Women Rule the Internet: What People Are Talking about Online This Week


Actually, make that women and our supporters (which means men who truly love women) clearly rule the Internet. For the second time in a month, a controversial threat to women’s health, our bodies and our rights was beaten back in the court of online opinion.

A Virginia law that would have mandated any woman considering abortion would need to undergo an invasive and unnecessary transvaginal ultrasound before being “allowed” to make her choice was ruled by online backlash to be everything from ridiculous to rape. The outcry against this legislation was so strong that the right-wing conservative governor of Virginia, Bob McDonnell, a one-time supporter, vowed to veto it if it came to his desk. It didn’t. The bill in its controversial form is dead. And this victory is due in no small part to the way the story went viral way beyond the confines of the conservative crazies in Virginia to the public at-large. It was similar to the Susan G. Komen vs. Planned Parenthood hubbub just a few weeks ago. Score is now 2 for women, zip for those who mess with us.

But, could it be women are weighing in so heavily online against those who threaten our rights simply because a survey has revealed more women are addicted to the Internet than men? Well, in this case, that would be a good thing. We can get “help” for our addictions when, as the old bumper sticker used to say “U..S. Out of My Uterus” and any other body parts you’d like to tell us how to use.

Also this week, a judge in Ohio ordered a man who posted disparaging things about his estranged wife on Facebook to post an apology to her for 30 days on the social network. We know there are two sides to every story, so we’re not taking sides. Instead, we’re scoring this as a victory for anyone who has ever been harassed online by an ex.


Kathy Drasky
Kathy Drasky regularly writes about online culture. Her marketing and communications work with the ANZA Technology Network, Advance Global Australians and with various Australians and Australian enterprises has led to at least a dozen trips Down Under.

An accomplished digital photographer, her photos have appeared in 7x7 Magazine, the San Francisco Chronicle and Google Schmap.
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