The Realm of Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels & Higher Consciousness

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The idea of Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels seem far fetched for some people. It sounds unrealistic to believe that there are these invisible fairy like beings who help us out with our problems. As if we could just wish and wrinkle our nose and magically, our car keys pop into view.

These mythical beings who care for us, who watch out for us, like the Guardian Angels of yore who warn the faithful to leave and never look back lest they be turned to pillar of salt, are ever watchful and ready to swoop in to save you. For many, this concept is hard if not impossible to conceive.

Guardian angels

The fact is, Humankind has been swamped with stories of such otherworldly intervention since the dawn of language and this notion has passed down to every sect and culture that, yes, there are people we cannot see with our eyes who interact with us and who influence events in our favor, or on occasion, against us.

The Realm of Spirit Guides & Guardian Angels

Unless you live in Montana or the Outback, you are most likely within earshot of many, many people around you on any given day. They go about their days and lives filled with busyness and activity. They do not pay attention, for the large part, to others around them, just as you do not pay them much mind either. This is what the Realm of Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels is generally like. They are always around, but not necessarily paying much attention to you unless you ask. You all have things to do, and so this occupies the majority of human thoughts and awareness. Our minds each remain focused on the mundane “to do” list of our own daily life…..

  • Feed the cat
  • Feed the kids
  • Feed myself
  • Take out the garbage
  • Water the plants

that type of thing. We are often like automatons on a track running from pillar to post with little moment of self-reflection or awareness at all. So that by the end of yet another day, which was a clone more or less of the one before, we collapse exhausted on the sofa with a glass of Chardonnay and Netflix to retreat from “real life” for a while and zone out with fantasy life. We complete our bedtime ritual and go to sleep with some measure of escape and relief until we jostle up to repeat the whole deal the next day.

No wonder so many people find this level of life unappealing! It’s why most of my clients seek me out as well – to alter this trajectory of deeply dissatisfying life experience, to find a deeper meaning that they often feel swirling about within their hearts and written in the dark of 3 am minds who search for the answer to “Why?”

I cannot tell you YOUR why, but you have one. Left to the daily design as it may be arranged now however, you won’t find this answer to your query unless you are stopped by an immovable force, like a disaster of some sort, that causes you to stop running around and begin to look deeper.

In absence of disaster there is of course another alternative, and that is to choose to find more meaning now, and prevent the need of your life to have to slow you down in order to look deeper, thereby averting disaster if you will.

For many, disaster i.e:  death, disease, the breaking apart of what was previously our perceived foundation, is what causes the moment of reflection to occur and for a new life to begin to unfold. Cancer patients who were asked, “What was the BEST thing about having cancer?” all had some sort of reply along the lines of, “My husband finally paid attention to me.” Or “I didn’t have to work anymore,” or “I found out who or what in my life/ community really mattered.”

And while it is really unfortunate to need to procure disease in order to understand these marvelous things, that’s exactly what occurs for so many every single day. Now granted, healing the real reasons why you didn’t know these truths before you got sick is the actual work at hand, but for the moment, let’s just say that the realization that yes, you ARE loved is what the point is. Can you see why maybe figuring these things out ahead of time might be useful?

So what does this line of inquiry have to do with Spirit Guides or Guardian Angels? Well, they are your team who love you. This assemblage who are on your team in the Spirit World, the realm we cannot see, have a variety of functions. Some of them are simply old friends, other humans who have been with you in this or even many other lifetimes and are your Soul Family, if you will. You keep coming back around together to help each other out, just like you would call your uncle with the truck to help you move. That’s what these guys are like.

Your Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels are close by and all you need to do is get super specific and out loud about what you need, and they try to find the easiest way to make this happen. I say out loud, because these level guides are like humans without bodies. They cannot read your thoughts and they operate on a level very close to the frequency of Earth’s 3D experience.

guardian angels

Just like you would speak up to your beloved in the kitchen to get you another cup of tea, you gotta use your words and let them know exactly how you like it because they, like your beloved, cannot read your mind. These guides may be deceased family members or ancestors, pets who are bonded to you or even benign entities that you picked up on your way home from the library like hitchhikers.

Another level of Spirit Guides are more like your Counsel Team, a different role than your Guardian Angels. They are higher level energetic beings who may or may not have ever been human, and who are part of your Advisory Board in this incarnation. They hold court for many, many beings just like the board of a corporation.

