Cheryl Banfield on Illuminas & Our Light Centers

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When I learned about the work of Cheryl Banfield and her book on Illuminas which explores our body’s light centers and beyond, I have to admit I was more than just a little intrigued. But, after a little digging, and then realizing that she has been channeling Mother Mary energy (yup, thee Mother Mary) for 7 years to create a new healing system to clear people’s energy fields faster, I had mixed feelings. The reason may not be a surprise to most of you.

light centers

It’s not as if I don’t believe mediums can channel spirits from renowned spiritual beings who once walked the Earth, like Mother Mary.

In my experience, the messages that come through from divine spiritual beings are about guiding us on a path to living, breathing and being love, not to be a child of XYZ Faith, here to convert all others to that Faith as their raison d’etre.

My Higher Self tells me that we all have a Divine Presence within us, we are all one and interconnected and that Love is the driving force and the constant across all faiths. When Spirit comes through, whether it’s the spirit energy of the woman who once walked the Earth as Mother Mary, an archangel, a Spirit Guide from a past life or an ascended master who assists people on the human plane, you are consumed by unconditional love and serving above all else. When it’s the ‘real deal,’ divine pure love and light comes through and fills you up in ways that only Divine Love can.

The reason I initially felt the way I did when I learned that Cheryl was channeling Mother Mary is that quite honestly, I have never felt a connection to this spiritual wonder who is known in the Christian world, as the mother of Jesus Christ.

Cheryl Banfield Illuminas

Perhaps many of you will resonate with my own history and get some clarity about divine spirituality versus religious dogma and how this is relevant to Cheryl Banfield’s work.

You see, I’m not a religious person although I did grow up going to church — several actually because the family was either confused or just couldn’t decide. From a Northeastern Lutheran Church, where I was first baptized to an Episcopal Church, and then later a Methodist and Baptist Church. In middle school, I was thrown in a private Catholic School and was also part of the Jewish Community Center for many years and lived on a kibbutz in my late teens.

Let’s face it — as a child, I clearly had the opportunity to explore and learn about different religions, at least from Jewish, Christian and Anglican points of views. The reason I convey this to you is that because of all of these religious under and overtones during my formative years, I stayed clear of anything that connected to religious dogma. For obvious reasons, I had always connected Mary to catholic dogma not unlike the religious dogma association I used to have with angels.

I explored as a child, largely because I was thrown in without quite understanding why. None of the reasons were really religious ones, although they were based on ensuring a ‘proper’ upbringing and my grandparents somehow associated having faith in God with leading a trouble free life. That said, while I’d never call them religious folks, my grandmother did teach me about the power of prayer.  Cheryl Banfield

To this day, I still feel connected to prayer, which sometimes takes the form of positive mantras and gratitude and other times as reflections during meditation.

Later in life, I learned about the power of Mother Earth, who I bow down to regularly in gratitude.  Without nature, this world would be a traumatic place. Nature is incredibly healing for the body, the mind and the soul and can be in itself a religion as my pagan friends so often tap into.

Forgive the longer than anticipated story to get back to this very special woman who channels Mother Mary, but it provides some context as to why I initially felt a disconnect and why so many others in my circles feel the same way.

While all of our religious histories differ, chances are many of you had a disconnect from a church or religion because of the dogma and/or corruption you discovered along the way. Or, an event or incident caused you to dismiss your faith.

The truth is that Spirit does exist, and is very real. Perhaps it is not in the way we have been taught in fairy tale books or literal excerpts from the Bible, but it exists. Christ energy exists as does spirit energy from Mary, who once upon a time walked the Earth plane as a bright light.

After working with Cheryl, so many things fell into place. The moral of this story if there is one, could be said that when we resist a thing, person or idea, dive deeper rather than retreat, for this “shut down” may be the result of a blockage that needs to be cleared and likely healed. And this my friends, is true whether you’re religious or not.

Cheryl Banfield & Our Light Centers

And so, I moved forward to contact Cheryl Banfield to find out what she was doing in this small town of Wells in Maine of all places where she has created The LoveLight Center for healing workshops and beyond.

