Sympli Outfits Make a Great Choice for Stylish Travelers

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Introducing Sympli, a Canadian-based clothing brand we just discovered last month.


We were thrilled to learn that this fashion brand was founded by a woman too — hats off to Jan Stimpson.  When we were given the opportunity to test out some of their outfits, we were thrilled for a number of reasons. First and foremost, their styles and color combos are FUN and secondly, the Sympli outfits looked super comfy, a pre-requisite for travelers.

Why Sympli?

From t-shirts to oversized tops, wraps and sweaters to casual pull on pants and jackets, Sympli has plenty of options for the avid travelers. Sympli’s commitment is to comfort, quality and a flattering fit, that is designed with every body in mind. What woman isn’t smiling now?


Take a look at just how comfy their outfits look? Casual but with flare and style, you can pack them without worrying about wrinkling. You can mix and match them for that casual night out, or dress them up with a stylish boot for dinner out on the town. Below, is a couple of our favorite outfits from their Fall collection.


Sympli is also Elegant

While our top picks went to their more casual picks for travelers, they also offer some lovely elegant outfits including dresses for both business and evening social activities. Here are a few fun dress picks from their latest collection.

Our favorite pants from Sympli’s Fall line goes to their beautiful JOLT pants and we love the top that accompanies it, which they refer to as the Chop Tunic.


We also love this FOCUS TUNIC, which is shown below in Navy Blue. They also offer the same tunic in black and there are several other tunic and TEE styles in black, navy, red, mixed patterns and a neutral color they call Oatmeal.


Here are a few other casual picks we really like from their collection as well. We only reviewed a few outfits including those fabulous JOLT pants, but we wanted to give call outs to a few other combos we think make great choices for that next getaway or your next trip to Europe.

Any of these outfits would make you proud to walk in any department store, cafe or museum, whether its Paris, Miami, Singapore, Sydney, Milan, Rio, or anywhere in between.


The Sympli brand has now grown to include a multitude of evolving styles and we are huge fans of their color choices as well. They support all things local too and produce all of their garments in Canada from start-to-finish.

“Positive self-esteem and self worth belong to all of us.”

They support the Looking Glass Foundation, a local non-profit organization run by a group of passionate mothers who are helping troubled youth who suffer from an eating disorder or those who simply have a misguided perception about body image and happiness. We applaud this in a big way – bravo Sympli!


Photo credits: Sympli.  For more information about their brand and how to order, head on over to their site for the details.

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