They keep a broader view, offer advice when requested and give tactics for better navigation of your circumstances from a loftier perspective. They may have love for you, but they are not as warm and fuzzy as your Great Grandmother who loves to hang around and play with your baby. These guys are accessed through meditation and visioning work and can sometimes also appear in your dreams.

I used to have these amazingly vivid and impactful dreams that I was in a huge outdoor colliseum classroom with literally hundreds of other students having lectures and discussions with Aristotle and Sophocles type teachers. I had friends on campus whose lives I knew intimately and whose backstory was crystal clear to me, even though I knew them not in my human life. These lectures were real and I came away with incredible insights and knowledge that I otherwise did not hold. Does this ring a bell for you?

This same level of awareness is also where your Hall of Records is kept, sometimes referred to as The Akashic Records.

Look, I get that we were not generally raised as a society with the awareness of these types of things except as either religious dogma that must be swallowed whole as a vague religious faith, or as fairy tales to explain the unexplainable. I do not subscribe to the notion of a white bearded man on a throne meeting out judgments, or of beatific clouded environs in a mystical realm like Avalon.

guardian angelsI experience it more in the scientific discoveries of the Quantum level of existence, and through the doorways ushered in by plant medicines and deep meditation.

Simply put, everything is Light and all we need to do to access these other realms, is to change our frequency of Light to match the frequency that we wish to explore, kind of like leveling up in a video game.

Psychotropic plant medicine does this, but it is an ancient Shamanic system of healing and ushers us through different doorways of perception that were appropriate to the timelines and cultural soil from whence it came. They are not as effective today as certain states ushered in by other practices such as pranayama, or guided meditation work. Plus, yogic work holds no hangover except an incredible feeling of euphoria and cleansing that is quite awesome to experience.

It’s why work with any medicinal can feel draining or exhausting in the aftermath, because it IS, and is best left to be explored by a trained traveler of this realm, if at all. I believe that this level of work is becoming unnecessary in fact, after having spent many years exploring its garden. It’s just too hard, and there are far easier and simpler ways of journeying.

Energetic work on the other hand, when tapped into at a high level of frequency leaves us feeling, well, energized, and it is why I no longer use the plants in the same way, and go straight to the Light in my work today. Plant medicine as Essential Oils however, is a notable addition to the pharmacopeia of the modern healer, one that traces her gentle roots to antiquity as an original source of well-being given to us by our first mother, Gaia.

Many Lightworkers have shared that the frequency of the Earth is being upgraded, reflected by the recent uptick in the Schumann Resonance, and awareness of atomic vortexes and new downloaded information is being picked up by open channelers of such things. Our consciousness is expanding at an phenomenal rate.

We can now all more easily access higher realms of awareness than our ancestor ever could with mushrooms or toads. I see this up-leveling of information as being behind much of the freak out that we witness reflected in other human beings around us. There are billions who are not yet adequately supported by their current cultural belief systems to be able to integrate such shifts into higher gears. They are terrified at this phenomenon of unfolding awareness.

This same peep through the keyhole is what used to be classified as Witchcraft in the good old/ bad old days, remember? Some folks seem to get big leaps of awareness and capabilities, while others cling to superstitions and fears, thereby causing a schism to appear into which many have tumbled. Scores of women were burned for holding parts of this consciousness throughout the ages, as woman are generally more intuitively sensitive creatures by nature who respond by feeling into things deeply rather than simply thinking about them.

Of course, this has driven some men who considered themselves to be holders of rational thinking, absolutely crazy. For this reason women have been bartered as necessary but weighty property. Women are also historically a bit less tamed when they choose to be and can shift the energy around themselves quickly, as they hold the centers of hearth and home and nurture the next generations at their breast. This leverage gives them uncanny power, to say the least.

Today, we witness all of this new swirling information around us and share it incessantly with the incredible technologies and inventions that were only brought into physical form after being reflected upon and brought into consciousness from the non-physical realm of imagination.

But in order to hold the new frequency of thought, and being, and manifestation, something old has got to give. And giving up what we cling to is not traditionally mankind’s strongest gift. It is however, crucial to survival and healing as a whole.

So while you think that your meditation practice is simply yours and yours alone, remember that even one light in the darkness dispels the darkness for those around you.

The great sage Smokey the Bear knows that your one match of lit consciousness can create a forest fire of revolution.

“If you want to know the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” – Nikola Tesla.