Cheryl Banfield in northern Maine

Cheryl Banfield at her center in Maine

Her approach is about as down to earth as it gets. Cheryl doesn’t come across as a devout religious being with statues of Mother Mary scattered throughout her house or Center.  She likens the healing process to an orchestra more than anything else.

She says, “we are all part of a divine sympathy. If everyone plays at their own divine frequency and of the same vibration for how they show up in the world, you then have a incredibly beautiful orchestra.”

In other words, the combination of all of us living in our Divine Light can light up other things and beings around us. We are after all, all one — energy which is all connected and interconnected.

A couple of conversations later, I confessed to Cheryl that I never really had a connection to Mother Mary despite my time in catholic schooland I learn that Cheryl never had a strong connection to the Mother Mary spiritual being either. Surprised by this, I asked her “how can this be the case if you channel Mother Mary?”

Like many people who ‘wake up’ spiritually, a tragedy often brings them there. After suffering a fall and dealing with a head trauma, she learned about her intuitive gifts, the ones she knew she was born with, but pushed away earlier in her life. But, when this beautiful light being energy came through her one day and threw her off her game (and ultimately transformed her life), she couldn’t deny the love and healing that took place as a result of that visit.

These visits have continued since that awakening and through this ongoing channeling, Cheryl has created a program to help people utilize their own light and evolve into their own divine energy. The teaching aspects of Mastering This Life: Evolving Into Your Light Program comes through Mary whereas she says Christ energy brings forth the healing.

What Cheryl is being taught and shown is a miraculous new way to heal people‘s traumas and negative layers through the 13 Illuminas which surround our body.

“Everything is evolving — when people let their own divine light in, they’re not only healing themselves, but others around them and the Earth itself.”

Cheryl works with these light centers (the Illuminas) and moves energy. She asserts that the process is fast. It used to take her an hour with her Reiki energy work to move stagnant energy and clear trauma and ‘stuckness’ in our auras and like with all energy work, once one trauma is cleared, other layers can emerge. It’s a process.

Cheryl Banfield light centers

The Body’s 13 Illuminas (Light Centers)

She taps into the power of what she refers to as her Love Light Guides, which includes Mother Mary who she refers to as Sacred Mother Mary and several archangels who work with her, including Gabriel, Raphael, Michael, Uriel, Ariel and Metatron. Like many healers, Cheryl says that she is merely a facilitator and a vessel for which Sacred Mother Mary’s spirit energy works.

In other words, Mary brings the healing vibration in and works through Cheryl to heal.

Each light center is represented by a Stellated Dodecahedron, which is a 12 sided star and while the dodecahedron can be said to represent the universe in sacred geometry, the 12 sided stellated dodecahedron represents the blending of the spiritual and the physical.

Below, Cheryl holds up one during one of our Skype calls to illustrate.

Below is the dodecahedron, which is the symbol you will see at the top of all of the pages in her book The Illuminas.

The dodecahedron is designed to help balance people’s energy to be able to read and shift more easily in the high vibration that is held in the book.

The Illuminas

So, what are these Illuminas you ask and why do they matter? After initially hearing about them, I thought they were merely extensions of our auras. Not the case. Beyond the chakras, we now have a newly evolving light field around us.

These new light centers, which Cheryl calls illuminas, make up our newly evolving crystalline light body. This light field actually regulates the amount of radiance of our spiritual light, which can transform our experience as a human being.

The work done with these light centers helps to raise the vibrational frequency of the Earth. Once people step into their light and use it, their lives can be transformed, even through a simple awareness they didn’t have before.

Cheryl says, “Divine awareness, whether it is of self or of life and the universe, can lead to trust, faith, a higher level of understanding, peace and joy.”

Think of ourselves as evolving spirits in a physical body not the other way around.  After the Earth’s energetic shift in 2012, we are now able to live through our spirit and hold a higher Divine vibration than ever before.

While these light centers may look like chakras as represented in the diagram above, they are distinctly different.

Chakras are energy centers associated with our physical experience as a spirit, while the light centers allow us to hold more of our own spiritual energy in our physical bodies. Think of the process as Ascension on Earth if you will, which allows us to evolve ourselves into our full spirit within this human experience.

“It’s our ascension on Earth — we are evolving into our full spirit within this Human Experience.”

