MingCha for World Class Tea in Hong Kong

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Heading to Hong Kong?   Do yourself a favor and book a tea class at MingCha with Vivian Mak.

Vivian’s goal is “to ignite one’s curiousity towards the wonderful world of tea. We believe that tea should be part of your daily life to bring you health, joy and happiness!”

tea-in-hong-kongIt’s been around since 1999 with the aim to let novices and connoisseurs understand handcrafted tea of authentic origins in China with an open heart. The Chinese character 明」Ming composed of「日 Sun and 「月」Moon has multiple meanings:

  • Ming means to understand; Ming Dynasty (since the 14th Century) and was the period when tea became popular in every household; 
  • Ming means also to enlighten. Their belief is that good tea could bring one closer to Mother Nature and the Universe. 
  • ​The thought is that you can get to know yourself better through tea as well.  

They work closely with small traditional farms in different parts of China where people are passionate about their crafts and willing to maintain the quality using traditional methods in production. They are discrimating towards the tea quality but pay the farmers well so they can thrive with dignity and pride.

Vivian goes directly to tea farms each year to source the best harvest and she speaks and shares the same passion with the farmers.

Last time I was there was during Chinese New Year and Vivian’s Hong Kong-based shop was closed, however she opened it up for me and my husband so we could experience tea at its best.

hong-kong for tea

We had an amazing afternoon of learning about tea – how to blend different teas and flavors, how to brew it properly, how to serve it and better yet… how to pair your favorite picks.


YES … like fine wine, pairing tea is an art.   Pairing tea with fruit, cheese, chocolate etc.   then the grand finally blooming jasmine blossoms in a Martini glass.


Don’t miss this when spending time in Hong Kong… oh and you can purchase your favorites and take them home with you to enjoy over and over again. The experience was pure bliss.


MingCha Limited 

12/F Wah Ha Factory Building

8 Shipyard Lane, Taikoo, Hong Kong

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