Nostalgic for the ’90s? Dial Up Your Modem, Get Out Your CDs

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Last month I indulged in one of my guilty pleasures and bought a bunch of CDs at my local music store, which also happens to be the best music store in the world – Amoeba Music , the one on San Francisco’s Haight Street. For $28 (plus tax) you can get a pretty good haul at Amoeba, which specializes in selling and trading “previously owned” CDs, DVDs, videos and vinyl. That day I scored five discs – Booker Ervin (“The Freedom Book” – $1.99), Grant Green (“Idle Moments” – $3.99), Norah Jones (“Come Away with Me” – $9.99) and a compilation called “Night Train to Nashville: Music City Rhythm & Blues, 1945-1970” (a double album! – $11.99).

The usual routine is to come home and rip my new CDs to my iTunes account, but on that particular day I remembered we had this device hooked up to the big, flat screen in the living room. Once upon a time we played DVDs on this thing, before streaming came into our lives, and it could also play CDs – five of them as a matter of fact. I put the CDs in, pushed and punched a lot of buttons, and then I puttered around the house for the next four-plus hours listening to albums in their entirety. (Read the rest on

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