Hair Removal from no!no! Provides Alternative to Razors

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Those interested in getting rid of unwanted hair may be interested in a device called no!no! which focuses on hair removal in a seamless way.

Their no!no! PRO product removes hair using Pulsed Thermicon Technology and is an alternative to shaving or waxing. Although we didn’t test it out on several skin tones, it claims to work on any skin tone for men as well as women. The device is designed to work on the face, arms, legs and body.

hair removal no!no!

They have a narrow tip for more sensitive areas of your body — simply buff in a circular motion and then afterwards, moisturize for smoother skin results.

Their pitch is that you can use this product for longer hair free results than a razor, i.e., weeks. We tested it out and found that it didn’t remove hair stubble completely after use. In my case, it wasn’t for weeks, however hair did “stay away” for longer than a traditional razor, so it does have its added benefits.

The product has low, medium, and high treatment levels, with a wider tip for hair removal on legs, arms, chest, and back, the narrower tip for smaller areas such certain parts of your face or your bikini line.

Hair removal no!no!

They also provide a buffer which they strongly suggest using because when you don’t use it, crystallized hair remains in place, giving your skin a prickly feel.

As for shaving at the same time? They say that you can shave and no!no! at the same time, but this will affect results and how quickly you can achieve hair reduction. If you continue to shave, they suggest that you should wait for 1 mm of hair regrowth before using no!no! and that it is best to shave after a no!no! treatment, not before.

In our kit, they included a NEOVA Intensive Lip Repair and a small NEOVA Copper Moisturize Mask as well. We were sent product to review but all opinions expressed are our own. We are not recommending this product as a better way to remove hair, but simply an alternative way to remove hair. More information can be found on their website.

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