Facials for Men: NYC’s Heyday Skincare Spa

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Before I had my first facial, I honestly had no clue what to expect. I’ve seen facials listed on every spa men I’ve ever been to, and while I do care about my skincare regimen, I honestly never wanted to choose the facial when at the spa. What would they say about my skincare routine? Would it hurt? Would it even help?

Well, I let those worries and lack of information keep me from ever even trying a facial. That is until recently, when I was invited by Harrys to try their newest men’s grooming product, a Detoxifying Face Mask. They partnered with Heyday Skincare—a surprisingly popular shop & spa with six locations across NYC and LA.

Always curious, but also needlessly anxious—I simply just avoided facials. At home, I use a toner, moisturizer, the occasional face mask, and whatever free samples of skincare products I can find…but truthfully I never really know what I’m doing. Why doesn’t anyone ever teach us these kinds of life skills?!

Thankfully, as soon as I walked into the Heyday Noho location, my worries washed away. The thought of a fresh face and an hour of treatment was comforting. I was struck by how bright and open the small space was. A large banner outside made the shopfront recognizable from afar. And the front desk and waiting room wasn’t crowded.

The check-in process was easy—a handful of questions on an iPad about your current skincare routine and general health (nothing different than visiting any other spa for any other kind of treatment). After that, I was brought back to my treatment room. Semi-private with a curtain for a door, my esthetician offered a glass of water & a place to charge my phone.

Harrys Heyday Detoxifying Face Mask
Harrys Heyday Detoxifying Face Mask

I laid down on the treatment/massage bed, face up (obviously). Because I was there for a 50-minute facial, there was plenty of time to get to know one another. I asked my esthetician to explain what she was doing as she was doing it which was really helpful. Similarly, she asked more questions about my own skincare routines to get a better understanding of what I do regularly, and what I could improve.


Below: a mini-guide to getting a facial, including tips before and after to make the process as comfortable as possible for anyone looking to treat themselves to a first facial.

What Men Need to Know Before Getting Their First Facial

In the past year, I’ve found myself increasingly obsessed with health and beauty. Maybe because it seems like the world is falling apart, and so self-care feels like a healthy way to stay sane and still enjoy life. Or maybe it’s because at the heart of NYC is a capitalistic obsession for wealth and beauty. Whichever. But I’m here for it!

Getting a facial is a simple and easy process. Here are some tips for before, during, and after the process!

  1. Don’t exfoliate for several days before your facial. It’s better to save it for the experts.
  2. Be open and honest with your esthetician on your skin goals. The more they know, the more advice they can give.
  3. You can get a facial as frequent as you like, but quarterly (with the change of season) is probably a safe bet. The weather affects your skin and should similarly affect your skincare routine.
  4. Extractions (where estheticians deep clean your pores and remove pimples) are painless, but you may still leave a bit red in the face.
  5. Follow a routine! After your facial, stick with a skincare regimen to maximize the benefits.

After my facial, I felt surprisingly great! Taking care of our bodies is important—and a lot of things we often overlook. But remember: our skin is our largest organ—and taking care of it doesn’t have to be scary or difficult. A few simple things each day, and the occasional splurge, and you can feel more confident and actually, physically healthier.

Get a FREE $10 for your first visit to Heyday salons by mentioning my name Adam Groffman from Travels of Adam

Note: my visit to Heyday Skincare was complimentary as part of a press preview.


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