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I usually hear about an inspirational voice via a friend, an event where they are speaking or through research when I’m delving into the spiritual and psychic world. That said, I discovered the spiritual world of Kala Ambrose quite by accident. While I was browsing through a spiritual and alternative bookstore that was loaded with gemstones (this is usually what draws me into a place), her book on Auras literally jumped off the shelf and into my hand. (at least that’s how it felt).

She’s a spiritual magician of sorts and her world is made up of many complex yet fascinating pieces, all of them mesmerizing. While her affiliations and “titles” are not dramatically different from others I’ve met and worked with (she’s an author, wisdom teacher, modern muse and medium), her energy is “pure spirit.” It’s hard to explain really, but it’s as if her connection to the spirit world is a natural extension of her and not just something she “is”, does or has learned.

spiritual psychic world kala ambrose

Be sure to read my reviews of her books which are so approachable, fluid and beautifully written, that if you’re as interested in spirituality as much I am, you won’t be able to put them down. She can see, hear, feel and connect with the Spiritual World in a way that feels as seamless to her as walking across the street is for the rest of us.

Kala feels as if we are going through a significant spiritual awakening as a planet. Whether you’re merely dabbling in this space, a historian or have had a spiritual practice for years, you’ll know that we just entered the Aquarian Age roughly five years ago and this shift will have a dramatic impact all of us.

It is the age where networks, and information will dominate.

“Where the Piscean age was organized in a vertical, up & down structure of hierarchies, the Aquarian Age is organized in a horizontal network, opening the world up to true equality. You are ready to accept that you have the knowledge & wisdom within yourself. Its no longer necessary to attach to something outside yourself, but to become a leader of one: yourself.”  Santokh Singh Khalsa, D.C.

age of aquarius

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For the next 2,000 years we will be in the Aquarian Age and as a powerful psychic and light bearer, Kala can actually see and feel the aura shifts in people as well as the “chords” we now have to more and more people and ….the spirit world. The ability for us to connect to the spirit world will be easier than ever before.

Our auric energy bodies are experiencing a “transformational shift as new crystalline structures form within and around our auras.”

The Spiritual World of Kala Ambrose

When I first connected with Kala Ambrose on Skype, she could see and feel my aura immediately. She informed me that she saw a soft purple aura and that luckily, it didn’t appear to be cracked, although she did sense some “fatigue.” You’ll learn a lot in her Aura book about how to determine whether your auras and chakras are in a healthy state and what you can do to get them flowing.

auras and chakras

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Kala also coaches you how to repair your aura to better maintain a balanced, healthy energy body, interpret and work with the auras of infants, children, and teens, understand energy cords and how they attach in relationships.

Additionally, you can learn how to sense and balance energy in buildings and natural locations, which is particularly useful if you travel a lot.

She covers communication with spirit guides in the aura, using elemental energy to enhance your auric field, and how to understand the impact of thoughts and emotions on the energy around you and different auras.

After she read my aura, she told me about the spirit guides and angels she saw around me and then accessed the akashic records through the auric layers on my behalf.

This provided her with information on my past lives, my purpose for this life and obstacles I may face based on emotional and physical hiccups from my past.

Kala Ambrose Spiritual World

Kala Ambrose

Don’t be surprised to learn that you may have been killed in a past life, depending on how “old” your soul is and how far back she accesses your past life history.

Many were killed for reasons that would make no logical sense today.

That said, some of the tragedies we experienced in past life times can remain in our DNA.

The good news is that these can be cleared by working with spiritual healers and talents like Kala Ambrose.

Part of the healing process of course is being open to letting go. In other words, while you’ll gain a lot of insights and guidance from Kala which can accelerate this process through her insight, wisdom and clear data, you too need to do some work.

Our aura colors can change over time, so what your aura may be now could differ next month.

Blessed Be if in your late 40’s & 5o’s

If you‘re in your late forties and reading this, you‘re in for a great surprise. Apparently our auric field matures into its full state as soon as we reach 49 years of age, which is the period of “becoming a wise sage.”

Energy too changes. And, energy is in everything and is everything.

kala ambrose crystal auras chakras

Photo credit: rioreason/Pixabay

Energy is in the products we use, the food we eat, the chairs we sit in and the computers we access. It’s in our phones, in paintings we hang in our homes and even in the words we say.

“Energy Does Not Die, It Just Changes Forms

In addition to shedding insight into my life’s purpose and blockages that she saw, Kala and I talked about the energy around me and in my home. Luckily, my home has positive energy — people pick up on its nurturing and comfortable aura as soon as they walk through the doors. That said, people come and go, words get spoken and sadness has lives among and between its walls.

There are easy ways to clear the energy in your home and I’d argue we should all do it from time to time regardless of whether you live in an historical home or not. I now do it every few months, paying particular attention to older objects.

Then, there’s energy in the air around you, which is changing because of the Aquarian Age among other things. Here on earth, we ground ourselves through our lower chakras. Says Kala, “There are many levels to the higher planes, but they are known to be reached typically through your third-eye, but also from your heart and throat chakras. The higher one moves into the spiritual planes, the greater the ability to be omnipresent, which allows out to basically be in several places at once.”

