Behind the Scenes with NYC Psychic Jesse Bravo

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I had never heard of Jesse Bravo before recently and came across his name as I was doing research on psychics in the New York area. I was heading to New York City in January for the New York Times Travel Show and decided to pay him a visit — after all, his background was unique and I still have much to learn.

What makes him different than any of the other psychic mediums I have worked with and/or interviewed is that he doesn’t do this by day or full time. Jesse Bravo is more known as an investment banker and media personality if you will, at least if you dig around a bit. He’s less about connecting to spiritual masters and holy greats or healing than he is about conveying a message his clients want to hear.

Jesse Bravo

Because it was a cold day in January, we didn’t nail down an exact meeting locale until the day before. Why? Because as usual, I was trying to book more coffees, teas, lunches and meetings with people (including old friends) than I ever have time for and didn’t know where I was going to end up. It turned out to be Chelsea in the end, which has no shortage of great eateries and coffee bars.

Jesse BravoRather than a hotel lobby or quaint cafe, we ended up in an office space he uses for some of his sessions — a barren room with two single chairs, no table and no desk. At least, we would be uninterrupted entirely I thought and no background noise to interfere with the reading or interview.

I had to get a cup of tea of course, something I always do before a meeting, whether it’s via phone or in person.  There’s something about this tradition that puts me at ease even though I wasn’t particularly nervous.

You see, I’m no longer afraid of the other side….the Spirit World. I’ve had enough experience communicating with, hearing from and being calmed by the present of Spirit, so much so that I no longer fear death. And, I no longer fear messages that will come through, because for the most part, they’re there to guide you, not terrify you.

Unlike other psychic mediums I’ve worked with so far, it appears that Jesse’ strength and focus lies in the psychic and intuition aspects moreso than healing energy. He uses his intuition and messages that get conveyed from the Spiritual Realm to help you better assess talents, understand relationships and seize opportunities you may have not seen previously.

With Jesse Bravo in Chelsea

Without a table or desk in the room, I started futzing with my iPhone in the corner, looking for an outlet to ensure it had ample charge for our session as well as my  evening at Carnegie Hall afterwards. After plugging it in, I began to record as always, so I don’t forget important details at the end.

Jesse Bravo

Jesse Bravo in Chelsea

Oddly, shortly after I did this, the main light went off. Having worked with many psychic mediums, I didn’t find this particularly unusual, since sometimes Spirit has a way of playing tricks on you or simply messing with technology. Often, lights seem to be one of the first things that goes awry.

Jesse Bravo When my friend Natalie’s deceased father made himself known in our kitchen while we were baking one evening, the light went off. She was certain that he was miffed by how much attention and recognition she was giving the women in her family and not him. “Knock it off Dad,” she said into the air. We both laughed.

In other words, it’s not uncommon for technology to stop working, lights to go off or on or music to start playing randomly on a phone or laptop even if you don’t have a playlist open. All of this has happened to me during spiritual readings.

And so, we began our session with the main light off and me bouncing a cup of cinnamon tea on my left knee. On my right leg and knee rested a handful of loose papers which I used to start taking notes. Since I wanted to experience how he normally works with a client, I asked him to start there.

Apparently when Jesse Bravo meets clients on the phone for the first time, he doesn’t even ask for their names (he only asks for their first initial). I couldn’t help but smile at this. “Why?” I asked. “As soon as I hear their full name, my mind automatically starts to gather information and begins to work. I don’t want this information to start coming to him before the reading.”

It’s called boundaries and having balance in our life – I so get it.

This is an initial take I guess, to book the appointment if its not done online. When Jesse Bravo starts to work with a client in person, he always looks off into a corner, so he doesn’t get persuaded one way or another. So far during our conversation, he would look at me occasionally but then look away. It’s almost as if he wanted me to know this routine up front, before he began to stare in a dark corner.

He communicates this clearly so people don’t think he’s rude when they work with him for the first time. It’s true — people could think he was either ignoring them or had autistic traits.

That said, I understand and respect his reason for disconnecting with your eyes and have many friends who are Highly Sensitive People (HSP) who need to do the same. Truth be told, many HSP’s have stronger psychic and intuitive abilities than others.

Like other psychic mediums I have worked with, Jesse Bravo sees himself as a vessel where spirit communicates what they need to say. Rather than thinking of a session as a cordial communication between two people, it’s work for him and it isn’t about building a bond with his client.

“If I truly am a deliverer of a message, it doesn’t matter what their face looks like. It matters that I deliver them an important message that is meaningful to them.”

When information comes to him from the spiritual realm, sometimes it comes through without filters, so he says that Spirit helps him form what he refers to as the “niceties” so he can deliver the information in a way that best resonates with the person he‘s reading.

