Charleston Shoes Boasts Both Style & Comfort

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We love discovering new fashion brands, particularly when they combine great colors, chic style AND comfort, the latter of which is a must for avid travelers.

Meet Charleston Shoe Company which specializes in affordable, comfortable and versatile shoes and what’s great is that they offer such a wide variety of options, from closed toe shoes, boots and wedges to sandals, flats and cocktail styles.

Fun colors right? Let’s face it, when we travel, we want to (and need to be) comfortable, however so many of the super comfy shoes regardless of style, are just plain boring. Where’s the spice?

Charlestone adds spice (and fun) to their shoe styles in spades. At least we think so. When the shoes arrived, as always, I try them on for size but typically it ends there until I’m ready to wear them in a life situation, i.e., a city walk, an all day gathering and so on. In this case, I kept the wedge sandals on all day while I was working at my desk. Why?

They were that comfy, as if you’re wearing slippers. My favorite styles include two shown below and while I may later regret choosing a sandal in a white/tan combo, it is so flexible and goes with everything, from print and plain skirts to shorts and jeans.

The above espadrille wedges are made with a canvas enclosed toe and elastic ankle straps for great support. We love that its only a 2″ wedge – two thumbs up! The Tybee sandal comes in five color options: black/gold, black/silver, black/tan, tan/gold, and tan/oatmeal.

And, the Pawley sandal comes in four different color combos: black with a stripe, black/linen, red/linen and what they call tan/tobacco.

Because the shoes are so adaptable and comfortable, you can use them to trek across your favorite city while sightseeing, wear at a cocktail party or with shorts to the beach.  The great color combos and reasonable heal size make them a perfect option for any trip.

Oh so stylin’ right?

Here’s a fun one, which they call the Cannon. Not only does it come in a fun rainbow color, but also in a muted soft gray and black/white stripes.

In fact, the Cannon is very broad in its color offerings, from a fun Teal/Mix shown below to red, cocoa, orange, pistachio, blue, tan, hot pink combos and more.

Below is a very practical low healed option that will go with any outfit. We also love this navy blue number that is slightly dressier for almost any dress in your wardrobe.

If you want a brighter option for a fun event out, they’ve got you covered.

We focused on sandals since summer is quickly springing into motion at least in the Northern Hemisphere. They have plenty of close toed options as well and hopefully we can test out their boots and more fall/winter color combos later this year.

We love the history of this shoe brand as well. Founder Neely Powell got her inspiration from spending summers in Mexico and the storefront Charleston Shoe Company was unveiled in 2010 in the Charleston Americans know the best, the oh so destination in South Carolina.  Today, the line is sold in over 150 boutiques in the U.S., from Boca Grande and Nantucket to Del Mar and Carmel.

So far so good – we’re huge fans of their commitment to great style and comfort and the fact that they live up to their claims. Bravo bravo! Their website has more information and shoe selections at

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