Healing into Oneness with Sacred Acoustics

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We love coming across various recordings whether they be for relaxation, meditation, sound healing or a combination of all three. Recently, we discovered the tracks from Sacred Acoustics and were very drawn to their selections, so much so that we were thrilled to be given the opportunity to experience and review their offerings.

Meet Sacred Acoustics

Sacred Acoustics recordings are used to accomplish a wide range of goals. While your awareness is in an expansive state, it becomes easier to let go of mind chatter, access intuition, manifest healing or find creative inspiration and spiritual guidance. Or, of course, as we mention earlier, to relax, create more serenity in your life or simply get better sleep.

From some of their own clients, many have reported quieting of distracting thoughts, a profound sense of presence, improved health and wellness, expanded inner awareness, enhanced spiritual growth, creative inspiration, a sense of timelessness, perception beyond the five physical senses,  communication with spiritual beings, heightened intuition and reduced stress and anxiety overall.

Whole Mind Bundle

This selection of musical tracks is designed toentrain the brain to states of delta, theta and alpha.  The Whole Mind Bundle includes the audio program guide Becoming More Whole – Mind, a flexible program designed to support personal development goals in the process of becoming more whole.

They have creativity tracks as well which helps you  tap into that creative flow for fine arts, writing, problem-solving, sports visualization and more. For example, Whole Theta and Cosmic Womb are great soundscapes for your creative activities. The idea is to listen with the intention of receiving inspiration on any given topic. Both are embedded with 6hz theta frequencies. For example, you can visualize future events such as sports performance.

Heart Presence includes a series of heart-breathing exercises that move the listener out of the head and into the heart, embedded with alpha frequencies.

Health related tracks allow you to experience relaxation through a greater alignment with your higher nature. While you are listening to the tracks, you can visualize healing of specific health issues using your intention. Intention is so key to healing.

You can get the entire healing bundle of tracks or purchase them individually. Offered tracks include Sacred Sleep and Sacred Siesta, which includes options for three different lengths/durations: (30, 45 & 60 minutes). Our favorites are what they refer to as Healing Center and Om2.

Healing Center takes you on a journey to visualize etheric healing focused on any health issue you may be having whereas Om2 allows you to bathe in the primordial frequencies of Om to establish a healthier resonance for your mind and body. Their Heart Center 2 helps to expand your energetic heart field for stability and to be more present.

Remember: whenever we‘re not being presence, we‘re out of alignment in some way. We‘re in that chasing and wanting place which keeps us away from our core soul‘s ability to listen and just BE and it keeps us away from manifesting in the most effective way.

Since we are all about nurturing and getting back to the soul with the work we do at Blue Soul Earth, we love their GOLDEN LIGHT track which includes two recordings that are around 40 minutes long. It isn’t new that light is the ultimate nutrient to support our growth and regeneration — it also unites space and time and feel one with the Universe, one with all that is.

This track is a great add-on and extension of the heart tracks — in other words, after bringing awareness to the heart and grounding it in the earth, you can then move your awareness to the sun and invite that light to enter the top of your head. This liquid golden light enters your heart and circulates through your entire system, enlivening you with vibrating, pulsating energy. It’s a powerful track regardless of what purpose you use it for. Accompanying frequencies support an extended period in low theta and low alpha brainwave states.

Check out Inner Sanctum Center and Sacred Acoustics for more information including how to download tracks and other useful resources.




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