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Happy New Year, from our home to yours! As another chapter of our lives is about to end, it’s that time of year when we reflect on what has gone before and what is yet to take flight. May you take time to reflect upon and acknowledge your accomplishments, your dreams and those who matter most to you in your life.

Happy New Year

During this slower time of year when stillness and hibernation is the natural order of the season, so it is with us. When we spend time in nature, the sweet nothingness we feel from trees, mountains and the ocean allow us to hear our Inner Voice’s needs and desires.

If you can, find time to sit on a hill, up against a rock or a tree, on a beach or if in a colder climate, find a road where you can see the icicles clutch to a tree’s bare branches, for they too have the ability to guide and teach us something. In that stillness, we can hear the authentic richness of our Higher Self speaking with such clarity that all paths lead to the right place. In that place, we’ll find moments of joy, sweet respite and renewal.

You may have noticed a brand new image and focus for We Blog the World. It was an exciting year as we relaunched We Blog the World with entirely different branding and expanded coverage on wellness and spirituality. Its tagline centers around Transformative Travel, which is about living a purposeful life and traveling (and living) from that mindset. The topics you’ll see more from us in the coming months include wellness, spirituality, transformative travel, nature, adventure, events, and of course, our core love and passion: food/wine of course.

My hope is that We Blog the World takes you on one transformative journey after another, from life changing adventures to magic moments that awaken your senses on and off the road. New voices and partners are helping to shape the new site and it’s all coming together in a beautiful way. With gratitude at the healm, all the things that felt so significant and misplaced, are suddenly falling into their proper placelike magic really.

Don’t let geography be a barrier to any connection in your life.

Until then:

  • May you feel centered and grounded as you embark on a new chapter.
  • May you and your family be nourished and renewed in mind, body and spirit for your journey ahead.
  • May you be awake enough to truly cherish those who love and support you.
  • May 2018 be filled with support, love, and a whole lotta magic!

happy new year

Happy New Year from We Blog the World on this beautiful January 1 day.

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