The Fast Track to Ascension at New Living Expo

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If you haven’t heard the word ascension come up in conversation, chances are you don’t live in an area heightened by spirituality and consciousness. In northern California, the topic of ascension seems to be coming up more and more often. And so, it didn’t surprise me to see an entire panel dedicated to it at the New Living Expo this year.

So, What’s the Hype Around Ascension?

I wanted to dive a little deeper into the Ascension panel because it brought such a diverse group of voices together for a discussion we all need to be more aware of and tuned into. It relates to our shift into the 5th dimension and beyond.

On the Ascension panel was moderator Debra Giusti, and panelists David Christopher Lewis, Meg Benedicte, Tracey Ash, Lori Spagna, Kimberly Meredith and Corey Goode.


Below are insights from each of the speakers over the course of a couple of hours on Sunday afternoon. Founder of the original Harmony Festival in Santa Rosa Debra Giusti moderated the discussion. She continues to support the new paradigm evolution, personal transformation and leading-edge spirituality through her work.

The discussion started around the recognition that on the Earth plane, we see and experience things in a linear way, which is all we know in our 3rd dimension reality. As humans wake up and begin to disentangle themselves from the 3rd dimension using a non physical realm in the 4th dimension, we can begin to ascend and prepare ourselves (and others) for living in a 5th dimension world.

Here’s what six experts have to say about ascension and where we are going to be in the coming months and years ahead.

Meg Benedicte

Image result for meg benedicteMeg Benedicte is the author, teacher and founder of Quantum Access, who experienced a profound kudalini awakening in 1994 that activated her spiritual Ascension and whose mission is to help accelerate everyone’s ascension.

Like Cheryl Banfield and Master Clairvoyant Cyd, Meg works with Metatron’s Cube Technique to tap into these higher frequencies. She also does a global activation broadcasts and what she refers to as timely activations.

“Everything is moving quickly,” says Meg. “Since 2012, our solar system has moved into a different core, moving light into our own planetary fields.” This means that we are getting electric currents coming in from the solar system to raise our vibration, and to activate our DNA codes. It’s also raising our own magnetic fields.

As the solar winds are coming in, things are being released into our fields, which unlocks traumas from this and past lives. She adds, “if you start to feel shifts, let it go — work through it, because it is its way of releasing. It is a way to work with vortex energy so you can release trauma from our cellular memory.”

In other words, the Cosmos is helping us release our traumas from the past by literally pulling them out of our fields. Her advice was to allow the trauma to work itself through and move out.

Meg says, “we now have the power to pop into collective consciousness — we are all alchemists so we can all do it. Our time is now.”

Corey Goode

Image result for corey goode

Corey Goode is an Intuitive Empath (IE) who was recruited through one of the MILAB (Military Abductions) programs at the age of six. His IE abilities played an important role in communicating with non-terrestrial beings as part of one of the Secret Space Programs.

He is developing course ideas and helps people release their trauma and settle their karma so they can focus on their ascension path. Over at, you can find out more about his work. “When we change, we can heal one at a time and in doing that, we are healing communities around us.”

In other words, look inwardly not outwardly. We don’t need new religions or new saviors from the sky. We are already a collective consciousness and that’s what we need to harness and tap into.

Corey does a lot of work around trauma and the trauma that we ‘hold onto.’ He says that these traumas are anchors that hold us back. Stopping that wheel of karma or holding onto it (which means that we haven’t released it), holds us back from raising our vibration and ascending.

Corey asserts that the longer we hang onto it, the more of our bandwidth is assisting “managing that trauma” rather than ascending into the light, and a higher dimension.

Kimberly Meredith

Image result for kimberly meredithKimberly Meredith is a medical intuitive, trance channeler, surgical hands-on healer and spiritual teacher with gifts of the Holy Spirit. Kimberly says she is a vessel for God, ascended masters, Mother Mary and angels.

At the Healing Triology, Kimberly does medical intuitive scans and releases old trauma using her psychic and mediumship gifts. She can also do DNA activation for your eyes, something she was born knowing.

She says, “my guides are constantly channeling that all we need is love. They are constantly communicating that to me.” She adds, “we can all help each other and support each other. Every aspect of humanity out there is in need of support. Music is also very powerful as well,” citing examples of meditation music and chanting, as is understanding your breathe and doing breathing exercises every day.

Tap into your angels says Kimberly — know that you’re not alone and that your spirit guides and team want to help you.

While we mostly talked about the 5th dimension, Kimberly also spoke of the 12th dimension, which she refers to as the God White Light. She is seeing ascension happening in pockets around her. “The other side wants to make it easy for us to get to the 5th dimension,” she says.

“As we start to shift, we may be approached by dark energy out there but in that moment, it’s okay to say, ‘leave me alone — go away.'” When we are coming from a place of pure white light and an ascended place, that dark energy can’t harm us if we know our power to send it away.

This is one of the reasons why I’m such a fan of crystals and gemstones — black tourmaline, Pyrite, Black Onyx and Shungite are just a few dark stones which help with grounding and protection.

