The Past Life Perspective: A Therapist’s View Point

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Ever wonder whether you’ve had a past life? Perhaps that maybe you’ve had several past lives?  

The truth is that there are many people who work with past lives from spiritual healers and psychics to licensed therapists and psychologists. In Ann Barham’s book The Past Life Perspective, she provides a unique, insightful, and practical look into the enormous power of past life regression therapy to unlock a healing pathway that can help you resolve personal issues, enrich your life, and answer burning spiritual questions about your purpose.

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Ann Barham helps her clients mine their unconscious memories for the key past life experiences that can provide specific guidance for their current situations. As someone who has worked with psychics, mediums, healers and practitioners on tapping into my past lives, each one that has been presented felt pretty real. By real, I mean that I resonated with it at a visceral level.

Past Life Therapy

The notion is that the soul never changes, even though the human body always does and so, your soul shows up similarly aligned in each lifetime — it’s your life purpose that changes.

That said, there are remnants of haunts, loss, fears and other issues (and situations) you faced in past lives that can continue to affect you today.

Your emotional and spiritual health is as important as your physical health (it often affects it), so why not get a deeper insight into blockages so you can release them, begin to heal, move forward and live your highest possible self.

I find that people have never been more open to exploring the spiritual realm yet some may not be quite ready to see a non-traditional healer or believe someone that doesn’t have an MD or MA or LMFT next to their name. It’s as if the letters somehow affirm that whatever they say or do, is in fact real or legit or scientifically proven.

Whether you believe in God or not, or prescribe to Gods and Goddesses, or nothing at all, exploring past life therapy can be informative. At a bare minimum, it could help you gain some insights into unusual incidents that may have happened in your life you’ve yet been able to explain in a meaningful way or simply feel at a deeper level.

Uncover Your Essential Truths

Being open to new ideas, new ways of looking at the world (and our past) and opening up our hearts, allows us to better tap into the spiritual world.

Ann’s perspective is unique in that she combines her skills as a licensed therapist and meta-physician to work with past life regression and better understand how they might be impacting our current incarnation.

Moving fear to a rear seat, you can learn how to abide by your universal spiritual truth and truly step into your life purpose. 

Release Your Fear of Death

She asserts that if we are able to open to the divine reality of our existence, our enduring connections with our loved ones across many lifetimes, and the depth of divine love pouring into us every moment of our lives, is well….just wonderful. I’d add “magical.” We just need to remember and know that they’re there and we have access to these divine energies, spiritual guides and yes, even angels at any time.

And, so it is!

The Details

Past life regression therapy uses techniques such as hypnosis and deep relaxation to break through unconscious personal barriers in a safe and effective way. For many people, it uncovers experiences in what appear to be prior lifetimes that are blocking their current success, framing these experiences in ways that can be understood and worked through.

You can order Ann’s book as a hard cover or on Kindle. Also see this great read on Spirit Medicine, Listening to your Inner Voice, other spiritual reads and our Spiritual Books section.


Note: I am not advising that past life regression will cure any disease or help you in any healing – I am merely writing my own opinion based on my own experience with past life work and my insights from reading Ann’s book. You should seek advice from your own practitioners.

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