Consciousness & our Health

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Consciousness is thrown around as a word lately so much that it has begun to lose meaning. But what does it mean in the context of your health and general well-being? And, how can better understanding consciousness strengthen your immune system? At the basic level, you can think of Consciousness as a way of being, a way of showing up in the world.

When you’re conscious of things outside of your own “reality” and “belief systems” you begin to open up to a whole new world and set of belief systems that define you and everything else around you. Your sense of reality itself changes.

And, you begin to realize that you’re connected to everything else in the world – all living things:
the plants, the rocks, the trees, the rivers, streams, the birds, dolphins, dogs, horses – you get the idea. Even the stars; we are all interconnected.

Some refer to it as non-duality or oneness.  Using more esoteric and spiritual language, one might say:

  • I am that.
  • I am one with all.
  • I am that I am.
  • The Famous Hermetic Term: As above, so Below.

Using every day or even language being used more commonly in business, you might call it mindfulness, being present with what is or heart-centered living.  Others call it ‘being in the zone’ or ‘being in the flow.’ Artists and musicians might refer to it as letting creativity flow ‘through you’ not trying to force what isn’t in alignment with who you are and what is trying to come forth.

When I ran a branding and communications agency, one of my taglines was:

Aligning Your Brand with Your Vision. Another one I was fond of was: Those Who See the Invisible, Can Do the Impossible.  The first one is  about alignment with the totality of who you are at a soul level, which is so much more than the human flesh and bones that our physical eyes can see.

In the work that we do at Blue Soul Earth®, we focus on Igniting Consciousness, as our guides say “one soul at a time.” Part of our work through teaching, courses, workshops and retreats is to raise the consciousness of those we are working with — when we do that, the soul starts to vibrate a higher/faster amplitudes which keeps their frequency closer to their true source: divine love.  When you are living from that place, you are also living from a place of gratitude and truly being present, both of which helps your chakras and energy body stay balanced and aligned.

When our energy bodies are balanced and aligned, it directly impacts our ‘physical bodies’ because they are one in the same. In other words, what we do, see, feel, and even say affects our immune system because as a ‘total system’, it’s all connected. Remember, words carry frequencies, some of which are more healing than others.

At a basic level, you can say that when you make conscious choices, you are in creation mode rather than “letting the world happen to you mode.”  From lowest vibrational resonance to highest, you move from Victim to Creator. From a mid-level vibrational resonance to highest, you move from Passive Existence to Proactive Manifestor.


  • Healthier eating: organic, sustainable and eliminating foods that come from boxes and cans. Eliminating Sugars, bad carbs and starches and focusing on balance.
  • Better decisions in the workplace and at home so you’re more at harmony with how you SHOW UP in the world.
  • Paying attention to the world around you which includes more positive environmental choices like picking up plastic when you see it or supporting groups that are trying to make a difference at both a macro and micro level.

When you’re in harmony and balance, your Energy Body which exists outside the physical body is aligned. The other thing that Consciousness leads to beyond conscious choices and heart-centered living is being awake to the HERE & NOW. In other words: being present with what is in front of you.

Gratitude. Gratitude. Gratitude.

When we focus on what we do have, rather than constantly chasing what we don’t have or yearn more, we get more yearning and more lack. This is counter to the Laws of Nature when it comes to:

  • Manifesting Abundance
  • Inner Joy
  • Serenity & Peace
  • Optimal Health

This also means being awake to the illusion that we live as human beings each and every day. In other cultures, other language is used, such as living the false self or from the egoic self, or simply MAYA.

When we are awake, we begin to resonate in a different dimensional reality and tune into a different vibration and frequency. Yes, really. We are a combination of sounds – we are sound.

We are sacred numbers. We are shapes and symbols. We are in essence, beyond space and time as we know it.

We live in a multi-dimensional Universe. Gregg Braden, Deepak Chopra, Bruce Lipton & many modern spiritual masters across cultures speak of it, weaving in the latest advancements from quantum physicals and mechanics to explain their views.

BTW, the quantum/multi-dimensional shifts are also the stuff that shamans speak of and inherently know – they’re tapping into a field of vision.

We work with people to help open up that field of vision, inner knowing and understanding so they can begin to connect to these higher dimensional states of being, using their own power within, without the Ayahuasca Journey, Kambo Medicine or Psychedelics.

When you begin to live in what we refer to as a higher resonant field of awareness and consciousness, our lives start to flow with ease because we are abiding by the Natural Laws of the Universe. We are surrendering into what IS rather than trying to control or force each situation.

We begin to turn to the Love Grid rather than the Fear Grid for our daily decision making. We begin to move from doing to being. We make conscious choices so we become creators and manifestors. We learn to move with ease between the feminine and masculine energies that lie within, allowing the natural ebb and flow to occur. We learn how to dance with them and flow between them so we don’t fight or resist these powerful internal forces.

No longer are we in fight or flight mode.  We accept Self-Love rather than reject it or run from it. Ever hear: Self Love, it starts here?

We begin to see others as ourselves, not separate. We see the oneness and interconnectedness of the world around us. Judgment of others disappears. All of this strengthens our chakras and energy bodies and of course this is all connected to our physical well-being and our immune systems.

This leads to overall balance and from that place, we can begin to lead from heart-centered decisions every day. Then, we can feel the serenity. We can feel the peace. We can surrender into all of it, which ultimately helps our emotional and our physical well-being. Are you ready to go there?


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