Otherwise, he jokes, it would just come out coarse and blunt just like a New York investment banker.

Jesse adds, “when people just channel, they’re delivering word-for-word, but I adapt what they‘re saying and say it how it will work best for them. I also find that there‘s a connection to most people I work with, so when I think I’m delivering a message that has a lesson, I find that I’m learning something soon, so it‘s a two way street.”

Isn’t that the way with life I thought. Everything we do, every profession there is and every encounter we have with a human being has a lesson if we’re only awake enough to hear it. Or, more importantly, open enough to learn from it, absorb it and accept it.

He caters to what his clients want to hear. In other words, if they have specific questions about relationships, then he’ll focus on relationships. If its career, he’ll go there. Jesse says, “I respond to their questions, so when they leave, they feel heard and understood and get the information they’re after.”

Jesse Bravo isn’t the guy to go to if you want regular readings every month. He says, “There are many people who do regular readings, I’m not the guy for that.”

In my case, we touched on my professional life as well as a bit on my personal one. He saw a turning point for my writing sometime in the next year as well as my business which is currently a mishmash of writing, media, coaching, and strategy. While he wouldn’t share the details of what he saw, he did say that it would take on a different twist and be shaped into something very different than what it is now.

This is no surprise to me because I’m steering things in that direction but am anxious for it to take form. Why he wouldn’t elaborate on the details I wondered? He said because it may persuade me or encourage me to make decisions that I shouldn‘t perhaps make — in other words, let the natural course of events continue as they may.  I respected this and know that sometimes Spirit advises it.

Sometimes he uses analogies. For example in my case, he called me “cat like” — I’m not sure if that’s supposed to be strategic or creative or both but they are coy and beg to have their heads scratched, which I often do. That said, while cats have been in my life, largely through family members and friends, I don’t own one myself because of allergies.

Not all psychics or mediums will be able to read things in perfect alignment all the time.  For example, he didn’t see me as a water lover and well, it’s one of the most important things to me. I grew up on the water, am a swimmer, waterskiier, snorkeler, canoer and personally love sailing on the sea or a lake. I would spend more time in the water than out if I could. Sometimes this happens — just like John Holland was resonating with a Frank at first during my session with him, when he went back to Spirit to clarify, it turns out my deceased mother was trying to convey a message about France, not a family member’s name.

Jesse focuses more on your personality traits and things you may resonate with personally or professionally and less on deeper insights which may transform or go to a deeper healing level. I’d recommend picking two core areas you want insight on and let him explore those areas only so you have a reasonable drill down on what matters most to you right now in your life.

There are other mediums who focus more on healing aspects if that’s what you’re after and they tend to be more open to regular readings so you can get clarity on things, clear traumas and other issues no longer serving you.

As we made our way towards the end of the session, I suddenly noticed that the main light had turned back on. Interesting, I thought. My tea was now cold and it was time for me to rush down to Carnegie Hall to see The Cleveland Orchestra perform Haydn’s The Seasons.

As I gathered my own coat, I watched him transform his pin striped banker suit look to his outside winter look — your typical  New York City winter coat with one of those old fashioned hats my grandfather used to wear. I always liked them and they seem to suit him.

Jesse Bravo

Jesse Bravo in Chelsea after the end of our January session

Readings with Jesse Bravo

With Jesse Bravo, psychic readings can be done in person, on the phone for either an hour or half hour basis.  In other words, he doesn’t need to see you to read you although if you can be in the New York area, I always find it more personal if you can meet live. This is a personal thing really however I have had plenty of successful and inspiring readings over the phone and over Skype, so don’t let location be a factor.

Jesse notes that he needs to be calm so not easily distracted during the session. This makes it easier for him to receive impressions and use the images and sounds that come to him to get in tune with your energy.

Where do the messages come from? Jesse says that information comes to him from deceased loved ones, through guides, angels or friends who have passed over to the other side. We didn’t have time to talk about angels although I would liked to understand just how often angels come through vis a vis guides or deceased family spirits. In my case, I think it was more his intuition while reading me and messages from his spirit guides but then again, that’s my intuition.

The beauty is that we all have intuitive gifts but some just prefer to tap into them more than others and harness those gifts. Others are born with a strong natural ability automatically.

Jesse Bravo says he really enjoys being a psychic medium even though its not his full time work. In addition to being an investment banker, he also runs a SEO company. In other words, the man is busy. He says he enjoys helping people on their journey however and because Spirit coaches him how to shift his own impressions into words that will be resonate and work with his clients, he also learns about the power of language and the power of learning something new every day.

For more information on Jesse Bravo, visit his website.

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