Improve Your Resilience, Psychic + Physical Body & Capacity to Love

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Let’s face it. When you think of the people you most admire and respect, what comes to mind? Likely, they have some kind of innate knowing, an internal strength, a sense of love for all. You sense that their life purpose is far beyond themselves and they’re contributing to their community or the world in a significant way. Key ingredients to success include a healthy mind, body and spirit, a strong spiritual core (whatever that means to you) and resilience. You need to be in it for the long haul to be sustainable.

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Here are 3 great reads to get you inspired, from fitness and nutrition to resilience, our natural psychic abilities, love and healing.

Perfectly Fit Intuition

This great “training” guide for both inner guidance and outer strength by Jana Hollingsworth is an excellent book on intuition across the board. She covers things like our psychic and intuitive abilities, why tuning into our intuition is so vital to a healthy world, psychic fundamentals and visualization.

resilienceWe love that she includes exercises throughout the book, such as ones that will actually hone in your own intuitive abilities (we all have them), how to train those intuitive muscles and take them to the next level.

It’s important that we listen to our bodies (they can tell us a lot about what is going on emotionally as well) and that can guide us to a regiment of physical workouts and meditations we can do daily.

What sets Perfectly Fit Intuition apart from many others in the psychic and intuitive space is that her core is on the physical set, meaning….above and beyond expanding your spiritual capabilities, she gives you the fundamentals of physical fitness.

From flexibility (so so important, especially as we get older) and cardio to endurance, strength training and balance, she covers them all.

If you’ve read my inspiration columns over the years (also the work on my personal blog), you’ll know that one of my pet peeves is what is happening to our food systems globally, but it’s particularly alarming in the United States, where boxed and processed food is sadly the “order of the day.” It has become so common place that we forget what “real” food used to taste like. Fresh, organic ingredients from an earth that isn’t contaminated.

Jana covers Nutrition as well, vital to a sustainable healthy lifestyle. She also includes tools for goal setting and motivation, so hard for most of us. It’s why New Year’s Resolutions so rarely work for the long haul. Big thumbs up. You can get her book over on Amazon.

The Resilience Factor: 7 Keys to Finding Your Inner Strength and Overcoming Life’s Hurdles

Resilience is a such an important part of getting to where we need to go and assists us every day with our internal strength, our feelings of happiness and our ability to get things done in a powerful way. We need to build on what we already know whether that’s our emotional core or our physical one. Endurance and resilience is vital to that combination.

resilienceDo you ever ask yourself how resilient you are? You know it when you see the quality in someone else, or even a country (Iceland and Tibet both come to mind). Resilience determines how high we rise above what threatens to wear us down, from battling an illness, to bolstering a marriage, to carrying on after a national crisis.  

The science in The Resilience Factor by by Karen Reivich  and Andrew Shatte Ph.D. takes it to the next level with tips and guidance on how to overcome obstacles of all kinds.

The authors are seasoned resilience coaches and from their own experience in the field, they offer practical methods and how to tap into our inner strength and wisdom to enhance the resilience we all have inside of us.

We have resilience naturally, but we don’t always have opportunities to practice them and often get beaten down by things that crop up in our daily lives.

They suggest that this is a skill that anyone can learn and improve in order to thrive. 

I love the fact that they start with something they refer to as a Resilience Questionnaire so you can determine your own innate levels of resilience before you dive into the rest of the book. Their guide includes things like how to cast off harsh self-criticisms and negative self-images, tips on how to navigate through the fallout of any kind of crisis, more effectively cope with grief and anxiety, overcome obstacles in relationships, parenting, or at work, achieve greater physical and emotional health and increase your optimism, take tougher chances, and embrace life more fully.

In light of the unprecedented challenges we’ve recently faced, there’s never been a greater need to boost our resilience. Without resorting to feel-good pap or quick-fix clichés, The Resilience Factor is self-help at its best, destined to become a classic in the genre. You can get it on Amazon in paperback and on Kindle.

Conversations with Mary

From resilience, psychic fitness and wellness to love, healing and hope, we move onto Conversations with Mary by Anna Raimondi.

resilienceTruth be told, Anna did come from a Catholic background and learned how to tap into her spiritual gifts through Catholic healers at a young age. Even if you’re not religious (I consider myself spiritual, not religious across the board), it’s a useful read.

She’s also a psychologist and medium and with her unique mediumship ability, she has channeled the Virgin Mary her entire life.

This book reveals her insights in a prescriptive dialogue that acts as a guide to modern spirituality, one which is less about “religion” as we know it, and more about love, meditation and enlightenment.

I’ll be honest with you, God is mentioned throughout the book, so if you’re agnostic or atheist, but consider yourself on a strong spiritual journey, you can take the readings you see fit and perhaps gain insights from the messages of love, healing and inspiration over and above the labels included throughout. This is best for extracting what the book can offer in the way of wisdom from the spiritual plane.

Says Mary (in the book), “religion is man-made, a way to gather and build a community of people who share the same faith and beliefs as it is comforting to share a common belief.” “She” asserts that God did not pick or choose any one religion for no religion was necessary.

What about heaven? Does it exist? She describes it more as a “realm of God — a state of pure love, a place where the human emotions that are not of Love simply don’t exist.” It is more like a simple place of ‘being’, a place of abundant love, where the soul revels in bliss.

“Once the veil is lifted (planes between the Earth and Spiritual Realm), an undeniable feeling of love pours out and amazing beauty is revealed.”

It just came out so it’s new, but you can place an order on Amazon (hard version and on Kindle.

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