Among Kala’s many talents and gifts, is the ability to communicate with your spirit guides, access data from your past lives and yes, connect with deceased loved ones. There was a beautiful moment where she saw the spirit of my mother floating above a framed photo of her on the dresser behind me. She couldn’t see who the photo was of, but she did see the spirit energy above it.

When she reaches out to speak to a loved one who has passed on, she is essentially connecting with their Higher Self, which retains memory of all lifetimes, including the energy of who this person was in the lifetime we remember them from.

Kala Ambrose aura fields and spiritual world

If you’re a yogi, meditate, live an active spiritual life or have been reading about spirituality for some time, you’ll know about the classical seven chakras. There is also an eighth chakra, referred to by some as the soul star chakra. This is the auric energy field that stores the akashic records and karma, which Kala is able to access.

“As we are evolving into the new age of enlightenment, the eighth chakra has become more engaged and active in our aura fields.”

Kala asserts that the higher planes are closer and more accessible than we realize and the evolution we are now experiencing as humans is moving into a new structure, something Kala refers to as the “higher conscious grid.”

She says that as the energy has intensified and magnified, we are burning off karmic debt at the highest rate ever experienced. This powerful chakra is focused on global consciousness and connectedness with all beings. What’s awesome is that this vibrational energy is destroying old patterns to prepare this incredibly beautiful shift from the third dimension.

If all of this is true (and she has seen signs of us evolving and new energy cords expanding since around 2006 and as an intuitive with growing capabilities, I can feel the vibrational shift in my day-to-day life), then things will shift at an alarming rate, maybe even unparalleled.

Aquarius has tipped the waters of illumination and knowledge from the Gods back down to Earth for us to receive.”

psychic world and aura fields

Photo credit: Geralt/Pixabay

What that means says Kala is that we are being set free in body, mind and spirit to let go of our past and explore.

We can now begin to operate from higher energy bodies rather than being tied to the emotional and lower mental aspects of our nature.

The bridge between the lower level auric fields and the higher fields is opening so we can operate from our astral field with greater ease. What does that mean for you? A greater ability (and faster than ever before) to develop and expand your psychic abilities.

We all have them btw and her book The Awakened Psychic covers all of the psychic abilities — reading it will help you determine which ones you naturally already have. She includes tips and exercises on how to hone and strengthen your own spiritual gifts.

“In this decade, we will connect mind, body and spirit into the higher auric fields and spiritual realms as the ancients did, connecting with our muses, using our intuition and dreams to guide us, and working in tandem on the spiritual and earthly planes.”

In an authentic and loving way, Kala shares her childhood stories and inner wisdom with you when she works with you and in her powerful books. She brings you into the spiritual world in a way that does invoke fear, while also sharing with you ways to protect yourself on this journey.

She guided me on how to speak to my higher self and spirit guides. She can also help you identify which of the clairvoyant “gifts” you already have, so be sure to bring that up if of interest.

Kala Ambrose is a powerful spiritual light worth getting to know, whether you work with her directly, go deeper with her mystery school or read her books.

Kala Ambrose: Her Aura School

I just learned that Kala Ambrose has a new Aura School that is rolling out this month. (we’re so excited about this). Imagine six weeks of Aura Exploration? Isn’t it high time to tap into Your Psychic Ability and see the Energy Fields around you? Here’s the link for more info and to sign up and because it’s all done online, you can sign up and experience this wonder from wherever you may hail.

Kala Ambrose: Her Books

The Awakened Psychic is available over on Amazon and is a must buy if you’re eager to better understand your spiritual gifts or aren’t quite sure if you have any. It’s a gentle introduction to the spiritual world that doesn’t overwhelm!

Quotes in this article are taken from Kalas book The Awakened Aura, available on Amazon in paperback, my favorite of all her books, although I’d recommend reading all of them. Truly, they’re all captivating. I loved the Awakened Psychic so much that I also included it in my post 3 Spiritual Reads for summer. 

Her book entitled 9 Life Altering Lessons translates some of the most ancient and how they relate to what is happening in our life today. These ancient lessons will stir and awaken your mind and includes such fascinating topics as The Long Forgotten Destiny of Your Soul, Alchemical Transformations of the Heart, and Universal Truths from Ancient Esoteric Wisdom, among others. Find the book and details over on Amazon.

And, if you love New Orleans, the paranormal world, ghosts and haunted places, be sure to check out her book on the spiritual side to New Orleans.

She has a new book coming out called The Awakened Dreamer, so stay tuned as we will review it when it rolls out.

Working with Kala Ambrose

Kala Ambrose is a spiritual teacher, spiritual speaker, author, host of Explore Your Spirit with Kala and a practical intuitive coach and guide. In other words, Your Travel Guide to the Other Side.”  You can also learn through her at The Academy of Mystical Arts & Spiritual Sciences, and find out more on her website Explore Your Spirit.

Also on her website, you can book a session with her or sign up for her Mystery School for those who want to go deeper. (btw, her biggest passion is bringing students on this journey with her)

Her books will expand your knowledge, make you more comfortable with the spiritual world and help guide you on your life journey. Check out our book section as well as well as our Spiritual Books section.

Note:  I am merely writing about my personal experience with Kala Ambrose as a powerful spiritual coach and guide, and not suggesting that she can heal or solve any medical or emotional problems you may have.  

Tidbit: we did a few great picks for the power behind gemstones in both healing and spiritual work — see our book suggestions at the bottom of our Crystal Fair article. 

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