Aetrex Shoes, Where You Can Feel the Difference in Every Step

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Meet the ever so comfortable Aetrex Shoes, where you can literally feel the difference in every step. We wore a few pairs of their sandals frequently out on a recent trip back east, putting them to the test on the trails of New Hampshire as well as on the streets of Newport Rhode Island, which included walking down many uneven cobblestone streets that New England is so well known for.

Let’s start with the Danika Laser Cut Slide Wedge Sandal, which comes with adjustable straps, a forefoot elastic for extra stretch, an adjustable double band slide, the Aetrex Healthy 3 (will explain this in a minute) and its bottom is a lightweight cork sole. The key word here is lightweight and it really is super light, which is a godsend for avid travelers. The other thing we love is its short 2 ¼” heel. They were perfect for me during our sailing lessons in Newport and I’d typically only recommend a flat footed rubber sole for a boat. With the easy to remove straps, I could easily kick these on and off but their durable soft soles that have good traction worked in this case and our instructor didn’t even bark at my shoe choice.

Take a look at the bottom fo the soles to give you an idea of their attention to detail.

This sandal also comes in a latte color as well — just look at the cushioning!!

The Aetrex Healthy 3 referenced above refers to the following:

  • Lynco Arch Support: by aligning at the optimal position to property balance your foot, Aetrex shoes provides incredible support and improves how your body functions from the ground up. If you’re walking long distances on hard concrete, this matters a lot.
  • Memory Foam Cushioning: they feature a thick layer of slow recovery memory foam that customizes to your feet, so it feels as if you’re wearing comfy slippers, except that you also have support.
  • Anti-Microbial Technology: this technology is embedded in the shoe and helps to prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi to keep your feet free of odor.

I also love their Arielle Wedge Sandals which are equally comfortable.  Half vintage, half city-chic, the Arielle wedge stays light on your feet while providing full support for maximum comfort, even on a heel. Like the others, it features the Aetrex “Healthy 3”, the removable Lynco orthotic footbed for support, balance and alignment, hook and loop straps fully adjust for optimum fit,  memory foam cushioning for customization and support and the Mozaic Customization Technology on bottom of footbed for pressure distribution. Their advanced technology around comfort and support is core to what makes their shoes not just stand out, but oh SO wearable on every single trip you take. Comfort is key when you’re on the road for long stints like so many of us are — Aetrex does the trick at keeping your feet super comfy.

I went for the Antique Red which is just subtle enough that it goes with a ton of things, from a classy pair of jeans, to a casual skirt or a pair of shorts. Our second hotel in Newport was about a 20-25 minute walk from the city center and even after walking all day in these shoes, my feet still felt refreshed at the end of the day. In other words, I was pain free as I made my way back to the hotel after dinner one late night.

They do come in other colors as well; I really love the ivory but it’s currently out of stock however there’s also black and latte as well. There’s so many choices to select from that even if one color is out of stock, there are plenty more to interest you.



Then, there’s the Candace Adjustable Thong, which is a beautiful, unique take on the classic thong sandal.

A few of their other sandal styles below to give you an idea of their diversity in styles and colors, two of the things we really loved about the line…

If you want to feel like you’re wearing slippers but be stylin’ at the same time, then Aetrex is the next shoe brand you want to order before your next trip. They’ve been around since 1946 so they have quite a history of doing things right. You can also have a foot scan from them in thirty seconds. Their Aetrex patented iStep Foot Scanning Technology identifies your arch type, foot size and pressure points, then, it custom selects the ideal Lynco orthotic styles for your personal needs. More details can be found on their website at including how to order.

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