These new light centers support our body as we elevate our vibration, allowing us quicker spiritual growth and deeper healing. They can also support our expanded awareness, higher consciousness and our spiritual abilities.

Cheryl Banfield Illuminas Light Centers

The first six illums are of thePhysical Energy of the body — cohesiveness, relativity of self in environment, energetic alignment, interpretation of self related to surroundings, expression of self, and emotions with awareness/understanding.

The second six illums are of the Spiritual Energy of the body — sensual integration, memory and awareness stored, expansiveness of self, relay of thought and communication, awareness beyond this Earth experience blending in other dimensions and compassion and love with divine understanding.

Lastly, the 13th illum is the Cosmic illumina, the Pure Illuminaton of the Universe (PIU). Located roughly 12 feet above the head, this is the meeting place of the physical plane and the Divine plane and where we leave our physical body when we cross over into the Divine Plane. Think of this area as pure Divine love.

Cheryl Banfield light centers illuminas

The LoveLight Center

While we haven’t been to Cheryl’s LoveLight Center yet and hope to do one of her workshops in the future, the Center is where she currently holds events for people interested in getting closer to and living their Divine being.

Cheryl Banfield illuminas light centers

Inside the LoveLight Center in Wells, Maine

The Center has been open since 2015 and on site, Cheryl works with individuals and groups to help shift each of us into our own light.

LoveLight is high vibrational divine energy that aligns and attunes the light centers in the body‘s light field for spontaneous healing and spiritual expansion. She describes the experiences as divine ones that assist with physical healing,  strengthening relationships with others and self, shifting perspective and expanding our awareness and connection into the spiritual plane.

There are two experiential rooms: the LoveLight Vortex Room where there is apparently no veil to the spirit plane, and the Sacred Water Room. The Sacred Water room is one of the four rooms running the energy that corresponds to Cheryl‘s program, Mastering This Life: Evolving Into Your Light Body.

They also offer three vibrational rooms reserved for individual healing and treatment sessions: The Expansion RoomThe Quantum Healing Room, and The Crystalline Light Room.  

What else is cool is their five day a week Quartz Crystal Harp Sound Healing at noon, which is free to the community.

cheryl banfield illuminas light centers

Crystal Harp

The Crystal Harp is shaped like a xylophone and is made of clear quartz crystal, which amplifies the divine vibration that comes through. This instrument is designed with clear quartz tubes that maintain the tone and can run angelic and divine frequencies.

Think of frequencies as musical tones. Says Cheryl, “since we all are made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies, we can think of ourselves as musical notes, or musical instruments, which are all part of a Divine Symphony in Oneness.”

Illuminas Cheryl Banfield Orchestra light centers

Once we begin to live through our divine frequency on a regular basis, it allows us to flow with love and better overcome human challenges. She adds, “we can each ‘play’ our full musical tone in wholeness of ourselves, each of us being a beautifully toned instrument as part of a whole divine symphony. Being fully who we truly are in our pure essence allows our vibration to radiate and positively impact others vibration, shifting the world’s vibration to the frequency of love.”

At her center, there’s also a LoveLight Labyrinth in the Crystal Garden which has a Divine Energy Vortex as a center and is surrounded by gardens and crystals. The idea is to walk the inner path to release what you no longer need, and walk the outer path to step into a happier and healthier future.

Illuminas CHeryl Banfield light centers

Lovelight Labyrinth & Crystal Garden

Individual sessions are led by Cheryl Banfield, however she also has practitioners who assist with healing work and elevating your light centers. They offer individual sessions, two and four day workshops, personal property clearings, mediumship readings and massage therapy.

From working with Cheryl (and I didn’t have to fly to Maine to do it as she can work remotely through Skype or Zoom), I felt her pure essence come through. It was clear that she’s operating from a place of pure light and Divine energy.

Gratitude emanates from Cheryl when you work with her — we love her light, her energy and her commitment to healing and serving others.

Cheryl Banfield illuminas light centers

Cheryl Banfield

To learn more about Cheryl Banfield and her work with the Illuminas, the light centers and this LoveLight Illuminations healing system, head on over to their website. You can also grab her book, The Illuminas, on Amazon.

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