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New Living Expo is a great event in the SF Bay Area for those interested in mindfulness, consciousness, alternative health and wellness and spirituality. They bring together some of the best speakers, authors, teachers, gurus and healers under one roof for three days in San Mateo California.

New Living Expo

Last year, we had a booth and while we didn’t set up a table this year, we were once again a proud media partner of the event and spent more of our time in talks, sessions, workshops and learning about the latest trends, products, services and perspectives on consciousness and where we’re heading in the next few years.

This April, they offered ten special events, over 200 exhibits, 9 workshops, 6 panel discussions and over 80 lectures. Some of the leading mediums, spiritual healers, psychics and visionaries took center stage in their main hall and breakout rooms, including Marianne Williamson, Caroline Myss, James Van Praagh, David Wilcock, Deborah King, John Gray, Loretta Swift, Corey Goodie and others.

The exhibits were extremely varied from healthy food, beauty and green products, crystals and gemstones and yoga to qigong, spiritual books, linens, essential oils, jewelry, clothing, supplements and more.

New Living Expo

Crystal Source husband and wife team out of Portland Oregon who I purchased some Amethyst from….

New Living Expo

Meditation time at New Living Expo

New Living Expo

Singing bowls at New Living Expo

New Living Expo

Copper Venus Water Bottles at New Living Expo

New Living Expo

Tarot readers at New Living Expo

New Living Expo

Turmeric from Japan – New Living Expo

New Living Expo

Consciousness water at New Living Expo

New Living Expo

Reiki and Crystals at New Living Expo

New Living Expo

Chatting about Ascension at New Living Expo with Tracey Ash

New Living Expo

Creative fabrics and silks at New Living Expo

New Living Expo

Gemstone energy at New Living Expo

New Living Expo

Singing bowls at New Living Expo

New Living Expo

Crystal energy at New Living Expo

New Living Expo

Sound vibrations from crystal bowls at New Living Expo

New Living Expo

Astrology at New Living Expo

New Living Expo

Meditation and beyond at New Living Expo to raise our frequencies

Speakers at New Living Expo

A few favorite moments and call outs from the show this year include speakers who gave standalone lectures, break-out discussions and workshops.

Since Marianne Williamson was on our TEDxBerkeley stage this year, I’ll start with kudos for sharing her important observations and insights into the toxic political agendas of today. As always, she gave a powerful and riveting talk on consciousness and how it is up to us to save our democracy.

New Living Expo

Marianne Williamson: we must save our democracy

She asks us, “at a time when fear and hatred have been turned into a political force, is it possible to harness the powers of love and decency for political purposes as well?”

On her tour around the U.S., she asserts that we must create a new, whole-person politics in order to save our democracy. This new paradigm will break us free of an outdated view of the world and allow us to embrace a more enlightened understanding of our relation to the universe. She says, “we must disenthrall ourselves to save ourselves.”

New Living Expo

Caroline Myss on Making Power Choices & Creative Decisions at New Living Expo

Carolyn Myss is always powerful on stage and this year, she spent four hours with the audience in the main hall talking about how to make power choices and creative decisions in our lives. She also addressed how we can better navigate in these unstable times of chaos and possibility in healthier ways.

She drew in wisdom and teachings from four great Christian mystics: Ignatius Loyola, Teresa of Avila, John of the Cross and Saint Benedict. Caroline explained how each of these teachers had their own methods of spiritual direction and how this ancient wisdom still applies today.

When we lack clarity in our lives, we need to go inward she says, learning how to tap into our inner wisdom, our Higher Voice and our intuition to pave the way when things feel like they’re becoming unhinged around us. She also brought up the dark night and how they apply to us all.

Corey Goode held a special event around his work around Secred Space Programs, what he has uncovered and how they fit into our overall consciousness in the Earth plane. An intuitive empath by nature, his abilities have played an important role in communicating with non-terrestrial beings as part of one of the Secret Space Programs.

James Van Praagh led attendees through a meditation followed by guidance on how to connect with your Guides and Angels in the Spiritual Realm.

James Van Praagh BooksHe showed people how we all have hidden psychic gifts and abilities and even if we can’t connect in the way that James and other famous mediums are able to on a regular basis, we can speak to our guides and get messages in other ways.

James asserts that its important to connect to our soul to better understand the lessons we were put on this earth to learn from and how to heal ourselves from the karmic residue that keeps us from living our true path.

David Wilcock spoke about Ascension and the Secret Space Program. Sadly I missed his Saturday talk as well as his two hour session on Monday, although I’m intrigued by his work.

He asserts that many extraterrestrial groups are collaborating with us already and alliance is working to declassify information.

Like others working on accelerating consciousness and ascension believe (see my article on the Ascension panel at New Living Expo this year), he says that a coming “solar flash” event will change our DNA and consciousness in dramatic ways, fulfilling the prophecies of 35 different ancient teachings.

Like so many others, he tapped into the power of understanding ancient teachings and why they matter so much in modern society, particularly as we enter the 5th dimension on the Earth plane.

New Living Expo

Dannion Brinkley signs books after his talk on Sunday afternoon at New Living Expo

Dannion Brinkley also talked about ascension, as we now move into the Fifth Dimension.

So much is changing all around us, none of us even recognize our country anymore, our world’s senses of values and ethics, whether its related to our environment, education, or the increase in shooters who are gunning down children in theaters, concerts and sadly even schools.

Like so many other spiritual teachers are leading us to, he points to the shifts started taking place in 2012 as the awaited changes from the end of the Mayan Calendar is now bringing.

