Covid-19: A Spiritual Perspective!

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What a turbulent ride over the last few weeks as we have all been dealing with a tsunami of news reports from around the globe.

Unlike many health related risks in the past, Covid-19 is impacting the world – all of us, not just one country or region. We can no longer feel safe because it’s happening “to those people over there” as humanity’s ego so often does. We are all being hit by a virus that we as a global community are still trying to understand.

The Coronavirus itself isn’t new but the strain is – as such, even the medical community is in unchartered territory as are the hospitals who are trying to ramp up support, beds, and supplies if the pandemic spreads. On top of being in unchartered territory, the fact that we don’t have enough testing kits yet, we are faced with even more uncertainty and doubt.

We’re told that it is highly contagious – that it can pass through hair and eyelashes, can live on physical substances, such as stainless steel, metal and plastic for up to 3 days. (think grocery carts and door knobs) and on cardboard for up to 24 hours (think Amazon packages and UPS boxes).

With this deluge of information — some of it hype and some of it real — how do we know what reality is? And, can we truly control that reality?

What is Reality?

As with any flood of fear-instigating data, there’s always someone who can financially benefit and often it tends to be large corporations, pharma and yes, governments. The result of hysteria and panic can be potentially worse than the virus itself.

So even if some of this is in play, it doesn’t mean that the facts from medical doctors are not very real nor does it mean that the threat isn’t very real.

Some people have raised questions such as: “if we are truly to step into a greater consciousness, knowing what we know about manifestation and the higher vibrational energies that we all hold, are we not giving into the fear being created around us by staying at home? Are we not giving into mass consciousness? Are we not allowing ourselves to be controlled? Are we not creating more damage by staying away from others when at this volatile time, we need to be unified more than ever?”

As with everything in a Quantum World view, there are no absolutes and so the answer is YES and NO.

Consider this: if there are no absolutes and only probabilities with multiple layers and complexities, imagine that Covid-19 has its own consciousness. What if humanity called its consciousness into our dimension on purpose?

Our Collective Consciousness Responds to Gaia’s Heartache

In a world of growing isolation where so many have been building stronger relationships with their phones and social media accounts than the loved ones in front of them, we have been starving for a type of human connection that doesn’t exist in a data bank in the cloud.

We are craving for a re-connection to the Earth, one which humanity has been pillaging in unhealthy ways for decades upon decades. Gaia herself is calling out to be healed, asking humanity to wake up and see the repercussions of our actions.

What a better way for humanity to ‘get the message’ than for its consciousness to call forth an intrusive and disruptive consciousness to wake us up, even if that be in the form of a virus. The Laws of Attraction and Repulsion ensue, that we as individual energy forms and yet part of the ‘whole’, will repeatedly bring forth whatever it takes for us to either wake up, or repeat the same pattern of disharmony over and over again.

Enter the domino effect which disruption often creates, where we are forced to take a step back and get out of the mud.

Our eyes have been so glued to a tree for so long (aka digital screens) that we have lost sight of the forest, the collective good and ‘all that is’ we are an integral part of. In this process, we have no choice but to return to our innate understanding that all is interconnected regardless of our belief systems, the color of our skin, the culture and language that we perceive defines us and so on.

We return to Oneness knowing that we are part of a universal consciousness and that universal consciousness is part of us– we don’t operate out of time and space but we are time and space, not separate from it.

In other words, what if the virus is in fact a medicine for humanity, a sort of self-correcting one?

“But, how does physical separation help us heal during so much uncertainty?”

There’s no question that there will be physical and emotional ramifications from this so called self-correcting medicine. Family members, especially those whose immune systems are compromised or the elderly, may die. We will miss the physical connection we have grown accustomed to in everyday life – at work, school and in our communities.

There’s no denying that all of this feels painfully real in the physical world in this dimension in the here and now. But, how we interpret, process and handle the crisis we are faced with collectively as a global community is what is so critical to our healing.

Many have been living and suffering for a long time from a different kind of pain….a disconnection from themselves, from others and from Gaia herself. For those who were awake or in the process of “waking up,” there was an unprecedented inner knowing that we better change our ways or die.

When the natural order of things – all living things – are in disharmony, Gaia needs to rebalance and because we are connected to Gaia’s consciousness, that combined consciousness comes forward as ONE energy to self-correct.

The natural laws of the Universe have kicked in, forcing us to go inward and remember what’s truly important. Once you do, you’ll begin to see a bigger picture consciousness that is presenting itself from a macro-view. Rather than see the virus as some kind of evil manifestation, imagine that it as the emergence of divine intervention.

As with every re-balancing, old ways of doing and seeing things will die. Old orders, archetypes and structures will die off or at a minimum, diminish so a new way of seeing and doing things can finally sit into the creator’s seat, get the voice it deserves and ultimately begin to thrive.

So, rewind the clock back to when I said that in a Quantum World view, there are no absolutes to the answer of “are we are giving in to old patterning by isolating ourselves right now?”

Let’s look at a YES response. Yes, because we don’t want to feed and give voice to the fear that could emerge on a global scale if we allow it to, which leads to the ego raising its ugly head. The fight or flight mechanism of “I better save myself or I will die.” That is a lower vibrational mindset that doesn’t serve us or the collective whole.

Let’s look at a NO response. No, because we are allowing a new consciousness to emerge to correct the natural order and going with the ebb and flow of that energy, a bit like a martial artist approaches his or her opponent. Remember that we still exist in a human body which can catch the Covid-19 (known as a novel virus) even if our immune systems are strong.

While it may not have a deadly impact on those who are young and healthy, it doesn’t prohibit us from being a vector, which means we can ‘host’ the virus and pass it along even without symptoms or ever getting ill.

So, because we are connected to other living things, we need to think about the impact we could have on others, especially those with impaired immune systems and the elderly. From this perspective, we have a social responsibility to carry out social distancing, at least for a little while.

For those of you who feel that being together during this time is the most important thing, consider a higher purpose, that of the natural law of order correcting itself. Rather than feel stressed and anxious, use this time to go inward and reflect. This is also a time for allowing what is, a time for allowing just you and your Higher Self to BE in silence with the here and now. Alone. Listen to your inner voice that will guide you in ways that no one else can.

Mindful Intention: Peace, Love, Inner Knowing

If this is a time to reflect and be alone, does that mean during this time, we don’t provide support to others? No, of course not – remember that we are all connected after all.

But, first and foremost, it means understanding the energy of the Covid-19 consciousness and working WITH the energy, not fighting it, nor retreating out of fear but out of respect for the energy. In understanding how to work with the energy of a new consciousness we don’t yet understand, being humble is part of the process. We want to go with the flow of what the bigger picture has in mind for humanity, from a place of EBB and FLOW. Qigong masters understand this well.

Also during this time, mindful intentional meditation and staying in a high vibrational energy of unconditional love is what is also called for – it is not only powerful and healing for ourselves, but for those who are infected with the virus and the planet as a whole. This is about emerging with the FLOW of Universal Energy, not taking one side or the other.

Think of it as a retreat for soulful reflection and in that inward time, we can also support others energetically (remember there are no borders or boundaries to our energy fields).

Then, we may re-emerge feeling renewed physically, emotionally and mentally. On the other side lies a world which has shed a layer of skin or two and shall show us a new consciousness we can either embrace or not. I hope we all learn from the lesson and embrace it collectively as a whole.

Rather than fight it, go to fear or over analyze it, truly feel into the blessing that this correction will ultimately create for humanity.



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