The thing is, when we go to these realms of Energy, either by mistake or by design, we can get quite a lot of work done in a nanosecond of time, and years of trauma, pain and disease can begin to unravel on the Earth plane when we come back into the body.

We experience this time and time again during healing sessions. The only hard part is getting you to quit yammering on in your head about, “Is this real?” long enough for you to be able to find out for yourself. REAL is what we experience, not just what we think we know. The two are so deeply interwoven however, that is can be challenging to discern what reality truly is made of, so for the moment, let’s just make this easy.

  • You have thoughts.
  • You have perceptions.
  • You have experiences.
  • Some thoughts repeated over and over again become real.
  • Some experiences you never saw coming, have the ability to change your thoughts.
  • When you experience things differently, you get to have new thoughts about anything you want.
  • When you change how you think about your thoughts, your perceptions also change.
  • You can hold many conflicting beliefs simultaneously.
  • Once you get perspective on your conflicted landscape of thoughts and beliefs, the life as you know it now changes, often dramatically.

That’s where your Guardian Angels and your Spirit Guides can come in. Using altered states of consciousness allows you to connect with them and to override the conflicting, swirling human thoughts & beliefs you held onto as a smoke screen that prevented new understanding. This emerging light allows you to get insights that might otherwise have taken years of work to uncover. You can quite literally feel and know, not just think. This is the dawning of Enlightenment.

When I say Enlightenment, I mean the literal experience of feeling the Light within you. Becoming more aware of, present to and cognizant of Light as a state of being has the amazing side effect of causing you to feel more peaceful and happy. You begin to see a much bigger picture immediately, overriding the one you may have had just minutes before of repetitious cloned days stuffed with meeting basic survival needs. Rather than an concept that Enlightenment is reserved for a few monks in Tibet, it is not only possible but in my opinion, expected that the average human being achieve this. Because you can. Most people just don’t for a variety of excuses, usually stemming from roots of religious guilt or unworthiness, or feelings of abandonment and loss.

The “I am not good enough” routine is so ingrained into most common thoughts and experiences, that once you begin to recognize its perniciousness in your own life, you will marvel at its prevalence in the surrounding thought forms. Movies, music, TV, advertising, books and memes abound around us all that keep this unworthiness sensation in place. It is really, really in the way of Enlightenment, I can tell you that.

The sister acts that keep unworthiness in place are jealousy, envy, greed & judgement, which is why Moses, the Buddha & Muhammad all asked us eons ago to cut that crap out. We simply cannot rise above our petty egos if we are worried that someone else has some nominal edge over us in some random thing that truly doesn’t matter. Bigger house? Bigger pay check? Bigger boobs?

Come on……it’s just silliness and we all know it. But the thing is, these comparisons are what we shine in our fingers like talismans against the Dark. We feel less than, so we trot these yardsticks out to measure our own paltry sense of self worth against others who, trust me, have equally just as paltry feelings of worthlessness as you do. Viewed from this perspective, it’s laughable if it weren’t for the fact that it is also deeply painful.

We are trying to ward off the Dark by fanning the darker flames. No wonder we need the cosmic wakeup calls to see the Light that we already hold. Its not that you don’t have Light. It’s that we traditionally cover it up with blankets of shame and fear and resentments, as if holding onto these outdated cloaks will ever keep us warm.

guardian angels

Our very sense of safety and survival has for generations, been absolutely dependent upon the pack for safety. An outcast into the wilderness would most likely die. We literally needed to conform on some level in order to be an accepted member of the human society around us if we wanted to survive. And since most societies were often led by the strongest, but not necessarily the brightest of leaders, judgements based upon envy and greed and fear often formed.

Our Guides don’t care. They are always there to help serve and protect, but we are the ones who must make the call. We have our Divine Free Will to run amok as we choose, but those blinking lights in the rearview remind us when we have gone too far. We have the free will to slow down or run headlong into the abyss. Which do you choose? Do you even know, or are you still on Autopilot praying for a sign to wake up? If so, look! Here’s your sign.


There is another realm of Guides that are the one I especially love to play with, and this is the realm of the Ascended Masters and Angelic Beings. You know, the ever called upon Archangel Michael who truly is a rock star, Gabriel the Angel who downloaded the Quran, Kuan Yin, St. Germain and crew. Jesus and his Divine wife Mary are here along with a whole host of other truly awesome Beings who appear more like form and light, offering intense feelings of joy and overflowing love like the differentiated players you may already know more about. Tapping into this incredible wisdom is like having the Who’s Who of all information on how to behave and why. It’s the Google search engine of Divine insight and inspiration.