Lori Spagna

Image result for lori spagnaLori Spagna is an author, spiritual teacher, Ascension Guide, Multi-dimensional channel, intuitive, healer, animal communicator, lightworker and Starseed who has transformed people’s lives as well as the lives of animals.

Lori spoke of solar light flares which are activating codes within us. In other words, these light flares are activating and shifting our shadow states within us (aka fear and anger). These shadow states are showing up in our government and beyond.

The solar light flares that are coming in will allow us to become “light bodies.” Says Lori, “we have aspects of ourselves that exist in other solar systems; it is now the time to call those aspects back in so we can become fully embodied.” And so, these light flares are helpful for us to integrate with our whole selves.

We learn that the Intergalactic beings out there are also in us and part of us. That may be hard for most people to process, especially in our linear way of looking at the world, but by embracing new knowledge rather than fearing it, we can re-awaken and be aware of the negative implants that we have been carrying.

Those old implants need to be removed so we can heal old timelines (and old programs). Our DNA remembers these programs….these memories. We so often buy into false stories — the simpler and more healing route is to clear those false stories and live anew, without the negative karma and trauma we have all carried for hundreds of years and for some, thousands of years.

Lori offers a free meditations and a free class on animal telephony. She also throws monthly healing circles, activations for our DNA, something she refers to as sacred activation calls, all of which are aimed to help us exit the matrix of the 3rd dimension.

Tracey Ash

Image result for tracey ashTracey Ash is recognized by the Emoto Foundation and is an honorary member of the Psi Science Institute of Japan. Tracey Ash 5D activates and believes evolution is found in ancient origins that return us to love and humanity.

I spoke to Tracey right before the panel at their booth. As she spoke quickly with her British accent, I was brought back to the UK as I always am when I hear it (I lived there for many years). She spoke about the global grids that are already being set up to mobilize people together at the right time. In other words, preparation is underway to help people ascend as we move into this 5th dimension.

Tracey says we need to tap into compassion as often as we can, for with compassion, we can more readily access what she refers to as our “super human abilities.” These activate what’s called the ‘secret code,’ which opens up our psychic abilities in bigger and deeper ways. From embodiment to sacred love, we can tap into the power of these fields.

She spoke of initiation and ascension, meaning that our wisdom is transferred metaphysically. Cheryl also spoke to us about how this will be possible and together, we will be able to transform rooms of people. “It is all about frequency,” says Tracey.

It’s no secret to those on a spiritual quest, that we have all had a lot of toxic programming, particularly now as we see our corrupt political structures unravel before our eyes. Transparency is the word for the decade and we all want more of it. The truth.

As humans, it is so easy to become mules of lower frequencies. When this happens, our warriorship is needed asserts Tracey. We are already warriors but we need to step into that warriorship and once we do, the spiritual realm will assist us to raise our vibration and frequencies and mobilize others to do the same.

She refers to seven gateways to the sun and suggested we need to move ourselves to the “star gates” which will assist us to the run and raise our energy fields. The star gates she says, are “connected to ancient sites (think Egypt), ancient ancestors and old data that will get re-integrated to our souls at a soul level.

Tracey says “when you commit to playing a role, open the grid and help humanity, they will come to assist. What role you play gets bound in your frequency.” I guess that’s what she means by the global collective grids that are being formed. Powerful stuff.

David Christopher Lewis

Image result for david christopher lewisDavid Christopher Lewis is a mystic, author and clairaudient spokesperson for the ascended masters. He shares the ascended masters’ practical and progressive revelations for self-realization. David is also co-founder of The Hearts Center and Meru University.

He likes to use the Violent Flame via the Violent Laser Light with people – he says that it transmits karma more quickly.

David says of ways to move into ascension more quickly, we should release our old traumas and karma, and love God. By God, he is referring to the God within all of us and in all others. We should love with our entire being and serve others. He adds, “it’s our dharma to serve others.”

Their mantra and mission at The Hearts Center is to joyfully unite to continue the spiritual work of the ages through daily and ongoing revelation from the Ascended Masters as given to their anointed Messengers. Reaching out to serve all life, they dedicate their hearts to world freedom and to bringing forth the plans of beloved Saint Germain and Portia for the Golden Age of Aquarius—a time of peace, harmony, joy and beauty.

David shares the ascended masters’ teachings and their love-wisdom throughout the Earth and supports living sustainably, i.e., in harmony with Mother Nature, using solar sciences of the Spirit. He says, “we radiate light, and we live and love as one.”

New Living Expo

We were once again media partners at the annual New Living Expo in the SF Bay Area (we love this event — read our article on New Living Expo from this year and visit their website for more information).

If you haven’t been to New Living Expo and you live in the Bay Area, mark your calendar for next year as the event is always held every Spring at the San Mateo Event Center.

Do you have any other spiritual teachers, leaders and authors we should follow and work with? Let us know in the comments below!

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