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Iceland has long had a reputation for eccentricity, quirkiness and not giving a damn what anyone else thinks is trendy.

 Photo credit: Iceland Academy of the Arts by Not Just a Label.com.

Reykjavik is fast becoming the ultimate destination for Nordic cool and the fashion industry is booming thanks to its edgy styling, when even extends to impressive if quirky wedding dresses. Creativity, the freedom to express thoughts and feelings with your clothes and a high quality product have made Iceland a truly fashion forward country.

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Farmers Market

This home-grown design company, clothing brand and shop was established in 2005 by a designer and a musician. These strong ties to youth culture, music and an awareness of how to create high quality clothing have led to huge successes.

Farmers Market don’t make designer dresses you could wear at a red carpet but they do make them to be worn at an edgy club in the middle of an Icelandic winter. They combine classic Nordic designs, modern elegance and a profound respect for the environment. Sustainability, respect for local weather, style and craftmanship make this the ultimate shop to visit for a piece of authentic Icelandic style.

The Museum of Design and Applied Art

In a place as unusual as Iceland, the cultural influences of its history, landscape, weather and people are sure to make a big impact on what the population wears and subsequently what designers wear. This museum collects artefacts and information on the evolvement of design in Iceland from the beginning of the 20th century to now. It’s a fascinating collection which will really help a visitor who is interested in fashion understand the people of Iceland and the clothes they wear.


Situated on Laugavegur 63, the main shopping street in Rekjavik, KronKron is a boutique set up by two Icelandic designers in 2004. They stock high end designer dresses, accessories and menswear by names such as Vivienne  Westwood and Marc Jacobs. The main source of excitement is in their own label shoe collection. The shoes are a celebration of colour, beauty and funky embellishment, they have become beloved of women worldwide. Shoes can often be plain, neutral and designed to let the outfit shine. KronKron shoes are the star of any outfit and a visit to this fabulous shop is a must.

Spuutnik Vintage

This exciting vintage store won best of its kind in Iceland in 2014 and it’s easy to see why. Just off this main shopping street in Rekjavik, Laugavegur, this treasure house of vintage loveliness is a real joy to shop in.

The stylish, friendly staff are committed to only putting out high quality items to buy and pride themselves on their huge collection of designer dresses, shorts, jumpers and any other type of clothing you can imagine.

In true Icelandic fashion, you will find grandmothers and teenagers all rummaging through the easy to shop racks of vintage outfits. You might find sequins, plaid, leather handbags and denim. The choices changes all the time so you are guaranteed to find a cool outfit to wear to the ice bar on a Saturday night.


Edgy Icelandic style is not for everyone. Colour and pattern is terrifying if you prefer black, navy and nude Chanel. Don’t worry, if international high end fashion houses and expensive dresses and even traditional wedding dresses are more your style then Gotta is where you need to head. Kenzo, Sportmax and Alexander Wang can all be found and purchased in this chic shop. Iceland caters for all fashion temperaments and the classics are still available.

66 North

The weather in Iceland can be brutal so the locals know how to stay warm without looking boring. 66 North is part of the fabric of Rekjavik life and has been in business since 1926. If you are an outdoors type of person, then this shop is the perfect antidote to designer dresses and quirky footwear. The choice of outdoor clothing is extensive with knowledgeable staff on hand ready to help you make your choice.

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