was somehow expecting someone with a tougher interior — after all, imagine the discipline and commitment necessary to compete (and win) in the public eye again and again.

Bravo bravo, I thought to myself when she came out to greet us. Tough on the inside she was not, despite her incredible ability to be disciplined and succeed in her life.

Inherently, I felt that this success came through her own intuition and letting her higher self and soul guide her, as she coaches her clients to do in their personal and professional lives.  Jana exudes such a beautiful balance of feminine and masculine energy, that it was just wonderful to be in her presence.

When we arrived, she came out to greet us and led us to her balcony, which faced the marina. Water always relaxes me so it was a great way to get into a calm state instantly.

For clarity sake, we were there for a psychic reading, not for a power coach training session, largely because I was so curious about her psychic ability as it related to her talent as a coach, intuitive and fitness trainer.

Since there were two of us there, rather than read us separately, she decided to experiment with the Sugar Skulls Day of the Dead Board, which as frightening as the name sounds, is merely a tool that some psychics use.

fitness psychic Jana Hollingsworth

Jana Hollingsworth during our session

“Talking boards” have been around since the 1100’s, and used as a means of contacting the dead and the spirit-world using the automatic writing method, or something they refer to as planchette writing.

While most psychics and spiritual teachers will tell you to avoid using boards like this at home, I know a few experienced and grounded psychics who tap into their power from time-to-time. Jana uses her psychic abilities and intuitive self as the primary driver for receiving knowledge from the other side.

Spirits show up for her as they always do, but via a planchette, her hand is actually guided by the spirits across a board containing letters, numbers and certain words to convey messages.

fitness psychic Jana Hollingsworth

What was so profound for us is how much she tapped into similar messages we had received from angel healer Therese Sanderson and psychic Eddie Connor within the same week.  It was if “Spirit” was trying to reaffirm a sense of knowing we already had about our life purpose through spiritual teachers and psychics who showed up during our LA journey.

Jana covered both public and private life and while some of the messages related to my new career path, my biological mother also appeared to explain why she had made certain decisions when I was not quite two.

I obviously won’t go into the specifics however the specificity of her “share” was profound and resonated with me at a deep level. The same held true for Anthony who had a similar experience with messages that “showed up” for him and who.

We loved her authentic and warm energy and whether you want a psychic reading, a power coaching session, or a combination of both, she can guide you on your path, whether you feel you’re living a spiritual one or not. First and foremost, it’s about your life and showing up using your internal power so you can live your best potential.

“If you can’t figure out your purpose, find a pursuit you are passionate about. Use your intuition to guide you to do something that makes your heart sing, provides you with joy, and a sense of meaning. This passion will open the door to finding your purpose.” — Jana Hollingsworth

For more information, visit her website for details about her coaching, book and world.

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