Dr. Norman Shealy, Ph.D. talked about the power of Cosmic Scalar Energy in wellness and healing. He has been working with and harnassing scalar energy, amplified by sapphire crystals. He says that this is now showing great results in stress reduction (better than has ever been recorded), with significant reduction of adrenomedulliln, the most important stress hormone as well as reduction of free radicals and inflammatory markers.

We love the work that he is doing and hope to interview him soon — he’s the CEO of the International Institute of Holistic Medicine and President of Shealy Wellness, as well as the editor of the Journal of Comprehensive Integrative Medicine.

In one of the break-out rooms, Nathan Andrews talked about Destinies in the context of choice or fixed. He asks is our destiny a creative purpose or fixed fate?

New Living Expo

Nathan Andrews on Destinies

Understanding the inter-dimensional nature of all of our own designs can in fact free us up to our true destinies.

He asserts that our “Original Design” encounters offers spiritually discerned insights into our own unique identity.

Nathan’s teachings combine insights with ancient truths reintegrated in surprising ways, focusing on inward revolution in order to achieve outward transformation. I love that so many speakers addressed our disconnection from ourselves because of our disassociation with our ancestors and the “land.”

Like so many other teachers, Nathan asserts that we need to remember our ancient truths by going inward to find them. In other words, the truth is a truth we already know.

Deborah King also spoke on Saturday which I missed, but we hope to interview her soon. She led a session on Becoming the Master of your own Spirituality.

The workshop covered how to explore and release past lives that are blocking our progress, and taught attendees how to meet those from beyond this plane who both guide us and restructure our soul level.

A fan of moving and realigning chakras regularly, I was thrilled to see her teach attendees about these grids and levels as well.

She surprised me by taking it a step further: how to activate our higher chakra codes up to the 24th level and tap into a higher vibrational frequency of love, health and affluence.

Teresa Campos led an essential on our Essential Purpose. Like Andrews, she wants to unveil the mystery behind why we are all here so that we can each live a more purposeful life. She says that so often, we falsely think that our purpose is “one thing,” when the truth is, not to just find one thing that we must do in our lives, but to connect all of what you do to your life purpose.

I love her thought process and thinking. An intuitive astrologer, she works with women who know they are here to be a big force in the world but are trapped in their own self-doubt.

Dr. John Gray whose books I have read many times, was on a Sunday panel and also presented. You can’t have a myriad of discussions about consciousness, spirituality and ascension without weaving in love. Other “love” experts joined Gray, such as Destin Gerek, Caroline Myss and Marianne Williamson and the panel was moderated by relationship navigation specialist Kimi Avary.

New therapies to optimize and longevity were discussed by Dr. Bernd Friedlander, Dr. Norman Shealy, Dr. Adiel Tel-Oren, Dr. Sook Hong and Dr. Len Saputo. They brought us up to date on recent advances in biophysics involving light therapies that have been yielding very positive results for managing pain and chronic diseases.

New Living Expo

Freddy Silva explores other dimensions, temples, megaliths  and ancient lands — where these can be access points to the world on the Other Side

Freddy Silva led a workshop on Temples, Megaliths and the Quest for the Otherworld.

From Peru to Japan and from Persia to Scotland, new evidence reveals how ancient temples were designed for the most secret of rituals in which initiates consciously left the body to cross over into the Otherworld, where they accessed special knowledge and returned with greater control over the process of manifestation.

These rituals were called “living resurrection” and some of this evidence now points to the true purpose behind some of the world’s greatest sacred sites, such as Saqsayhuaman, Tintagel, Chichen Itza, the Great Pyramid of Giza and others.

Silva’s work points to these ancient temples and what he has learned from his research. For example, he shared how ancient temples were designed to transport people to another reality. We’d like to figure out how to work with him in the future as he leads amazing tours to sacred sites worldwide.

Since I didn’t get there until Sunday this year, I also missed a great session on grounding I wanted to see and hear, led by Gary Douglas. He walked people through how to ground yourself, keep your center balanced and in the moment. Centering means finding calm in the midst of negativity or chaos and shielding, which he also covered, keeps you protected from “stuff” or “junk” outside yourself. Douglas believes that we must always strive to be the “eye in the center of the storm.”

Although I reached out to Clifford Mahooty for an interview prior to New Living Expo, we didn’t have a chance to meet at the event.  New Living ExpoIf you haven’t heard of the “Star” people, his work will help you better understand them as well as their connection to the Zuni People. I’m a huge fan of tapping into our ancient lineage and the earth to better understand how to navigate our lives with ease.

After decades of silence among the Native American Indians, the wisdom of the original people is coming to the forefront, including insights on planet changes, deviation from religion, spirituality, consciousness, inner-earth, paranormal and spiritual beings.

As I so often point out on my Instagram feeds, its essential for us to be connected to and in harmony with nature and as a planet, we are so out of sync with Mother Earth now.

Hopefully we’ll have some of Mahooty’s insights coming to you soon in our Spiritual Voices section. He’s a Zuni Indian Elder and a member of the tribal orders of Kachina, Galaxy Medicine and Sun Clan.

I covered the Ascension panel separately, so be sure to read my write up, which includes moderator Debra Giusti, and panelists David Christopher Lewis, Meg Benedicte, Tracey Ash, Lori Spagna, Kimberly Meredith and Corey Goode.

If you haven’t been to New Living Expo and you live in the Bay Area, mark your calendar for next year as the event is always held every Spring at the San Mateo Event Center.

Do you have any other spiritual teachers, leaders and authors we should follow and work with? Let us know in the comments below!

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