7 Ways to Stay Motivated to Cycle This Winter

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When the weather is cold, rainy and generally dreary, it can be hard to crawl out of bed let alone hop on to the saddle. It’s only natural to wish that teleportation was an option as a method of transport. Until it is one, here are 7 things to keep you motivated and keep your head up and legs pedaling this winter:

1. Doesn’t matter what time of year it it, your body will thank you for the exercise and the endorphins.

2. It takes approximately 2 minutes and 17 seconds to get warm once you’ve started pedaling. That’s nearly no time at all to be warm and toasty and enjoying your cycle.

3. Fresh air in your lungs will lessen your chances of getting ill.

4. In foul weather, cars tend to get stuck in traffic. This is the perfect opportunity for you and your wheels to whizz through those vehicles moving slowly or stuck at a stand still. Remember 2 wheels = instant freedom.

5. We’ve got the perfect thing to keep your fingers warm.: Glove Love. Perfect for your commute.

6. Take advantage of the winter weather to pimp out your bike and make it delightful for both you and your fellow two-wheeled commuters. We particularly like this homemade unicorn bike mod and this snowflake spoke setup.

7. To quote the London Bike Kitchen, “Winter Riding is Badass.” We agree.

So if you’re game, hop on your wheels and share your top tips to stay motivated with us.

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