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Wellness Travel in Thailand

In today’s always-on (i.e. always working) world, it can be tempting to forget to enjoy things, travel chief among them. One way to make sure you fully enjoy your next trip, be it for business or for leisure, is to take a wellness-oriented trip.

Massage, Spas and Relaxation

One obvious (but often forgotten) way to nurture yourself when you’re on the go is to partake in relaxation. Visiting a spa or massage parlor, for example, be it one inside your hotel or one recommended to you by locals in the place you’re traveling, can act as a vacation within a vacation, for both your body and your mind.

And massages are just the beginning! One new relaxation technique that’s becoming more and more popular is colloquially known as “floating.” Essentially, you are placed inside a soundproof, dark tank full of very salty water, and allowed to float freely for an hour, or even longer.

Float tanks are available in many major cities around the world, from Auckland to Zürich, so consider booking a session on your next trip for a strange—but spectacular—way to relax.

Yoga and Fitness

Feeling tired? You might not believe this, but the culprit could actually be too much relaxation, rather than not enough. Like individual muscles, the body and even the brain atrophy if they’re not used enough—that weekend Netflix binge or laze session could actually be doing you more harm than good!

Fear not, however—another great way to tend to personal wellness on your next trip is to take a more active sort of vacation. Attend a yoga retreat, whether in the southwestern desert or Southeast Asia, to become truly present in your body as you travel. Or, simply partake in physical activities such as hiking, stand-up paddle boarding or even attending an ordinary gym.

Robert Schrader
Robert Schrader is a travel writer and photographer who's been roaming the world independently since 2005, writing for publications such as "CNNGo" and "Shanghaiist" along the way. His blog, Leave Your Daily Hell, provides a mix of travel advice, destination guides and personal essays covering the more esoteric aspects of life as a traveler.
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