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Every November 19th for the past 10 years has marked World Toilet Day. Run by WTO, (World Toilet Organisation) a global non-profit organisation committed to improving toilet and sanitation conditions worldwide, today is a day built around awareness. So in the spirit of World Toilet Day, here are a few cool projects and potentially game-changing ideas when it comes to toilets.

Have you ever wondered where your toilet waste travels to? This web-based tool, Flush Tracker shows you where your flush ends up. It’s pretty fun to play with – try finding out where the Queen’s flushes go to, or ones from 10 Downing Street. This is more entertaining than it is game-changing but it’s a good awareness tool.

When you purchase Scott brand loo roll, you get a Smart Flush bag that goes into the back of your toilet to conserve water. It’s a logical pairing and another great initiative to see coming from Scott Brand (they also recently have ditched the roll part of toilet paper).

LOOWATT is the toilet made from poo, which collects human waste and converts it to energy. Once the waterless toilet system is full (waste is kept in an airtight compartment) the user can take it to a biodigester to convert the waste into fuel. Excrement to energy. Charming, eh?

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