You don’t even need to believe in this stuff in order to experience it either. You just need to be open to the possibility, The truly groovy part is that if you have a teacher, such as yours truly on board, you can go there any time you want. While you may be suffering over a relationship in your life, once you get up there and sit with these guys, all that stuff you were worrying about 10 minutes ago seems so small and foolhardy.

You suddenly become aware of knowing things that you were struggling with for years without understanding. No one even needs to say anything to you. You just suddenly “get it” in a way that makes absolute and total sense to you.

All I do is open the door and show you the way to get there. You, once at the table, hold the conversation and get the downloads. It is so incredible to me, and no matter how many hundreds and thousands of sessions and readings I have done and witnessed, it never gets old. Sometimes I even get tears in my eyes as I get to ride the waves and enjoy this journey as well.

The fact of the matter is, we as humans with a limited scope and perspective, think of things in a linear timeline fashion, and we get impatient when things do not progress as we anticipate it should. Never mind the fact that you need to build a bridge before you can cross it, we seek to leap across the chasms in the realm of 3D and get frustrated and impatient when it doesn’t work out that way.  guardian angels

You see, on this planet and in this dimension, we are all in one way or another, subjected to the Laws of this land. There actually is a force that works upon you 24/ 7 called Gravity.

You do not need to believe in her, or even see its chains binding you to the Earth in order to feel the effects upon your body.

There are also real forces of velocity and frequency that work specifically in this reality of the embryo we call Gaia that we are subjected to whilst in the body. But see, therein lies the clue.

Once you get OUT of the body, these rules do not apply in the same way. One you leave your physicality for one reason or another, other possibilities of experience open up in your awareness.

We can fly or be in any location that we can imagine instantly. We can know things about the past or future, or heal instantly by accessing these alternate states of consciousness to do so.

Look at these dimensions as rooms of awareness where these experiences already exist. We just go visit, pick up the new understanding and exit out of this frequency’s doorway to go back into the realm of our human body, all the while carrying awareness back with us. Radical miracle healings can occur in this way.

The visitor visits the realm where the condition is already perfect, and brings this thread back to reknit the unraveled hole in the sweater of the life that they lived in the body.

guardian angelsWhat makes all of this possible is the fact that your awareness is non-local. In other words, it’s not attached to your body.

You can and do have multiple states of awareness that have absolutely nothing to do with your body.

You have no human receptors for this type of information gathering, except for your chakras, (which are a portal of information sharing, kind of like an eye is), and yet this non-locality is the holographic nature of consciousness itself.

Let’s examine it this way.

  • You have a brain that processes information.
  • You have a body that sends sensations to the brain for processing.
  • You have an awareness that arises from these sensations.
  • You also have the awareness that you ARE aware, and this is your consciousness.
  • This consciousness has nothing to do with the body sensations, which is why in altered states, you leave your body and rather than feeling with it, you feel with the awareness centers and chakras which translate this higher frequency energy back into the body as a healing state.
  • Your brain also translates consciousness, but does not create consciousness, which is why those who are pronounced dead, with no brain activity, have awareness of events, conversations and people that occur while they are out of body, which they report back to the living after they return from the near-death sojourn into the realms of Light.
  • Fortunately, you can go there without needing to almost die, therby saving a lot of suffering and hospital bills in the meantime.

That said, there are still apparently a lot of things that we as consciousness and awareness DO need to experience in the body. Sex, eating, body sensations, emotions, pain, fear – these are a few wildly popular themes that souls who incarnate in this realm seek to experience.

It’s like hidden rooms in Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, the ones you need a Golden Ticket to enter. For it truly seems, based upon my experiences and that of those with whom I have studied and read, that we souls who choose to become flesh many, many, many times over. Earth is, with all of her limitations and mazes of complex human social structures of every age, still a pretty special place to be.

Because our journey here is so wondrous, in both its scope and complexity as a shaper of self-knowing for the souls who make this trip, we need a standby support team to help make sure we navigate it correctly. Our own private On Star system helps us out if we get lost, or afraid or almost die before our time is up.

Many teachers subscribe to the ancient belief that we have an exact moment of entry into this realm, and an exact departure date. Just like a manned voyage into space has specific windows of greatest opportunity, so too it seems we as souls have specific markers delineated as windows for our self-awareness that gives us the maximum bang for our incarnation buck.

You are meant to be here.

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