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Voting can be fun! Especially when you live in California. This year, we voted on Proposition 19, which would legalize marijuana for sale to the masses. Yes, instead of developing a reasonably convincing bum knee or a case of double vision in order to obtain a medical prescription, after next Tuesday purchasing pot like a six-pack could be legal in the Golden State (although polls show the Prop losing its once favorable support).

Whether marijuana becomes legal in California next week, next year or within the next decade (or should it happen first in another state), a couple of enterprising “domain squatters” have scored some prime Internet real estate by purchasing domain names like “”, “” and even “” and “” because, according to one Kevin Faler, the owner of these domains, “dogs get cancer too.”

Meanwhile, another domain-buying entrepreneur has gone with a “geo-targeted” strategy, registering 100 domains with names like “” and “”

The idea, of course, is that one of these domain names will be so appealing to someone in the legitimate pot-for-sale business that they will pay thousands, maybe even millions, of dollars to make it easy for the consumer to find their website that sells pot for your pup. Makes perfect business sense when you consider that, according to the New York Times, “a $13 million sale is pending for In June, sold for $5.5 million and for $1.75 million.”

Source: New York Times, “Marijuana Web Names Snapped Up, In Case of Legalization.”

Notes: has been “serving stoners since 1998” selling “stoner clothing”. Image courtesy of

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