4 Spiritual Reads: Buddhism, Meditation & the Afterlife

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The Spiritual Reads section is relatively new for us so our team has been reading tons of books lately across a myriad of disciplines. They stem from spiritual health, chakras, crystals, diet, fitness and yoga, to meditations, Buddhism, essential oils, Ayurveda and beyond.

Here are four new spiritual books that came across our desk lately: Buddhism 101 by Arnie Kozak, Ph.D., The World is Your Oracle by Nancy Vedder-Shults, The Supernatural Guide to the Other Side by Adams Media and My Pocket Meditations by Meera Lester.


Buddhism 101 by Arnie Kozak, Ph.D., s a great guide for those who want a solid overview, from Karma to the Four  Noble Truths, what it means to be awakened from the Buddhist viewpoint.

I’ve read many books on Buddhism over the years, but this text book-like guide also includes the origins and traditions of Buddhism as well. Some of the books I’ve explored are often too wordy, too heady or simply too long. This short read covers its origins in an interesting way, from the Silk Road and how it expanded throughout Asia.

Buddhism 101Useful for avid travelers to note, today, the top ten countries with the highest number of Buddhist practitioners include Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Tibet, Vietnam, Japan and Macau. That said, Buddhism has spread to the west and more and more westerners are turning to it for comfort and as a way of life.

In this handy read, you also explore Zen Eating, tea ceremonies, meditation and in particular, Shamatha and Vipassana meditation. We learn about chanting, visualization and walking, Pilgrimage and even Buddhist Art, which takes you from Temples to Statues.

I particularly loved this chapter, since you learn about where some of these are in the world.

Historians will love this too. For example, did you know that one of the greatest repositories of Buddhist art is found in China amidst the Magao Caves. Over 800 of them were built between the fourth and fourteenth centuries C.E., of which over half o them are decorated with murals and statuary.

Head on over to Amazon to get your copy.

The World is Your Oracle by Nancy Vedder-Shults provides a great overview on how to unlock your intuition for answers to your deepest questions. She asserts that working with divinations and oracle cards can help you get in touch with that hidden wisdom we all have.

The book harnesses the power of ancient divinatory techniques so you an channel your own abilities and tune into messages that show up in your life every day.

For example, numbers have meanings as do animals that show up in your life — notice what animals cross your path, as this will give you some inner guidance. You can actually tap into the wisdom of your spirit guides and ancestors as well. They’re all around us.

Things that repeatedly show up are not so much coincidences as they are the universe’s way of giving us messages.

From birds and ancestors to chanting, toning, dance, leaves, mirrors and more, she’ll guide you through techniques that you can do at home. What you need and how.

Her techniques can enhance the intuitive strength you already have (kinesthetic, auditory, visual), and at a minimum, it will make you more self-aware and better able to tap into the power of our own intuition and wisdom. Find it over on Amazon.

The Supernatural Guide to the Other Side by Adams Media is a short read that dives into the world of spirits. It tackles questions like: are ghosts real? Can we talk to loved ones who have passed away? Do angels exist?

BuddhismThis useful paperback includes an overview of afterlife beliefs across cultures and religions as well as near-death experiences and miracles. A nose dive into the ‘other side’ tackles some of the questions you may have been thinking about for years, but either didn’t have the time to explore or were perhaps fearful of knowing too much.

Even scientific technology has brought us into the world of another existence beyond the realm of what we know today. For example, imagine that there really are multiple dimensions and that in those other worlds, time is not linear at all, but circular.

I love that this read includes cultural beliefs. Since we focus on travel, so many of you reading have experienced other cultures and customs, from Asia and Africa to Europe, the states. and beyond. Our beliefs and how they differ around the world could pose conflict with this topic, or could they?

While they have become the foundations of our religious beliefs, from ancient Greek and Chinese Cultures to catholic practices in southern Europe and South America to Judaism. You will learn that we are more similar after all, especially concerning the after life. Easy to get over on Amazon, you’ll find it easy to digest and process in a quick small book format 200 pages.

My Pocket Meditations by Merra Lester, provides anytime exercises for peace, clarity and focus. We love that this paperback read has an elastic over it, a bit like you’d find with old fashioned journals. It allows you to easily bookmark passages and meditations you like for easy access later on.

Buddhism Their meditations are also connected to real things that come up in your life. For example, a meditation that helps you look for a linkage in meaningful coincidences or meaning in synchronous events.

There are also meditations on friendship, other cultures, love, kindness, success and the language of gratitude as well as how to practice it more in your daily life.

I love the one that is centered around the Earth – you blessing the Earth and the Earth blessing you.

There are more altruistic ones as well, like meditations around empathy and sacrifice, serving communities, and how to sacrifice the lies of your ego.

Two thumbs up! You can find this fun and well-laid out book over on Amazon as well.

For something a little different, take a look at Lucinda Gabriel’s wisdom on communicating with angels, the Spirits of New Orleans, Travel to the Other Side with Kala Ambrose and 3 Great Spiritual Reads.

Also check out our Spiritual Books section which we hope to expand over the next year as well as our section on Spirituality, Spiritual Events and Spiritual Voices.

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