Working on Your Life Plan with Cyd, Master Clairvoyant

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I‘ve worked with many mediums, psychics, healers and intuitives over the past few years, but had never really come across someone who calls themselves a Master Clairvoyant, which is the term that Cyd (just Cyd as she doesn’t use her last name) calls herself.

I understand clairvoyant abilities (Kala Ambrose does a great job in her book The Awakened Psychic explaining the different clair gifts and abilities), however I couldn’t initially get my head around why she didn’t fall under traditional mediumship with a gift for ‘seeing’ as a way to connect to the Spirit world and convey information.

The why, I soon learned, is because Cyd is so unique for how she works with Spirit and taps into your Higher Self and Voice’s calling in a way that is both transformative and healing.


Working With a Clairvoyant

Clairvoyance is the alleged ability to gain information about an object, person, location, or physical event through extrasensory perception.  Unlike cognizance (aka intrinsic knowledge) a gift I was born with, a clairvoyant can see people and events that are distant in time or space.  In other words, it’s all about psychic vision, usually through your third eye — images are presented in a way that the clairvoyant can make sense of or in some cases can’t, but will resonate with the person they’re reading or working with.

In working with Cyd recently, I very quickly learned that while clairvoyance may be her primary skill, she clearly has other powerful gifts. We worked remotely through Skype in all cases of our communication, sometimes through my phone and iPad and other times through my laptop. I was amazed at just how comfortable I felt with her energy instantaneously — this usually tells me that I’ve known their soul in a past life or there’s some other ‘spirit’ connection we have with each other.

In a couple of like-minded cases, I’ve tapped into friends who can access the Akashic Records to find out more about that past life connection, but in this case, I was content with just knowing that we were aligned, which made our ability to communicate that much more productive.

As a master clairvoyant, Cyd can see where your aura is off and if and why and where something isn’t aligned. For example, during our second session, she could see that my mind was scattered (it was) whereas the first time we worked together, there was more serenity and connectedness around my aura.


When something if off in this way, it could mean that we have been given news about something that intellectually we think and feel is fine, however our bodies aren’t ready to embrace it or vice versa. This usually means there is something unresolved emotionally about the incident at hand, whether it be news you‘ve just heard or a situation you‘ve been thrown into abruptly.

Why does this matter? A healthy aura is important for living a purposeful life, one which flows with ease, is in alignment with your Soul‘s Purpose and nourishes you. When the aura isn’t healthy (it will show up as cloudy or with cracks or holes from family trauma — yes, it can get passed down even if you didn’t experience it first hand) or your own trauma or another reason. Over time, when you’re not in balance emotionally, physically and spiritually, it can lead to disease.

You see, everything is interconnected so when something in your body is out of harmony, it affects the whole. The fact that in the western world (the states seem to be leading in its dysfunctional structure), our medical system is primarily based on “advice and action based on a physical issue only, directly linked to scientific knowledge they can be sure of” is a real problem. It’s a toxic structure that has led to a broken system of reactive healthcare where holistic and integrated approaches to treating the root cause rather than the symptoms takes a back seat.

I’m not suggesting in any way that Cyd is a healthcare practitioner nor would she. Cyd is first and foremost a Master Clairvoyant. I am also not saying that psychic mediums who can see ‘dis-ease’ in our auras are healthcare practitioners or should replace any advice that you get from a medical doctor. Far from it.

What I am suggesting however is that as a society, we need to embrace the whole when it comes to our well-being and this includes not just diet and exercise, but our spiritual health, our sense of connection (do we have a community to support and embrace us when the tides are down?) and our emotional and psychological state-of-mind.

When are truly in alignment, we feel happy about our life, from what we do, say, eat and see on a daily basis to how we feel about our long term goals and life purpose.

What I learned from working with Cyd was where I lacked clarity in a few aspects of my life that keep me out of fully being aligned with my Life Purpose. Clarity allows you to take action to diffuse things that aren’t working and remove blockages, whether they’re physical ones or emotional ones. Sometimes awareness is enough to move forward.

We also covered karma in our sessions, which is an important universal exchange. For example, when you do something for free and are not receiving something back, karma is off-balance.  

The exchange of course doesn’t have to be monetary and it doesn’t mean that we can’t gift something to someone. What it does mean is knowing and embracing your self worth and charging properly for it in the market.

