Portals: Openings for Spirit to Go Home

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Portals are a natural phenomenon occurring in nature and are considered a doorway or a gate.  Some believe that portals connect two worlds, dimensions or times.  The first time I experienced a portal was in 1997 when I was hiking in Sedona Arizona.

When I unintentionally stepped into the portal, everything around me shifted.  I could still see my surroundings but there was a sense of walking in slow motion and absolute silence.

The trees in front of me seemed to have motion as if they were surrounded by heat waves and my hiking partner was no longer there.  I experienced a peek in my own awareness with crystal clarity and knew that I had somehow stepped into another reality. And just like that, about 10 steps later, I emerged and everything returned to normal.  I could hear the leaves and twigs snap under my feet, the air was filled with birds singing and my hiking partner was walking behind me again.


I remember stopping to look around as I tried to understand what had happened and wondered if I could enter that portal at will.  I placed my hand upon the trees that were now standing still and took a few deep breaths in.

As I continued to work with energy healing, my interest in portals grew.  I wondered if they could be created and what they could be used for.

Entering the World of Portals

I noticed that when I did past life travels, portals would show up in my mind’s eye and that if I entered one, I would emerge in a recreation of the life that I wished to access.

Portals can also be created with energy and intention for accessing healing into the afterlife.  Every time I cross over a ghost in need of healing, I create and use a portal to send them through.  Sometimes I can see the loved ones that are waiting for them on the other side and I can often hear the cheers and encouragement coming from them.  

When a person dies, they have a certain amount of time to “cross-over” before they lose their opportunity and get stuck in the earth’s magnetic grid.

The choice to avoid the light is always made by the individual’s free will.

Fear of being judged is among the reasons for staying on earth, along with suicide, traumatic death and dedication to their role on earth (ie. soldiers can feel that way toward a particular battle they were fighting and don’t want to leave their comrades behind or a mother could feel that way about leaving her small children behind.)

Once the window closes, their spirit becomes a ghost and they are stuck on earth, unable to progress and heal.  Eventually, they will have another opportunity to go into the light, but it may be hundreds of years from from that first opportunity.

When a spirit remains unhealed, their living family suffers and often feels an ongoing sense of grief.  It is like a silent sadness that underlies everything else and affects everyone in the genetic family.  When I am called in to heal these spirits, the entire family benefits by experiencing a shift in energy and relieve grief.

I have also been able to create portals in the woods that can do some of the healing work for me when I am not available.  With a very strong, clear intention, I get my connection to god/source and work with the energy to create a portal of light.  I teach this portal how to direct the energy of unhealed spirits into the light, creating a one-way only portal for healing.

While visiting the Burlington Vortex, Haunted Woods Tour, I encountered so many spirits that the woods felt over crowded.  I decided to open up a portal and do a healing for any that needed help and asked a friend to assist me by holding hands and sharing in the intention.

I got my connection, opened the portal and began sending the unhealed spirits into the light.  The tour leader (who is now a dear friend and fellow researcher of unknown things) began to take pictures and captured our portal on film.  It was amazing for me to see physical proof of what I had been intuitively seeing for many years.

Portals in the woods Diana Palm

Opening portals in the woods — photo credit: Mary Sutherland

We had a small bonfire burning nearby and as we created a portal, the smoke was thick and lay heavy over us like a blanket.  I first commanded a clearing of our area to create a sacred space to work in.

I also commanded that the mosquitos stay at bay because we were getting bit so fiercely. (above photo).  Once this was accomplished, I opened up a portal to heal the spirits and began sending them into the light. (below photo)

When I am opening one way portals to serve the spirit world, I work with the land and other natural tools to assist in maintaining the energy.  At one point in my life, there were so many unhealed spirits coming to me that I didn’t have much free time.

Portals in the woods

Diana Palm opening portals in the woods — photo credit: Mary Sutherland

My spirit team stepped in and showed me how to create a portal that would assist me with my purpose.  I built a permanent medicine wheel in my yard that contained a one way portal to the light.  I used river rock to define my medicine wheel but feel free to be creative in your process.

If you feel led to work with the spirit world then you already know how much work there is to do.  It’s okay to have some help and create your own portal to assist you.

When I completed mine, I went to the store to pick up some refreshments and when I returned, there were four very large ravens sitting on the bench beside my medicine wheel.

They appeared to be evaluating my project and giving their final approval.  Ravens are known to be a symbol for eternal life and a bridge between heaven and earth (how appropriate).  The Raven has been my animal totem since that time.

Tips to Create Your Own Portal 

  • Find the highest energy point in your yard (dowsing rods work well for this).
  • Create a sacred medicine wheel with the highest energy point in the center.
  • Use numerology to establish your measurements — 7 represents heaven.
  • Using a compass to detect North, South, East and West. Mark each direction. with a Herkimer diamond or another very high vibrational crystal to create an energetic grid.
  • Light tiki torches in each of the directions for the ceremony.
  • Meditate and connect with God/source/Universal Energy and infuse the land with the purpose to hold open a one way only portal for unhealed spirits to go to the light.

More information on portals, sending spirits into the light and more can be found here and also in this article/review that Renee wrote about my book Crossing Spirits Over and in this article that Laura wrote about a workshop I held in the Midwest.

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