From karma and my business to relationships, we went deep. I learn that for every relationship we have, there are four cord attachments: our sexual and survival cord — our root chakra which is represented in red, our mental cord, which is our 3rd eye chakra and represented in purple, our heart cord, which is our ability to love and flourish, represented by green, and our Solar Plexus soul cord, which is represented by yellow.

Through a process, I discovered a bit more about my Soul Purpose, my Soul Mate (yes, we do have them and sometimes they follow us from lifetime to lifetime or vice versa), and our work together.

When Cyd reads someone, she can see and feel the person, one of the reason she calls herself a Master Clairvoyant. She can also see auras and an entire visual representation of your life. In order to see auras, she says, you need to learn how to unsee — in other words, don’t stare and try to look for the aura directly, but around the person. Essentially, it’s the unseen that emerges.


Through our auras, we can learn a lot and why seeing and understanding them is so important for energy healers. Truth be told, when our energies are flowing, we feel vibrant.

In addition to seeing, she gets answers from the highest spiritual energies in the Universe. If you happen to have a Christ background and connection, this is what will show up for her since Christ is the energy you would most connect to. That said, she also connects to Buddha and other ascended spiritual masters depending on who she is working with and their spiritual affiliation and connection.

She says that she often finds that empaths like me (yup, I’m an Empath) don’t want to ‘see.’ How Empaths learn and trust is through their feeling energy so ‘feeling’ energy not ‘seeing’ energy is how they understand the world.

When she works with people, she looks for blockages and attachments. Once she has identified them, she removes harmful attachments that no longer serve us on our path and then fills up their auras. The key is to get things flowing in a healthy and harmonious way again.

Cyd says that people feel a deeper sense of calm, peace and love after working with her largely because their vibration is raised.

There’s no doubt that connecting to Spirit, something outside ourselves brings deep healing in ways we don’t understand fully in our human bodies. An increased sense of love and inner knowing is largely what I felt and I’d argue, is the power of working with Divine Spirit, which is where Cyd sources her knowledge, insights and inspiration.

She says, “I go to the highest possible light, the highest possible source for guidance and wisdom. I am merely a vehicle or a vessel if you like from which Divine Spirit works.”

Since Cyd also feels your energy in addition to seeing it, she adapts her style to what will be most effective for you during a session.

“Our real power emanates from a source within us, but not of us. Our greatest gift for living our ultimate life is the power to change our minds about ourselves and how we see the world.”

She adds, “the purpose of my life is to align your mind with the will of a higher universal power.”

Behind the Scenes with Cyd

Cyd doesn’t just give individual readings for people. In her skills as a master clairvoyant, she is also known for her prophetic visions that range from events to individual forecasts.

She has consulted extensively with numerous law enforcement agencies and assisted in crimes around the world including the CBI and FBI.

Cyd suggests that her commitment to humanity is simple. Her goal is to allow every individual to reach his or her greatest and fullest potential.

In addition to readings and working on crimes, she facilitates workshops and seminars covering a wide variety of topics in the metaphysical realms. She also provides a variety of courses both in person, online, and through live streaming.

Cyd offers a number of life CD’s: Wholeness of the Self, The Ultimate Relationship, and Returning Home – A Soul’s Willingness of Self Expression. You can find them over on her Products Page.

When she works with groups, she offers classes: Ignite Your Own Power and Live Your Powerful Self with combined meditations.  The goal is to help you uncover what your true life’s purpose and mission through tools that will help you bring forth the ultimate life you were born to live.

She asserts that owning your powerful self allows your true purpose and highest destiny to unfold.  She works with you to remove all limited thinking and all limited behavior in order for you to step into your personal power.  Through a process she leads, you will also be cleansed of negative feelings, emotions and desires.

“Much like a glass that is full of mud, in order to fill the glass with champagne we must first remove the mud and clean the glass.  Once the glass is cleaned and prepared properly it is now ready for champagne!”

Cyd uses meditation to allow spirit to flow through us with a vibrational shift. Says Cyd, “it is an avenue to connect with the Divine Supreme Source for the purification of the mind , body and soul and where we become illuminated with spirit simultaneously with our higher self and Divine presence.”

In other words, connecting ourselves to the higher power we have access to our soul’s knowledge and to the Universal knowledge.

You can find out more about this clairvoyant wonder over on her website Cyd’s Circle. She also hosts her own radio show on Soul‘s Journey Radio and

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